Trump’s Secret Superpower

I’m willing to bet a double-batch of our famous-quality gourmet Christmas gift fudge (which my daughter and I make only at Christmas to give to neighbors and friends) that Donald Trump’s secret superpower is the ability to make his enemies run mad and implode, all on their own. What other explanation is there for Elizabeth Warren’s triumphant announcement – that an analysis of her DNA proved that she was really part Native American, or what used to be called Indian – that is, part Cherokee as she has claimed for years! Take that, Trump-monster! seemed to be her attitude, as she flung the winning hand of cards on the table … and then the announcement crashed in flames, once everyone got a good look at the minuscule proportion of so-called Native American DNA involved … and hearty horselaughs resounded in the halls. So, one of her ancestors, six to ten generations in the past might have been from the North or South American aboriginal community. One teensy, teeny single drop … but apparently sufficient to be hired and described by a couple of her previous employers as a woman of color. White and blond of color and wouldn’t have been out of place on a Hitler Youth recruiting poster in her younger days. Kind of makes one wonder about the validity of the concept of “white privilege” – when all the trendy political figures are trying to trade on an identity as an ethnic minority. Is Senator Warren’s political career well and truly sunk? Probably not in Massachusetts; after all, they kept reelecting Teddy Kennedy for decades. But on the national level? Always possible, I’d concede, but having become a laughingstock all across the political spectrum would be a challenge to come back from.

Speaking of trading on an assumed ethnic identity other than “white” – I see eight to ten yard signs for Beto (AKA “Blotto”) O’Rourke in my neighborhood, as opposed to one or two for Ted Cruz, but I don’t think this means anything like a blue wave sweeping Blotto into office; it means mostly that those of a conservative ilk are increasingly wary of advertising any political affiliation on our lawns, vehicles or persons. Any number of recent news stories about the vandalization of property, cars, or attacks on people wearing MAGA hats or tee-shirts can be cited as reason for being damned discrete about one’s political inclinations and intentions. My two cents: Blotto is a handsome showboat, beloved of the bi-coastal Dems and the national media, the successor to Wendy Davis as the object of a mad, passionate lefty political crush, but Texas voters look at him with a mite more skepticism. Well, we’ll know for sure in three weeks and a bit.

Finally, I suppose Roseanne Barr is this week’s undisputed front runner in the “Celebrities Behaving Badly” sweepstakes … say, what on earth have mainstream female comics drinking over the past decade which rendered them so profoundly un-funny and hateful? Janeane Garofalo, Margaret Cho, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell … they all used to be at least mildly amusing. Ladies, being a bitter, shrieking, hate-filled harpy is not the least amusing … you have to admit that Roseanne Barr might have reason this week to feel at least a little bitter. Fired from the TV series which she helmed as the title character for a single tweet … and then having her character written out of the show in a way that pretty much lines out any return, and to add insult to injury, via opiate overdose? Could have been nastier, I guess: the show runners could have had her croaking in the middle of a turn in a Tijuana sex show involving a donkey, but still.

As for Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign saddling up and riding a political ad on the backs of woman who were or weren’t survivors of domestic abuse – damn, it’s like they think women in general are the property of the Dems, to be used as the ruling class judges suitable. Discuss, if y’all have the stomach for it.

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  1. It would be very interesting to be alive in a century and see when a real biography of Trump gets written. During his entire life he’s put forth a story for his own purposes, and now it’s impossible to find anything useful because his critics have gone stark raving mad.

    It seems obvious to me that in 2015 he looked at the field and deduced that he actually could beat all those jokers (to me, the clearest sign of the decadence of the DC/MSM axis is that Jeb was actually considered a viable candidate for president, let alone a favorite). If he had tried earlier I don’t believe disgust with the establishment was yet great enough to give him an opening.

  2. Is Liawatha finished? As you point out, even killing a woman is not enough to get Democrat voters in that part of the world to seek another candidate. And remember when Billie Clinton over-ran his time slot at the Dem Convention, boring his audience so badly that even the Alphabet Broadcasters switched off. Conventional wisdom then was that Clinton was finished — and conventional wisdom was wrong.

    My prediction is we will be making jokes about Fauxahontas for years to come!

  3. I heard it described thusly:

    “Trump’s tweets are a laser pointer, and all liberals are cats.”

    So remarkably spot-on, methinks…

  4. Penny, clueless as usual.

    Try to pay attention. She made a fool of herself. She probably chose that obscure Stanford guy because 23&me and Ancestry do not report less than 1% genetic matches.

    The offer was made in a speech., You might listen to it if you watch to sound like you know something.

  5. “The offer was made in a speech., You might listen to it if you watch to sound like you know something.”

    No! I know far too much already, and what has that to do with anything? He did make the offer, she did take the test … what am I missing here?

    He’s on the hook. ;)

  6. Here, Penn G, is the, heh, “money quote”:

    “We will take that little [DNA] kit, but we have to do it gently. Because we’re in the #MeToo generation so we have to be very gentle. And we will very gently take that kit and we will slowly toss it, hoping it doesn’t injure her arm even though it only weighs probably two ounces. And we will say: I will give you a million dollars, paid for by Trump, to your favorite charity, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian.”

    The test, uh, “showed” Warren was possibly related to a 10 generation ago ancestor (hence 1 in 2 exp 10 = 1024 part). What fraction of those living in North America could not make that claim, Penn G? And obtain a prof position based on that claim…. Further, as I suspect you well know, the DNA test did NOT test for much less prove lineage to the specific tribe she claimed as hers; that tribe eloquently rebuked her fraud in making that claim. (Have you read their reply?) At best she was one part in 1024 Central or South American where samples were collected to serve as a proxy DNA source for North American Indians. (As you who are well-read well know, Native American tribes adamantly refuse to supply sufficient samples for DNA testing to establish any kind of connection to them, but insist instead on establishing lineage via tribal records).

    Warren not only has no claim to that cool million. She makes herself an even greater fool for continuing the charade…as do, well, any who support that charade.

    Trump snookered her. She took the bait, perhaps believing something in the family stories she heard, but failing to check it out before fraudulently using those stories. Then, when the evidence proved the stories a little less nuanced than she believed, she (and other fools) reject the evidence. After all, if one may pick their sex, why should they not pick their lineage? Reality…how passe’

    What I’m looking forward to is some actual Native American claiming themself (male or female) to be, well, E Warren and thus entitled to the $1M. Heh.

  7. That test result was the lowest possibility of a rather large range. She took the test and she’s part Indian. He could perhaps welsh on the deal by claiming he said Indian, not part Indian, but other than that, it seems to me he’s on the hook.

    I am just amused by this. I don’t care one way or the other, I think its all stupid. ;)

  8. At last truth, “I don’t care one way or the other….”

    Then be silent.

    To be an Indian, in the sense of both Warren’s claim and Trump’s, one must be at least 1/32, DNA or tribal records. The tribal records do not show it and now the DNA SHE is citing doesn’t even show that level of heritage to even Central and South American natives. It totally repudiates her “family history” and job history which was the issue in the first place.

    Not only is she a liar in her personnel filings at two schools and in her political campaigns, she is too stupid to know that her test fails to prove her claim. The best it can mean is that she might be 1/64 Central or South American native, which compares favorably with the average US citizen. Do we all get $1 million? Color preference? So what is cultural appropriation, Fauxahontas?

    Apparently the debates between Blotto and Ted have apparently showed enough of Blotto’s vacuousness to have expanded Ted’s lead to nearly double digits. When Blotto reverted to the “Lyin’ Ted” term of endearment it may have reminded too many people of the origins of it and that he now has Trump’s full support. Fox ran a clip today on their web site of Blotto supporters struggling to name any achievement of their favorite three term congressman.

    Other “close” or contested senate races seem to be similarly trending toward the Republicans.


  9. The test actually revealed that she is probably 1/32th, if the ancestor was 6 generations ago and 1/1024th if the ancestor was 10 generations ago. That is the range of the test.

    I would have obeyed your admonition if you were even close.

  10. Penny, wrong as always.
    1 gen ago = 1/2
    2 gen ago = 1/4
    3 gen ago = 1/8
    4 gen ago = 1/16
    5 gen ago = 1/32
    6 gen ago = 1/64

    Never mind that the test wasn’t even on Indian blood, never mind that her claim was that her PARENTS had to elope because her mother was so Indian her racist dad’s family wouldn’t countenance the wedding, never mind that the main issue is that she fraudulently claimed Native identity so she could get hired by Harvard, this is all stupid and pointless because the Democrats aren’t going to nominate an unappealing old white woman who never slept with Bill Clinton.

  11. This is probably one of the better examples of how ‘literally but not seriously’ is the way the laser pointer works, and how the cats beclown themselves when they try to catch it.

  12. Elizabeth Warren releases DNA on Native American Ancestry.

    The inherent imprecision of the six-page DNA analysis could provide fodder for Warren’s critics. If O.C. Sarah Smith were fully Native American, that would make Warren up to 1/32nd native. But the generational range based on the ancestor that the report identified suggests she’s between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American. The report notes there could be missed ancestors….

    Detecting DNA for Native Americans is particularly tricky because there is an absence of Native American DNA available for comparison. This is in part because Native American leaders have asked tribal members not to participate in genetic databases.

  13. Brian
    never mind that her claim was that her PARENTS had to elope because her mother was so Indian her racist dad’s family wouldn’t countenance the wedding..

    Based on my family history, I find this not likely or not plausible. My mother’s family is from Oklahoma. Both of my mother’s brothers married women who were 1/8 Indian. My grandfather died when I was a child, but I had plenty of conversations with my aunts and grandmother when I was an adult. Neither aunt mentioned any racial animosity between them and their in-laws. Both aunts were quite candid to me in expressing both positive and negative opinions about my grandmother, which leads me to believe that if my grandmother or grandfather had any negative opinions about the mixed race backgrounds of their daughters-in-law, my aunts would have told me. My grandmother never expressed to me any negative opinions about the mixed race background of her daughters-in-law. At the same time, my grandmother’s opinions of blacks and of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill were rather typical of Southern whites of her generation. Nor did my grandmother have any hesitation about letting me know where she stood on those issues.

    never mind that the main issue is that she fraudulently claimed Native identity so she could get hired by Harvard..

    As Harvard made it quite public it was aware that law professor Elizabeth Warren was Native American, I find it hard to believe the Boston Globe’s claim that her ancestry had no influence on Harvard hiring her.

    Both my aunts, in addition to raising families, had successful professional careers. Neither my aunts nor their children ever used their Indian/Native American ancestry to help them get a job.

  14. Anon:
    To be an Indian, in the sense of both Warren’s claim and Trump’s, one must be at least 1/32, DNA or tribal records. The tribal records do not show it and now the DNA SHE is citing doesn’t even show that level of heritage to even Central and South American natives. It totally repudiates her “family history” and job history which was the issue in the first place.

    Actually, no, Anon… No Amerind tribe accepts less than 1/8th ancestry as membership in the tribe. That is, a GGP. MOST require a GP, some require a parent.

    The Cherokee might class as an exception of sorts to that.

    Cherokee Nation citizenship law is set by tribal law. There is no minimum blood quantum required for citizenship. Tribal citizenship requires that you have at least one direct ancestor listed on the Dawes Final Rolls, a federal census of those living in the Cherokee Nation that was used to allot Cherokee land to individual citizens in preparation for Oklahoma statehood in 1907.

    To be eligible for Cherokee Nation tribal citizenship, you must be able to provide documents that connect you to a direct ancestor listed on one of the Dawes Final Rolls of Citizens of the Cherokee Nation. To be eligible for a federal Certificate Degree of Indian Blood, you must demonstrate through documentation that you descend directly from a person listed on the Dawes’ “by Blood” rolls. This group of census rolls were taken between 1899-1906 of Citizens and Freedmen residing in Indian Territory (now northeastern Oklahoma). If your ancestor did not live in this geographical area during that time period, they will not be listed on the Dawes Rolls.

    Warren was born in 1949, so she doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room there, even if one supposed the optimal 1/64th factor to be accurate, as well as Amerind AND Cherokee. Her relatives would have to be on the Dawes list, and probably ancient at the time.

    The real fact is — Warren is an ambulatory humaniform container of excreta. A white bitch from hell gaming the system, trusting it to fail to challenge her claim, or even question it.

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