Where Are They Now?

Regarding the events in Georgia, Neptunus Lex has some questions:

Millions marched in San Francisco, Rome, Barcelona and London when a US-led coalition of democracies prepared to depose a murderous tyrant – where are they now, when a tyrant seeks to depose a democratically elected government?

Millions more protested when a wretchedly afflicted people attempted to shake off the chains of 30 year’s oppression, tribalism and superstition to create for themselves and their children a sense of security and a representative government, answerable to the people – where are they now, that a free people has been reacquainted with the rod and beaten back to the yoke?

Others protested in Florence and Glocestershire when NATO bombers intervened to stop a genocide in Kosovo – where are they now, when bombers and helicopter gunships rain death upon innocents?

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7 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?”

  1. Brings me back to the 80’s.I don’t remember anyone protesting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan,but I sure do remember all the protests against President Reagan as he confronted that EVIL EMPIRE.

  2. Continuing Lex’s list:

    3. They don’t believe they have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually influencing the government of Russia (and they’re probably right).
    4. They believe they have a much better chance of influencing the government of the U.S. (but they’re probably wrong).

  3. Where are the buses that will give them a free ride to wherever the protests are supposed to be held?

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