6 thoughts on “Dr. Kennedy, Paging Dr. Kennedy…”

  1. I’ll just throw this out there while we are waiting for the good doctor to arrive. Topical or inhaled corticosteroids often cause many side effects including tremors, high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat. They’re prescribed for a whole host of maladies such as arthritis, asthma, exzema, psoriasis, shingles, etc.

    My mother was prescribed steroid eyedrops for cataracts surgery. They caused her to lose sleep for several nights. She was finally prescribed something else that was about ten times more expensive, and she felt a lot better.

  2. Clearly it’s the Russians. I kid, I kid (but do I?).

    Merkel’s been chancellor for nearly 15 years. That is way too long. A healthy system would have forced her out years ago. And a healthy system certainly wouldn’t be covering up for an obvious health problem either.

  3. It would be interesting to see how often Merkel appears in public during the last few years, and whether it’s been declining in an attempt to minimize her risk of such episodes. It was obvious from Hillary’s seizure on 9/11/16 that 1) it had happened often enough to be routine to her entourage, and 2) it would have been completely suppressed by the media if not for the chance presence of the person with the cell phone at the right time and place. Neither one of them can completely avoid public appearances, and it looks like Merkel’s luck has now run out…

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