ChicagoBoyz Waiting Room Series 13 – Improved With Music Selections!

The Waiting Room DJ was not kind to me – songs on PA while I waited:

Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top
Love Rollercoaster – Ohio Players
Waterloo – ABBA
Hold Me – Fleetwood Mac
Baby Blue – Badfinger
Conga – Miami Sound Machine

Mercifully, I only made it halfway through “Conga” and it was my turn.

11 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Waiting Room Series 13 – Improved With Music Selections!”

  1. In physical layout, that waiting room looks remarkably similar to that of the place I was in about my stone a few years ago. The furniture colors were different, true, but even so.

  2. I don’t have much to say about the other songs, but I always liked Badfinger. Gossamer and languorous, they remind me of a certain slice of the pop music heyday.

  3. Wait, that’s not so bad, musically.

    You could do a LOT worse.

    Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top — Pretty good song.
    Love Rollercoaster – Ohio Players — Not my cup of tea.
    Waterloo – ABBA — Timeless pop masterpiece.
    Hold Me – Fleetwood Mac — Meh, but not horrible.
    Baby Blue – Badfinger — Timeless guitar-pop masterpiece.
    Conga – Miami Sound Machine — Uh, no.

    Badfinger in particular is an unexpected gem.

    Be happy, man!

  4. Count your blessings. At least they weren’t “Afternoon Delight”, “We Built This City” and “I Am Woman”.

  5. Another great early/mid 70s pop rock group that just fell off the face of the earth was Big Star. Those Beatlesque chords and harmonies burned twice as bright but half as long, like the old saying goes.

  6. Love Rollercoaster – Ohio Players

    Say what?

    For the worst background music experience in the world, shop at your local H-Mart where your head will be filled with loud Korean rap while you’re picking out daikon.

  7. I’d be okay with that.

    Around here, we get covers of Crosby, Sinatra, and Captain and Tennille. Interspersed with 1001 Strings, and some kind of mellow-techno running on maybe a 10-second loop.

    No wonder the staff always seem dazed and confused…

    I’d be happy with “just let it be quiet”, particularly when they’re mumbling questions at me at the sign-in desk.

  8. @TRX – I am surprised that they don’t play classical music. It would keep everyone relatively calm and would just be white noise for the staff. Maybe I am a little more sensitive to this than most.

  9. The pervasive noise is a real problem in some of these places. If you don’t like loud music in a restaurant you can leave, but most people aren’t going to change doctors because the staff are blasting music (or TV or movies) in the waiting room. Some waiting rooms are quiet so it’s clear that some medical staff do understand. In other cases it looks like the office managers are thoughtless and inconsiderate and the docs either lack the authority to control the environment in their waiting rooms, or have delegated it to employees without providing guidance.


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