Blog Outage (Resolved)

Apparently, this site was not accessible last night via IE or Mac Safari. I have fixed the problem as far as I can tell. Apologies for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you are still having difficulty accessing this blog.

UPDATE: If someone who reads this post has access to Mac Safari and can tell me whether this blog displays properly on it, I would be grateful.

13 thoughts on “Blog Outage <s>(Resolved)</s>”

  1. Firefox is more tolerant of programming errors than are some of the other browsers. However, not everyone uses Firefox, so I try to make sure the blog looks OK in IE and Safari too.

  2. Knucklehead: Thanks! Are you using a Mac? I found that the blog looked OK on Safari for Windows, but the Mac version may be different.

    Mitch: It appears to have been Sitemeter, but I’m trying to find out if there’s another issue specific to Mac Safari.

    Fred Lapides: Hackers of any kind are few and far between here. Inadvertent self-hacking by the Chicagoboyz administrator is somewhat more frequent.

  3. Jonathan,

    I think its still broken in Safari. The top post looks like a pile of some kind of alien fruit.

    Seriously, the site seems slow to load fully under safari. It loads the banner and basic layout but then takes a minute or more to build the rest.

  4. I have not any problems accessing the site. I use Firefox and Mac. I have been told that liberals tend to be Mac people, conservatives, PC…any truth to this generalization?

  5. Sorry for the delay, Jonathan. I’ve been away a couple days. I did a quick look and a few clicks (can’t call it testing but it looked and felt fine) from my G4 PB, Mac OS 10.4.something, using Safari 1.3.something (I think thats what it was). I keep the SW current within 10.4. I also had the page open using Firefox 3.whatever (also on the PB). Firefox and safari looked and worked identical as far as I could tell.

  6. Thanks again, Knucklehead. I suspect that one of the scripts, perhaps the one that displays comments in a separate window in the right sidebar, is causing intermittent problems.

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