I have been invited to post at Chicago Boyz, and have accepted. I have had my own blog, Assistant Village Idiot, for over a decade, with over 5,000 posts there. I will crosspost here a selection of my current posts there. Come over and hit the search box if you want to know what I think about something. I have been interested in too many topics in my life, forever finding new enthusiasms. I changed majors at William and Mary from math to medieval literature to theater, and had a minor in anthropology after the one in psychology blew up. I have started and bailed quickly at grad school in three fields. Lack of focus and discipline, clearly. My adult life has shown the same pattern. I posted heavily over the decade on Lewis, Tolkien, and Chesterton; colonial history; words and historical linguistics; statistics, bias, and reasoning; Judaism; Bible and theology from a POV that holds the conventional wisdom of the last two centuries as suspect. (Which you had already guessed after seeing Lewis and Chesterton listed.) I am an evangelical who dislikes a lot of evangelical culture.

My overriding topic has been cultural commentary from as objective and non-immediate perspective as I can manage. Current events are a swamp of emotions, and nearly everyone gets them wrong at first. I see Americans as belonging to various tribes: Arts & Humanities, Science and Technology, Military, Government and Union, plus regional, ethnic, and religious groups. 90% of us used to belong to the God & Country tribe, but this is no longer so. Most of us are allied with more than one. I was very much raised in the Arts & Humanities tribe, which used to be politically mixed, but is now almost entirely liberal. I harshly dissected that tribe for years. I still read in the arts and humanities, but have largely rejected the tribe’s attitude, which means most of my extended family considers me a bit dangerous.

I follow sports – commentary, history, and statistics – yet seldom watch a game or post on these. I am similarly fascinated by maps and geography, psychology and neurology, parenting and development, and HBD, and don’t post on those either. Why? Dunno, but I think it is because I don’t have anything new to add about, say, the Negro Leagues or new psychotropics that you can’t find elsewhere. I have a few older series I will link to here.

Personal Information: Semi-retired psychiatric social worker at the state hospital of NH, mostly in acute care. 40 years there. I am husband of one, a retired children’s librarian, and father of five sons, age 22-39. The first two came in the usual way, were excellent students, and went to Asbury College. We were fanatic parents – no TV, hours of reading aloud, constant discussion with friends about best practices. One is married with two daughters and lives nearby, the second is the creative director at First Methodist in Houston. The second two came from Romania as teenagers, one now living in Nome with two daughters, currently visiting wife’s family in the Philippines; the other moved to Tromso, Norway after getting out of the USMC. The youngest is a nephew we took in at 13 when his parents…well, never mind. They eventually repaired relationships with him. He lives nearby, works for USPS, and is in the Army Reserve. From my overall experience, I now counsel young couples to have more children and pay less attention to them. They are going to be what they are going to be without you moving the dial much, and they are enormous fun when they are adults.

I will put up a few too many posts over the next week, then back off.

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  1. Welcome, AVI. I for one look forward to your excessive posting and encourage Chicago Boyz readers who aren’t familiar with your writings to explore your blog.

  2. I see the cookie monster is partly functioning again.

    I have five kids. Read to the oldest three. Did a lot of parenting but had a first wife who had only child syndrome.

    Child with second wife who is an adventuresome woman who is gorgeous and a world traveler.

    Now we are retired in Tucson after 60 years in California and could not be happier.

    We both have grandchildren and one of my wife’s is getting married later this month.

    I have seen your comments elsewhere and this is a group that has diverse interests.

  3. Second City allows the entry of someone from Cow Hampshire?
    The horror! :)

    Now, just a minute. I spent a year there getting another degree after I retired.

    I enjoyed my time, even Thanksgiving morning when it was 26 below zero.

    I was indulging an interest in medical quality after I was forced to retire at 55 due to back surgery.

    My year and masters degree were not of much use as I discovered that I might be the only person in the US, outside of Dartmouth Medical School, who was interested in medical quality.

    It was a nice year, though.

    My kids even flew back to watch Bill Clinton hand me my diploma.

  4. I didn’t even know about the name change as I have not been there in about 10 years. I went back for a reunion about 2010 where I gave my talk on the US Civil War medicine.

    I like the area and might go back for a visit again.

    I am suspicious of Psychiatrists in general. When I spent my year there, I leased a house from a Psych faculty guy who had not gotten tenure and had to move on.

    It was a nice house if not very well built. The heating bill in winter was about $400 a month.

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