Thee Ultra Bimboos

Thee Ultra Bimboos

L-R: Suffeli (laulu, kitara) Milla (rummut) Salla (basso) Maria (kitara, taustalaulu)

More outstanding girl rock. Thee Ultra Bimboos are (or were) an all-girl punk/pop/garage rock band from the frozen wasteland of Finland. All the songs on here are good. But one called “Liar, Liar” is just killer — big punk rock guitar sound, and beautiful harmony vocals on the chorus. It is almost like garage rock meets bluegrass or something. I listened to it about ten times and decided to share.

(Special girl rock bonus for our readers: Kim Shattuck‘s handpicked Best of the Muffs.)

2 thoughts on “Thee Ultra Bimboos”

  1. Just confirms my sense that girl groups have been the only hope of rock ‘n’ roll for about 30 years now.
    If Toscanini could be a great jazz buff, couldn’t we assume that Ludwig von Mises would have approved of the the free trade in musical liberty that these Bimboos from Finland embody? By the way, where’s his picture on the header?

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