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  1. It’s not quite that bad with the original, larger versions of the images, but I know what you mean.

    The advantage of the fisheye lens is that you can capture a much wider view than with a regular lens. In the case of the pictures in this thread, it is a camera with 170 degree angle from left to right. Because it is a cheap camera that uses film (now that takes me way back), I can’t zoom with it; that’s why the pictures are cut off on top and bottom. The best I can do is to look for the sweet spot in any given location, where I can make the most of the wide angle and keep fisheye distortion at a minimum. Mostly, I use the fisheye camera for capturing a whole vista, distortions and all, so I have a picture that shows how the buildings are located in respect to each other. After that, I take detailed pictures of the buildings with my digital camera.

    What I do like about the pictures here is the color and the lighting. I couldn’t capture that in quite the same way with my old Canon. I case of the top most image, I also wouldn’t have pointed a digital camera at the evening sun, for fear of damaging the sensor.

    For the pictures in the other thread, I used a door viewer with a 200 degree angle lens that I held in front of my digital camera. It’s kind of a kludge, but it works well enough, as long as it is sunny weather.

    You have probably noticed that Glenn Reynolds also uses a fish eye lens, but he must have edited them some before posting them. He uses this pretty expensive one, and that also is a lot more versatile than the stuff I use.

  2. Thanks.

    I might use a software like that when I get a more powerful camera that is worth the effort. My old one has just 4 megapixels. That’s good enough for me righ now, and I have to scale images down and reduce resolution before I can put them online anyhow. Once bandwidth and server space are cheap and plentiful enough that I can put images up without serious down editing I’ll finally replace it and think about more fance effects. In the meantime I am experimenting with HDR, and again using pretty small images.

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