Wyrd and Providence

Reposted from Assistant Village Idiot July 2010. I had a lot of fun with this eight years ago.
Part I

I am reconsidering an idea I rejected years ago.
New England was a peculiarly fertile ground for a peculiar and intense version of Calvinism, because predetermination is a Christianised version of Norse fatalism. 
I don’t subscribe to that fully, but I don’t reject it out of hand anymore.

Part II

 Swedish Luciafest, and dressing children in the cute costumes of grim Norse pagan beliefs.  Disney was hardly the first, eh?

Part III

From Danes to East Anglia to Puritans.  How the grim creatures disappeared in the ocean, but some of the ideas were carried to New England.

Part IV

My theory unravels some.

Part IV-A

Part V

Accusation by nature; trial by ordeal; some magics believed in, and some condemned, in Puritan New England.


An actual historian lends support to my theory.