6 thoughts on “Take the Weekend Off”

  1. Just watched the first USC game of the season., They were a bit rough but the new true freshman quarterback looked pretty good. He should be a high school senior but took extra classes to graduate early.

    Good arm. Defense did OK for first game. They got beaten on three trick plays and that was the UNLV score.

    Maybe drive down to Bisbee tomorrow. Cute little town.

  2. I stayed at the Copper Queen back in 1981 when I was working for Phelps Dodge in Morenci.

    The Bisbee mine had some very rich ore. The U of A Gem & Mineral Museum has many examples
    of the ore produced in the early days. Some of the them display stunning beauty.

  3. We had lunch at the Copper Queen and a nice day. Got rained on in Bisbee and came home to a pretty energetic thunderstorm that is continuing.

    I hope we don’t get an outage as we had one a week ago from a few minutes. Lots of lightning,

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