6 thoughts on “Seth Barrett Tillman: <i>North Wales Poll for May 23, 2019 EU Parliament Elections</i>”

  1. I joined the Brexit Party a couple weeks ago. It’s easy to sign up. We all should do it.

    I know it’s a symbolic gesture for us in the States. However, after watching the despicable parliamentary proceedings, the unconscionable betrayals, and the vile press coverage, I felt that I had to register my support in some way.

    I see a lot of people complaining that it’s a one-trick pony or a stunt. They’re running candidates in the European elections before even formulating an official party platform. I say, who needs a platform when you have a crisis like this? The Torys have proven they can’t deliver Brexit with May as PM, and they can’t get rid of her either.

    Something else has to be tried. Brexit is the single most important issue in the United Kingdom, and I believe it will become the most important development in the English speaking world in our lifetimes.

    Bismark supposedly (but probably not) once quipped that the most significant event of the 20th century will be that the fact that the North Americans speak English. In the 21st century the most significant event will be that the British rediscover why.

  2. Well, it is a poll, and we all know about them. Separation from the EU is not so earth-shattering. Most of the UK’s problems have been home-grown all along, as shown by the “despicable parliamentary proceedings, the unconscionable betrayals, and the vile press coverage”. And the EU is destined to break up anyway.

    The interesting part is what follows separation, when the UK has to start negotiating deals with … who, exactly? The European countries are unlikely to make things easy. China is still looking for revenge for what England did to them in the Opium Wars. India has a whole cottage industry of academics arguing that England got fat by screwing India. Australia needs to stay on very good terms with their prime customer, China. Canada .. well, they are on the side of the Davoise. And any deal with the US had better be good for the US.

    Post-separation, will the Brits be prepared for a root & branch reorganization of their governance? Or will the same old failing Oxbridge metropolitan set stay in charge, leading the UK further down the road to irrelevancy? Time will tell.

  3. China is still looking for revenge for what England did to them in the Opium Wars

    Yes well May has come up with a plan for that. She’s just gone and committed to a preemptive surrender and is inviting China in to spy on all Britons. This also has the added benefit of saving on the counter-espionage budget, so the UK will have more billions to pay to the EU when her Brexit deal reduces them to vassalage status.

  4. The annihilation of both the Labour and the Tory Parties by “Heritage British” rural and urban working class voters in Wales would still not be enough to convince the pro-EU London elites they were wrong.

    This is an identity issue for those involved.

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