7 thoughts on “Chicago Boyz Waiting Room Series: 23”

  1. Well the Louis XVI Style chairs don’t help. I feel like any minute now the Estates General will be assembled and all heck will break loose.

  2. It looks a bit like the waiting room in my office did. In planning a waiting room, one must always assume that each patient will bring two people with them.

  3. I like this one with the antiquarian touch. But I’m not sure what that boy and his expressions are meant to convey. The art on the right wall suggests an ob/gyn place, though I appreciate its minimalist nature.

  4. > two people

    Except for cardiac care units, where entire extended family groups will move in, complete with inflatable beds, coolers, and card tables, and stay for two or three days at a time.

    Generally only one or two people are allowed in ICU as visitors; having grandma, grandpa, cousins, uncles, and assorted children holding vigil in the waiting room is sort of bizarre.

  5. When I was doing my cardiac surgery residency, we operated on the King of the Gypsies in Los Angeles.

    Talk about extended families ! We were worried about cooking fires in the hospital. There were 60 or 70 at a time,.

  6. Those chairs are starting to grow on me. I can appreciate how they add a certain Clausewitzian charm to the room.

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