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  • The Case for the Democrats

    Posted by David Foster on October 20th, 2018 (All posts by )

    This meme, which I’ve seen being circulated on social media, lays out a view of the Democratic positions and worldview versus those of the Republicans.


    6 Responses to “The Case for the Democrats”

    1. Gavin Longmuir Says:

      Interesting! So the kind of rich, privileged, white, male Democrat who writes that kind of list sees no need for any Democrat position on the need to create jobs, or the need to balance the Federal Budget, or the need to reduce the trade deficit, or the need to address unfunded pension obligations.

      Sadly, those omissions sound about right, for the Davos-like Democrat elites.

    2. Anonymous Says:

      Pretty transparent. As for healthcare, the GOP has been pretty dumb on the response to this.

      Obamacare is expanded Medicaid and inflated costs of single ad small group “insurance.”

      There is no “insurance” for pre-existing conditions. These were covered by funds for catastrophic care in the past and I got frustrated when I was in practice by insurance companies that would not cover unrelated conditions in people who had had something curable, like thyroid cancer.

      I have suggested the French system as a model but the status quo ante would be better then Obamacare.

    3. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

      But it’s the right that is being divisive, un-nuanced, oversimplifying, stoking racial hatred, and doesn’t listen.

    4. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

      If it is showing up in your FB feed from a “friend,” I think the proper response would be

      Public Debate:: Republicans: Able to accurately describe their own views and those of the Democrats. Democrats: No clue what they or the Republicans actually think; resort to tribal memes.

    5. David Foster Says:

      AVI…indeed, Dems and “Progs” in general assign a very stereotypical set of views to those who dissent from their wordview. Our friend Bookworm, who is Jewish, has been on more than one occasion told by commenters that she is an Evangelical Christian.

    6. OBloodyHell Says:

      The real fact is, that the PostModern Liberal, despite their love for the notion of “nuance”, is only capable of binary thinking.

      And this set of views shows it. Either you are for what they are for, or you are against what they are for, and are — thusly — eeeeeeevil, because clearly all the things they are for are things any decent person is for.

      This is why the Left eventually eats its own, because when they succeed in chasing away the “opposition”, then someone in their own group needfully becomes the “opposition”, because, after all, clearly, they don’t support The Correct Views SUFFICIENTLY. There must ALWAYS be “an oppostition”, because, who else would you Virtue Signal as being against?

      Hence the events at the most recent WorldCon, which has pretty much turned itself into a PML-only “celebration of (sufficiently woke) SF”… and chased out anyone who isn’t sufficiently “woke”, thus rendering the Hugos irrelevant to 75% of SF Fandom.

      and this, from another convention, which alludes to the Worldcon kerfuffle…