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  1. Kind of triggered by those giant penis costumes. It is not you know like super obvious that they are being worn in an ironic way or an anti-penis way or a way that is against patriarchy and privilege, and not a sort of swaggering and threatening penises-are-ok or even penises-are-to-be-celebrated way. Does anyone else feel troubled by this? I know I have to get used to ambiguity about gender identity and other things that are fluid. But, face it folks, life is fucking INTERSECTIONAL and we need to fight where necessary, and we can’t let threatening or anti-progressive acts or gestures go unquestioned and unchallenged.

  2. Modern overcompensation. Men used to buy Porsches for such things, but now it’s blow up costumes.

  3. What is she dressed up to be?

    I don’t know. It was Halloween. Many ladies posed for photos with these guys.

  4. Either that or their financial advisor hopefully crunching the numbers for trading in their costumes for a lightly used 911 GT.

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