Done With Feminism

I am done with officially-sanctioned, automatically-expected-full-throated solidarity with other women no matter what the issue or complaint. I am done with the whole reproductive-health-motte-and-bailey-abortion-sacrament. I am more than done with women who think that the crusade for political, legal, and educational equality is merely an excuse to be viciously-manipulative bitches to those men unfortunate enough to be involved with them personally. I am also so done with women who are of an inter-connected social class sufficiently well-to-do to have had damn-near everything handed to them on a silver platter, complaining at an ear-splitting level about being downtrodden and oppressed; this when women in the Middle East must wear burkas out in public, have to be escorted when out in public by a male relative … and oh, yes – sold as sex slaves in Daesh/ISIL markets, or routinely have their clitorises excised. I am also done, by the way, with female protesters done up in cheap red-cloak and white bonnet costumes drawn from a bad dystrophic novel by a Canadian who knows f**k-all about the American Protestant tradition. (I’d respect Margaret Atwood ever so much more if she had done her Handmaids’ Tale schtick in an Islamic setting, but I guess she isn’t all that brave about having a fatwah declared on her. Pity.)

I am extra-so-done with Hollywood personalities screaming about the century-old existence of the casting couch, when I am certain that for most of them, the experience thereof was a carefully-considered quid-pro-quo career move – and they had their benefit delivered from the bargain. I am also done with Triggly-puffesque screamers having spectacular conniption fits at any suggestion that men and women have different yet complementary strengths, talents and values. Finally, I am done with certain so-called feminist mean girls of the academic ilk patrolling the thinking of others with all the sadistic enthusiasm of concentration camp guards pouncing on the slightest gesture of defiance from prisoners. Consider this my final kiss-off to current establishment feminism; nice to have known ya and believe me when I say that a female-ruled society would pure bloody hell, if it ever was or would be enabled. It would be somewhat akin to the hell of last week’s hearing for a new Supreme Court nominee – which for me was the very last straw.

I have come to this breaking point after six decades and a little more on this dirtball, urged along by experience and observations made of the world around me, plus a lot of reading of history and other materials. Let there be absolutely no shred of a doubt about this – I like men. Have always liked men; as kin, co-workers, bosses, friends and lovers. Men are strong, considerate, they know how to fix things, many have tool-boxes and all of them have dicks, generally they can wield both with some skill, and they are the other half of the universal sky, the other half of our human race. Admittedly, some of them are a bit crude, a very few are beyond all help. For some, it takes a couple of years past their teenage years to be at their best – but I also know of the male of our species at their best and most noble, and they are glorious to behold. Strong, yet gentle, gallant enough to bring tears to your eyes, courteous, even chivalrous in the old Victorian sense, but still generally accepting and supportive of female input and choices … unless they have been unlucky to victimized by one of those mean-girl drama-queens and in consequence are justifiably bitter. Feminism wasn’t supposed to be all-misandry, all the time. It was supposed to be, I thought – and I was not alone in this – about having a vote, and having the opportunity to make the same choices that men did; to get the same kind of education and have the chance to work at the same jobs, and if you and your significant-other want to split the housework in some non-traditional way, then that was a private matter and none of anyone elses’ business. Not only is the personal not political, it’s mostly a dead bore, even in pretty pictures on Instagram.

As I said before – I like men. I have brothers, friends, have had clients, co-workers, bosses who are men, of whom I think the world, and who honor me in turn with their respect and friendship. That any of them could have been treated as Judge Kavanaugh was over this past week – a full load of calumny, false witness, and pure shrieking harpy vindictiveness – would have sent me into – well, not murderous berserker rage (I don’t do berserker, for one) – but into cold and calculated fury. I’m in the cold and vengeful fury mode anyway, having followed the whole disgusting charade all last week. Here is a perfectly decent man, from all appearances (from my experience a guy who has been a chivalrous and responsible Boy Scout all his adult life, who has treated his female friends, peers, and employees with consideration for decades, and likely all that even as a clumsy teenager) smeared as a rapist in the national news and entertainment media. And even worse, courtesy of USA Today – accused as a potential pedophile, in a perfectly vile editorial which upon mature consideration, the editors walked back … but not until the disgusting accusation had been out there for hours. OK, thanks, USA Today and other mainstream national outlets; your propensity for going all Salem Witch Trials has been noted. Y’all turned so gradually into Der Stürmer that I barely noticed until now.

Strong, independent and able women of the previous century, and the century before that would barely recognize the world which sprouted like ugly weeds in their simple demands for a vote and respectful consideration of their skills and capabilities. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lizzie Johnson Williams, Madame C.J. Walker, Clara Barton. Nancy Wake, Margaret Bourke White … I can now imagine these able, confident, successful women revolving in their graves like Black & Decker drills at how the cause of “feminism” has been degraded. They lived their lives, every one of them and many less well-known, as women of talent, ambition, and skill in their chosen professions, and I do not think that the affection and support of men in their lives and careers was in abeyance, for they all did great things, in what is now supposed to have been a man’s world. And they did it without tearing down men or bringing false witness against them.

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  1. Apparently ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ was partly inspired by Atwood’s experiences in Afghanistan, and much of the detail in the book came from that source. It would have been nice if a Foreword or Afterword had mentioned that connection…indeed, one would think intellectual honesty would have required such a mention. But there wasn’t one, at least in the copy I read.

  2. The one heroic woman who is never mentioned, except in my book, is Mary Ann Bickerdyke, who marched with Sherman’s army, put the black “Contrabands” to work in her kitchens and hospitals. She learned in Georgia that black berries prevent scurvy.

    She marched from Illinois to South Carolina and when Sherman’s army was about to march in the Grand Review in Washington City, the soldiers insisted she march with them.

    After the war, she helped Sherman set up a sort of VA for soldiers and built a rooming house for workers on the transcontinental railroad. A lot of Union soldiers worked on the railroad. Congress had made no provision for the disabled from the war.

    With the aid of Colonel Charles Hammond who was president of the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad, she helped fifty veterans’ families move to Salina, Kansas as homesteaders. She ran a hotel there with the aid of General Sherman. Originally known as the Salina Dining Hall, it came to be called the Bickerdyke House.[40][41] Later, she became an attorney, helping Union veterans with legal problems, including obtaining pensions.

    Statues of her have been erected in Galesburg, Illinois[53] and in Mount Vernon, Ohio.[54] The United States government recognized her military achievements with a hospital ship and liberty ship named the SS Mary Bickerdyke launched in October 1943.

    Feminists ignore her, of course. She was never a victim. When I was researching my medical history of the Civil War, all I could fina]d was a children’s book and few profiles like that one.

    She did more than Clara Barton or Dorothy Dix. She is unknown.

  3. Is it possible to agree with, admire the force of your statement, and not be doing so out of feminine solidarity? I’m hoping that the sexes aren’t so riven – that’s what the current Missouri poll implies – and that some of women’s responses come from limited understanding (like men, they have lives to live that are not always accompanied by news).

  4. The post seems kind of vague on the issues, what do you really think Sgt Mom? :-D

    Seriously like many things, the Left hijacked Feminism to their own use. To me it is all about choices in life – but as a woman if you make the “wrong” choice you are disparaged. Like raising your children and not working outside the home.

    On Hollywood yes, many considered it a quid pro quo. Stories abound with MGM’s Louis B. Mayer or Columbia’s Harry Cohn (who, IIRC, when he died not one person came to his funeral) – Think of how many of these luminaries knew about Harvey Weinstein yet said nothing – and still feeling righteous enough to preach to the rest of us. I would distinguish between the casting couch and being drugged and raped (but even then, what would a normal young woman think when an old studio head asks you up to his hotel room? Not saying they “asked for it” but a little common sense?

    Well, it’s getting late – better turn in.

  5. As I said before – I like men. I have brothers, friends, have had clients, co-workers, bosses who are men, of whom I think the world, and who honor me in turn with their respect and friendship.

    None of Blasey Ford’s relatives support her in the same way.

    Reached by phone on Tuesday, Ford’s father, Ralph Blasey Jr., offered a brief endorsement of his daughter. “I think all of the Blasey family would support her. I think her record stands for itself. Her schooling, her jobs and so on,” he said before hanging up. Moments later, after picking up the phone a second time, he added: “I think any father would have love for his daughter.”

    Well that is something, but it’s not the words of a father who has love for his daughter.

    And while he did sign a nice letter, Blasey Ford’s own husband didn’t even show up to the hearings. What kind of man lets his wife, already a supposed assault victim, waltz alone into a lion’s den?

    When I see things like this, where people obfuscate with vague universals in order to avoid addressing particular individuals and relationships, I always think of Thatcher’s “there is no such thing as society.” Maybe she was being overly harsh with that statement, but the point was, if you disregard what’s right in front of your face then everything outside of that is going to be more mangled the father away you get.

    Political operatives who’ve never met Blasey Ford believe her with no questions asked, while her family flees into hiding? I don’t think so.

  6. Ginny – a HuffPo/YouGov poll I saw early in this crapstorm actually showed more men than women finding Ford credible 28% vs 25%. Still low numbers but an interesting dynamic. There was a CNN show that had no trouble finding women who didn’t believe Ford, and I’ve seen some local reports of women publicly backing Kavanaugh.

    I don’t know if I’d read much into Ford’s husband not being there. That likely was a tactical decision.

  7. Yes, an attempt to present her as an innocent woman-child in need of state protection. And no, I am going to read a whole hell of a lot into it.

    It’s very transparent, calculated, the sort of cynical move out-of-touch-yet-expensive lawyers would make. It turns an authentic victim into a synthetic legal pawn.

    Kavanaugh surrounded by his wife and supported by legions of family and friends. Blasey Ford surrounded by lawyers and no family, friends, or husband in sight. It’s the first thing I noticed. I know I’m not the only one who thought, what other dysfunctional things has she got going on in her life? A sincere person would have her family support her, not a squad of lawyers.

  8. I know so many women that feel the same way! There really is a change in people’s feeling towards these issues and I think a lot of people are really pushing certain narratives WAY PAST what they should!

  9. Hats off to Sgt Mom for saying so forcefully what many have been thinking. When pondering “feminists” and the broader band of contemporary Leftie extremists, the expression “jumped the shark” now comes to mind. It will be a slow process, but years from now we may peg Lying Chrissie as the point at which the pendulum reached its furthest left, trembled momentarily, and then started a gradually accelerating return to sanity.

    A recurring feature of American history has been religious revivals. As many have noted, current Leftie extremism is a primitive religion without a god — right down to weird articles of faith and unborn human sacrifices. But all those past religious revivals ran their course, and then petered out. Perhaps the same thing will shortly happen to the Leftie pseudo-religion?

    As someone once said — a teenager today who wants to revolt against the aging out-of-touch Establishment would have to smoke, go to church, and join the military. Although today it looks like Leftism has won — with almost complete control of politics, media, academia, the law — its own hypocrisy and insanity may be causing it to start losing the hearts & minds of the populace. Look to the Soviet Union to see what the consequences of losing the Mandate of Heaven will be for Leftism.

  10. Kavanaugh surrounded by his wife and supported by legions of family and friends. Blasey Ford surrounded by lawyers and no family, friends, or husband in sight.

    Good point. I had not thought of that. Now it;’s up to Mitch.

  11. I am becoming more convinced that the savage attacks on Judge Kavanaugh come from worry about Roe v Wade not because of “abortion” or “reproductive rights” which are vitally important to individuals but because the case was argued on “privacy” rather than on something like the 9th Amendment grounds [Rights not otherwise enumerated]. The “Establishment” is terrified of any challenge involving “privacy”.

    The income of the “social media”, Google, et al. are based on invasions of the users’ privacy. Banks, credit agencies and many government agencies depend on intruding into private aspects of people’s lives without a warrant or permission. The European privacy rules profoundly scare the “Establishment”.

    Any headline worthy action involving “privacy” could destroy profits and careers if the peasants begin to understand what is really at stake.

    I am convinced that the right to an abortion is essential to he health and survival of many women. My late wife and I restricted travel for some years since it meant being away from “real” physicians “in the city” who treat their patients rather than those pretend physicians of the Cult of the Magical Belly Fairy, who murdered Savita Halapanavar in Ireland several years ago.

    I am convinced that the Kavanaugh Circus in the Senate is not due to “abortion” as such, or even due to the desire of “Progressives” to play fast and loose with the “law” which, of course, they will try to do, but due to Establishment terror that “privacy” will be made into a focus for voters.

    There is real money involved with “privacy”. Socialist “progress” and “reproductive rights” are marginally useful during campaigns. The Yankee Dollar is where it’s at. Judge Kavanaugh is a severe threat because he knows that there is a Constitution.

  12. I am also so done with women who are of an inter-connected social class sufficiently well-to-do to have had damn-near everything handed to them on a silver platter, complaining at an ear-splitting level about being downtrodden and oppressed; this when women in the Middle East must wear burkas out in public..

    Poor Hillary Complains About All Of The Oppression She Has Faced.

    “When I was growing up, there were scholarships I couldn’t get, colleges I couldn’t attend, jobs I couldn’t apply for just because I was a girl,” Hillary said.

    Poor oppressed Hillary, who had to settle for single-sex Wellesley. Why couldn’t she have attended co-ed Northeastern Illinois University, which when Hillary was applying for college was known as Chicago Teachers College (North Side)? It may have been co-ed, but compared to Wellesley, it was decidedly déclassé. Scholarships she couldn’t get? As the offspring of affluent suburbanites, Hillary had much less need for scholarship money than most of us. I imagine she could have gotten some scholarship money from being a Merit Finalist.

  13. Mike SMO good comment.

    When I read about these women complaining about how their sex limited their opportunities, Hillary and Ann Althouse, I remember my high school girlfriend. She graduated high school with me. She went to Mercy High, a Catholic girl’s school and I went to Leo High, a Catholic boy’s school. WE dated in high school but I went to California to college and she went to Purdue. In 1960, she got her BS in Chemical Engineering. She married a guy in her classes that I had known in high school. They moved to California and we socialized with them. She had three kids and, when her kids were old enough, she went back to get, I believe, an MS in Engineering. She then went back to work as an Engineer.

    She had gotten a number of awards from Purdue and several societies.

    Roberta Gleiter (BSChE ’60), Chief Executive Officer for the Global Institute for Technology and Engineering (GIFTE), was honored by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) with the Advocating Women in Engineering Award at the WE15 Conference’s SWE Awards Banquet on October 23rd in Nashville, Tennessee.

    That was well before Hillary and Ann Althouse thought of college.

  14. My mom attended Bradley in the 50s, and my mother-in-law Wisconsin at Madison in the 40s. Hillary seems to be channeling her grandmother.

    Regarding Mitchell’s report, something else that bothered me about the polygraph is whether or not Blasey Ford took the test while on medication. She reportedly suffers from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and God knows what else. I would be willing to bet she’s been prescribed benzos or SSRIs. Not only would those meds compromise the polygraph test, but they also distort and impair long term memory.

  15. I can think of only one woman of recent times who became a major political figure without a rich/famous father and/or husband, entirely on her own, even without the support of her own political party power structure.

    And the Dems and MSM (but I repeat myself) shredded her to pieces and portrayed her as the stupidest person in world history.

  16. Oh boy, maybe Mike K will weigh in on this. I’m still trying to figure out what gives with Ms Ford, short of concluding she is a sociopath. I know I could be exiled or pilloried for asking but is there a small subset of women who go postal at menopause. I remember my mother and others discussing this many decades ago (like 5), though they didn’t use the word “postal”, that’s my addition; maybe it is an old wives’ tale.

  17. Mike-SMO:
    “I am convinced that the Kavanaugh Circus in the Senate is not due to “abortion” as such, or even due to the desire of “Progressives” to play fast and loose with the “law” which, of course, they will try to do, but due to Establishment terror that “privacy” will be made into a focus for voters.”

    It’s about abortion. It was about abortion for Bork and Thomas, too. And they are fanatics.

  18. I don’t disagree, but craping on Margret Atwood is uncalled for. Its a work of fiction for starters and A Handmaid’s Tale was published in 1985, and predates The Satanic Verses by several years. She had no reason to avoid offending anyone then.

  19. Oh, Penny? Personally, I’ll take a metaphorical dump on Margaret Atwood any time I damn-well feel like it. And that you are the one presuming to criticize ‘craping’ on anyone is of itself, ironically amusing.
    Although it is not her fault that feminist LARPers are treating her narrative as if it were a blueprint for the future, perhaps the odd note in a new edition explaining her thoughts on this might not come amiss. She certainly didn’t take any care in avoiding offending American Protestants of the more evangelical persuasion.

  20. Offend American Protestants — and they will pray for your soul.

    Offend Islamists — and they will try their damnedest to cut off your head.

    Need we ask why Time magazine which boldly reprinted “Piss Christ” passed on reprinting the Danish Mohammed cartoons?

    The initial hypothesis with Maggie Atwood is that she is as much of a coward as all the rest of the Lefties. and she chooses those whom she mocks accordingly. So far, that hypothesis is not contradicted by the evidence.

  21. It’s about abortion – although it’s unlikely that Roberts would vote to overrule Roe outright – but it’s also about the immigration cases on their way up to SCOTUS. A 4-4 split, or replacement of Kavanaugh by a “consensus” choice (or a Bush-type “conservative”), means decisions by the Circuit Courts against Trump’s restrictive measures will stand.

  22. Want to mess with a feminist’s head? Ask her, “When do men get equal rights too?”

    The females of the “an excuse to be viciously-manipulative bitches” school of feminism certainly don’t want men to have equality too. Those females have a lot to fear if men ever felt free to act like “bitches” too.

    Feminism wouldn’t last 5 minutes if men were the monsters feminists insist that we are.

  23. Today is my birthday. I feel old. The nonsense from the opposition, vilifying all men, makes me wish that God would give me my final rest. I am surrounded in my community by people who are white hot with their rage against Kavanaugh; I have to stay silent.

  24. The problem isn’t new; it’s been going on for over 20 years. As with so many things, President Trump (at least two of who’s 2016 accusers were paid for by DNC donor cash) has simply pulled the mask off.

    The Mike Pence rule? Standard advice in every “sexism in the workplace” lecture from corporate HR and attorneys since the 90s. Never be alone with a female co-worker unless you want the possibility of an accusation that the company will fire you for as soon as it’s made.

    And today (Maryland did it in 2017) many states are removing the statute of limitations on “sex crimes”, so the girl you dumped in high school can ruin your life with an accusation. She may not get a conviction, but she can sure ruin you personally, financially, and professionally.

  25. I am a female network engineer working the Silicon Valley for over 35 years. I do not have to be done with Feminism as I never joined it. I found it absolutely stupid and the women who joined it completely selfish and bitch-y.

  26. I could not agree more with the comment about the spoiled, crybaby, witch women of this time in our history. These whining feminist of today are cry babies, who just want to be noticed. There should be a statute of limitations on these so called sex crimes, otherwise anyone can say anything decades later that is simply a lie.

  27. (late reply – sorry, real life got in the way.)
    Mongo says – look out for the blowblack from Big Vagina …
    The Establishment Cap-F feminist gang are short of things they can do to me in retaliation. Military pension, semi-retired scribbler of historical and contemporary fiction, all published by the Teeny Publishing Bidness that I own. No employer to pressure, no academic peers to harass. Don’t bother with Twitter, only have mild and noncontroversial stuff on the FB page. I hardly ever go out to eat – so, good luck bothering me at restaurants. And Texas is an open-carry state. Going all threatening on me at one of my author or market events is probably not going to work out well, especially if my daughter is around. Saying nasty things about me on Twitter, or FB, and me giving a nickle-plated damn? *snicker* Yeah, good luck with that, bucko.
    A lib sh*t storm would do wonders for book sales, but the Daughter Unit has asked me not to deliberately foment one.
    *kicks the ground* She is such a spoil-sport!

  28. Amen! I’m embarrassed to say that 45 years ago I though of myself as a feminist because I thought it was about allowing people to be judged for their own talents, rather than by stereotypes. Now I abhor the people that call themselves that.
    I entered a nearly-all-male STEM field, did my job well, was the first woman hired by 3 different companies, and never had an issue of any sort with men.
    Today’s screaming pink-hat harpies are bound and determined to be victims – someone else is always responsible for their failures, their insecurities, their lack of success, their hurt feelings.
    Even worse, they apparently have NO resilience. My grandmother survived the Germans overrunning her country twice, my mother helped the British liberate concentration camps, but Dr. Ford allowed her life to be “derailed” by a 10 minute incident??? What have we become?

  29. Florida Belle Says,
    Oct.6th, 2018

    I agree wholeheartedly w/the comments against the modern day Feminists. Even in it’s “heyday” in the 60’s and 70’s….I thought they were a bunch of unhappy, (sometimes physically) and especially heart ugly women. I could never understand the “rage” against men for existing. Sure there are thugs, and immoral and mean men out there, but there are also the opposite, just as you stated in your excellent article. Despite “modern” ideas on gender, God made two sexes, and He made us to complement each other ( and compliment each other also) (: There are jerks in both sexes, no one has a premium of one or the other. It is my job to try to love as a Christian all people, even stupid, hateful, and ungrateful people. I just think of them as spoiled children who lost their way, and never had anyone to give them loving discipline and direction. If they weren’t so dangerous to our society I would mostly pity them like I used to in my “salad” days….but now I think of them more like the Spanish Inquisition, or Stalin, or Hitler’s Gestapo…get in line w/our thinking or we will execute you and destroy your name….so scary…never thought I would be this afraid of my own people in America; at
    this time of my life. May God spare us the judgment and have mercy on us and give us time to correct this ship before we go down like the Titanic, rearranging the chairs as we sink into the cold dark abyss.

  30. There is a Dutch expression: “If they want to beat a dog, they will readily find a stick.”

    “No statute of limitations” + “guilty until proven innocent” = perfect “stick” for beating dogs that don’t lick the right hands.

    This combination just begs for abuse in all but the most angelic hands.

    I used to consider myself a male feminist. That is, until “feminism” became about reversing the polarity of discrimination rather than eliminating it. Good luck saving a person from electrocution by reversing the current’s polarity…

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