2 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Waiting Room Series: 22”

  1. I’ll take Door #3….

    Can we really call this a waiting _room_? It’s not really room-shaped, is it? It’s more of an area. A room should have well-defined boundaries and clear entry/exit points.

    I think I overnighted once on a round type of chair like the one at left when I was passing through Frankfurt years (and years) ago, although the central spire thingy was much taller on the one I was using. (I’m getting old!)

  2. Definition of Waiting Room per Websters:
    “a room OR AREA (as in a doctor’s office) for the use of persons (as patients) waiting” – caps mine
    So technically, an airport could be one giant waiting room. But I agree, this bus stop isn’t exactly in the spirit of the previous posts.

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