Seth Barrett Tillman: Orwell’s Newspeak and The Observer (a/k/a the Sunday edition of The Guardian)

The EU is a parliamentary “democracy” that lives and breathes absent anything like meaningful responsible government. What Tisdall means is that Orban—although popular with actual voters in his own country—among people who have an incentive to know precisely what Orban is up to—remains an object of suspicion among the bureaucrats in Brussels and among members of the European Parliament from countries other than Hungary. What Tisdall does not understand is that it is he who is illustrating a contempt for ordinary democracy and ordinary voters.

Hmm. . . sounds familiar.

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  1. From the Guardian article:

    As last week’s failed US pressure tactics in Venezuela showed, the former army officer, Christian evangelical and ex-CIA director favours a muscular approach to diplomacy.

    Pressure tactics? Pompeo tweeted, “It’s time for the illegitimate regime to step aside.”

    Wow, look out. Pompeo is on the attack with a high explosive, heat-seeking tweet that is requesting Venezuela show respect for the concept of free and fair elections. Devastating. God help them if he ever takes to Instagram.

  2. Cuba runs Venezuela and has for years. At least since Chavez, who was their guy, died.

    Read this.

    The Cuban state has interfered in five key areas of Venezuelan governance: Records and Notaries; Identification; the Bolivarian National Police Organization; the intelligence and counterintelligence agencies; and the National Armed Forces. One of the most shameful things about this process of capitulation is that is was built on a kind of platform of legitimacy. This happened with the gradual dismantling of Venezuelan institutions in exchange for the country’s surrender to Cuba, all of which was supported by a large part of Venezuelan society.

    That was the poor, who are now starving. Venezuela is not worth the bones of a single Pomeranian grenadier.

    The intelligent Venezuelans left years ago. Just like the intelligent Cubans.

  3. Speaking of Orwell, and what can and can’t be said, they’re just never going to bother trying to explain how the Notre Dame fire started, are they?

    (Also, why the heck did that guy kill all those people in Las Vegas, and why did ISIS claim credit for it? Hmm. I guess we’ll never know…)

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