It’s OK To Be White

Being myself a person of decided pallor, and increasingly cynical about current social-justice principles being inflicted on captive campus audiences at every level from kindergarten on up through graduate school, I am over in a corner snickering uncontrollably about the current mass freak-out in educational circles over the appearance of anonymous and unsigned posters with the simple declaration that “It’s OK to be White.” No, seriously – these things are apparently “hate-filled … sick and outrageous behavior … revolting actions,” and those found to have participated in distributing the flyers, “subject to the severest disciplinary actions, including dismissal as well as possible civil and criminal actions.”

So much for freedom of speech, open-minded discussion of differences in the realm of academia. So much for respecting differing points of view. Well done, wokiest of the woke in the sacred groves and campus.

For the last couple of decades, and intensifying to a fever-pitch in the last five years, those in charge of our institutes of higher learning seem to have been indulging in a kind of intellectual Olympic contest in who can be wokier than thou when it comes to declaring allegiance to diversity in all things, especially to do with racial and sexual matters and definitions. Being white and heterosexual has been blamed for everything from climate change, the existence of the Second Amendment, the self-inflicted woes of the black urban community, the election of Donald Trump, the heartbreak of psoriasis, and practically everything else that comes to the academic mind. All racism, all the time, dinned into the captive ears of students; and to what purpose? To make the those handing out the blame feel righteous, provide the dumb and dysfunctional with an excuse for their various failures, and to handicap the nominally ‘white’ of the present day by piling onto them a punishment for the supposed sins of their ancestors.

Frankly, I’m only surprised that whoever is responsible for distributing “It’s OK to be White” flyers and posters held out this long and confined themselves to voicing the sentiments in such a mild and non-confrontational manner, especially when compared to the ugliness in which anti-white sentiments have been expressed of late. So; are genuine white supremacists responsible for this outrage against the noble, good and woke? Myself, I think there might perhaps be two or three hundred hard-core white supremacists across the United States; not counting law-enforcement agents and paid informants. The weaponized autistics at 4chan tweaking the nose of authority for grins and giggles among their own? Or just ordinary students tired of their race being constantly dumped on, and trying their hand at trolling the wokiest? I’d bet on the latter, myself. The manner in which the various university and college authorities are going positively insane over the flyers is a bonus. Youth lives to rebel, after all.
Any insights to offer – feel free.

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  1. I think it would be a hoot for somebody to post flyers saying “It’s NOT OK to be white” at one of these campuses where all the SJWs are freaking out over “It’s OK to be white” flyers, and then watch how the students, faculty, and admin tie themselves into knots dealing with that.

  2. The interesting thing to observe is the long con that’s been going on since the beginning of all this.

    I don’t think there’s an historical analog anywhere in history to where a majority population has talked itself into extinction via the good agencies of its own elite classes, but we seem to be seeing that happening before our eyes.

    I’m not sure how it’s all going to work out, either–I suspect that what’s going to happen, rather than a long drawn-out suicide on a national scale, we’re going to see the various “elite” classes extinguished by the remaining fraction of the majority that doesn’t buy into the “You’re evil, all the time, incurably…” schtick that the elites have had on offer since about the 1950s.

    There will be a reaction, and when it comes, I don’t really know where it will wind up moving the pendulum. I suspect that the whole thing is going to be dramatically messy, and we’re going to see all the leading lights of “social justice” extinguished for several generations as the deviants and perverts get stuffed back into their various closets.

    Epstein is a symptom, just as his exposure is, along with the abiding certainty forming in the masses that he was but the very tip of the iceberg. I suspect that when and if the full truth comes out, and that if it goes as deep as I suspect, the “elite” will have discredited itself for generations. What fills their role? No idea… But, it’s gonna be ugly, during the transition. Lots of innocent people are going to get caught up in things, and the interregnum between “now” and “then” is going to be filled with at least metaphorical slaughter.

  3. It has been a long con, hasn’t it, Kirk – thanks for tying in Epstein to it. The resistance among the media about revealing what he was up to and the higher law-enforcement resistance for prosecuting him … it does mark something, does’t it? Something unsavory; of privilege running rampant, doing what it wished, knowing that it would be ‘disappeared’ It’s exceedingly ugly, all the prominent and wealthy that Epstein was apparently able to blackmail.
    The sickest, and most disappointing thing about that matter is how easily the media were corrupted, and brought to look the other way. Once, we had thought better of them. Now they are just another brand of clerisy – the ambitious servants of the powerful.

  4. This is happening with increasing frequency. Something innocent is used by bad people (usually called alt-right), and then everyone else who uses it subsequently is accused of either secretly being part of that bad group, encouraging the bad group, or not being sufficiently sensitive to the idea that some people are bothered. See also Pepe The Frog or “The Beginnings” by Rudyard Kipling, and extending even to the American flag. Hell, Nazis were in favor of physical fitness and camping – are those therefore poisoned forever?

    The internet empowers people with personality disorders, giving them a swollen audience to fit their swollen outrage.

  5. A similar outrage was provoked by flyers saying: Muslims are right about women.

    That is debatable.

    But it is indeed OK to be white.

    Just don’t tell anybody, if you know what’s good for you.

  6. I wonder how much of this would survive a week on rest room cleanup detail at one of the woker Starbucks or a homeless shelter. Outside of media, I don’t see much tolerance for this in the real world where people have to actually produce something that will return enough to keep the lights on and the pay checks un-bounced. Coincidentally, this seems to be a bit of a problem with the media lately.

    Oh, and politics. I would feel a little better about Warren if I thought she was just pandering to the stupid wing of the Democratic party. Instead, I’m pretty sure she’s a charter member. She missed a bet with the Indian thing, if she’d used developmentally disabled instead, no one could have questioned it.

  7. I don’t think it was predicted by anyone that the largest effect of the first black president would be the extreme radicalization of white liberals, who surveys now consistently say have strongly diverged from everyone else in their views of America, race relations, etc. The fact that some people rejected Obama and don’t hate Trump has made America irredeemable in their eyes. Those who reject the messiah must be destroyed. And since this group runs the media, there’s a strong feedback loop of insanity that has no obvious exit.

  8. Sgt. Mom: “Myself, I think there might perhaps be two or three hundred hard-core white supremacists across the United States …”

    Not to be disagreeable — but I am not sure if there are ANY “white supremacists”. Those evil “white supremacists” are probably an invention of fevered liberal minds.

    There certainly are people of various skin tones who really, really want to be left alone. I have met a few of those people in the US — some of European heritage, some of African heritage. But I have never met any American of European heritage who wants to lord it over people of another race.

    Now, if you want to talk about whether there are “Feminist Supremacists” who want to force the breast-deficient into a position of subservient bondage, we could talk all night!

  9. A White Supremacist is someone who wants for Whites what other better-organized communities want for their own communities: special academic departments of flattery; laws limiting the firing of Whites; laws required preferential hiring of Whites; special government subsidies for Whites; exemption from certain laws for Whites; declarations of new rights for Whites* etc. etc.;

    No wonder “It’s OK to be White” invokes a malignant hate—no one likes to make another cut in that legal and government pie. Imagine if all 57 genders wanted the same rights.

    * Although I’d settle for assurance of old rights for Whites: speech, religion, press, arms, association; rights currently available or subscribed to few communities. Each community should have only the rights it believes in. (Imagine the socialist community!)

  10. I think at the root of this hysteria, and I use the term advisedly, is the deep conviction of most of the educated that whites really are smarter on average. If not, why is affirmative action still going strong ? What we are seeing with the violent reaction to Charles Murray and his books, for example, is a form of “The Emperor Has No Clothes.” The most serious victim of this hysteria is the American black. In teaching medical students, it was apparent to me that black students from Africa and the West Indies do not have the psychopathology of American blacks. I suspect this sickness is mostly limited to the middle class and lower blacks. The rich take full advantage, of course, and fake it but they know better. The newer trend to inflate grades and even demand equal outcomes is a recognition that affirmative action is not enough.

    Now, the effort to end the SAT, a testing service aimed at empowering the poor and unconnected 100 years ago, is further evidence that AA is failing and only the destruction of all education will satisfy the radicals and race hustlers. The New York Times “1619 project” is further evidence.

  11. Anyone who went to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock would be familiar with “It’s OK to Be White” posters – they popped up all over campus during the late 1980s, causing much FUD to the school administrators.

    Hey, a few decades, and what’s old is new again!

  12. Mike K: “psychopathology of American blacks”

    Remember the police bodycam video of the arrest of the Oberlin student who was caught shoplifting and who assaulted the clerk who caught him? Hysterical, crying, asking “why are you arresting me?” and saying that he was afraid to die because he “is a black man in America”?

  13. As far as how all this will work out, I can see college students (and to a lesser degree, high schoolers) being used as a Red Guard to terrorize the rest of the population onto submission. Most of the media is pre-loaded to support this. That’s one possible scenario, one that could easily spin way out of control.

    This scenario could work (as does the marginalization of whites) because Western civilization created a high trust society, which its enemies are exploiting. We generally expect everyone to play by the rules, while the Left uses every tool of subversion known to man. I think this also accounts for why native Swedes seem so passive in face of their Muslim onslaught. They seem oblivious to the notion that their trust can be used against them.

  14. “This scenario could work (as does the marginalization of whites) because Western civilization created a high trust society, which its enemies are exploiting.”

    I’m pretty sure that that ‘high trust society’ is disappearing. The Left is not going to like living in a low trust society.

    Subotai Bahadur

  15. Remember the Chinese middle classes that were abused and murdered by Red Guards were never armed.

    The Hong Kongers are realizing the significance of our Second Amendment.

    I agree that the high trust society is mostly gone. I thought about this almost a year ago.

  16. There are white supremacists, and quite a few of them, because I do meet them. Not near as many as the fevered imaginations of leftists, but they are out there. A half truth is far more powerful than a lie, which is how the woke keep themselves convinced. They don’t have to look at a real cross-section of America, they just have to be provided with the occasional real example, and can create false attribution for whoever looks a little bit suspicious among the rest.

  17. No, they will not, SB. And that is what they are aiming for – a low-trust society.
    Me, I rather like living in a high-trust society. Without tall walls and broken glass shards or concertina-wire across them. I like knowing that if I have car trouble by the side of the road that I can trust the gallant gentleman blue-collar guys who stop and offer to fix it and know that they are likely not to be pervy rapist-types. I like having seasonal yard decorations and pots in plants out in front of my house and knowing that some skeevy low-life will not rip them off or vandalize them. I like that I can live in a working-class neighborhood and have that assurance.
    And also that I can go downtown and not fear that some skeevy homeless guy will not dump a pot of hot feces on my head.

  18. The “White Supremacists” are totally in defense, sort of, like the pilot in Top Gun. “We are totally defensive.”

    These kids, and they are mostly kids, are feeling the hate directed at them by the left and react. They are not plotting anything

    The famous video tape from Charlottesville has them chanting “You will not replace us.”

    The video has been edited to have them saying “Jews will not…” That makes no sense. Their concern is that they are hated and the left wishes them ill. The left is the hot spot of anti-Semitism.

    We are in the midst of a war on “normals” as Kurt Schlicter puts it.

  19. @Sgt. Mom, SB;

    I don’t think it is so much that they realize what they’re doing, in terms of destroying the high-trust society that they live in. It’s like they want this; they want to believe that the things they’re seeking as norms are indeed, normal–That’s why there’s the emphasis on destroying the staid bourgeoisie values of their boring peers, and why they’ve been mocking them since the post-WWI era when all the woke Progressive types were decrying the Babbitry of the middle-ground culture around them. We see before us the final state of the world they want to build, filled with the unrestrained and unfettered excess of their moral and sexual choices.

    They fear the normal; they feel their own internal perversity and self-hatred, then project it outward, so they make the world over in their own fevered image, a world filled with the hateful poor and the mentally ill. They want this; this is why they have embraced the policies that they have, and made this world we live in.

    At some point, the contradictions are going to reach the point to where they can no longer be denied, and we’re going to see the counter-reaction begin. After that, the deluge–I don’t know where the social pendulum is going to take us, but I observe that the further and harder one pushes it off of center, the harder, faster, and further the backswing is going to be. Where it will recenter itself after the damping? Who knows?

    I do know that the first victims are going to be all the currently-anointed protected classes, because they’re going to be in the same position as the Jews were after the Bolsheviks were put down–Having identified themselves too thoroughly with the “new regime”, they’re going to take the blame for the excess, while the actual movers and shakers crawl off into the underworkings of the replacement situation, just as the Tsar’s secret police morphed into the Cheka and NKVD. Those plastic cretins will mouth the homilies of the new regime just as readily as they do that of the now, and they’ll herd the newly-dispossessed off into whatever closet or death camp they find handy, as occasion may require.

    Society is a sine-curve; one generations liberty is the next’s outrageous folly. Weimar is ever followed by the Reich, in terms of what is acceptable to the mass.

    It takes generations to die out, the adaptations of a time of crisis–My grandmother still had the prevalent mores of the influenza epidemic, when it came to public coughing and spitting, and I can remember being scolded about such things as late as the early 1970s. The reaction to the social excesses of today will be similar, as I fear that it will take place during a crisis event. Whatever it is that’s coming, in terms of nemesis, I believe it will set the tone for the next century.

    You can’t have a society built on the unstable quicksand these fools are creating; it’s going to get very, very messy.

  20. Cities are low trust. The country is high trust. The left thinks low trust drives people to them, as they are the party of security, vs the party of liberty. It’s quite amazing that the places they run are full of misery–large urban centers, and states like CA, IL, NY, and yet they’ve only strengthened their grip on them in the past few decades.

  21. @Brian,

    The really amazing thing is the utter lack of accountability that there has been for these foolish cretins. Precisely none of their vaunted programs have worked out, over the years–Nothing has come of their promises, none of their programs have actually delivered anything but misery and outcomes of utter failure. Yet, they keep doubling down on them, demanding more and more resources.

    Every place they’ve been in charge, there is wreckage. Over-paid civil servants extorting outrageous salaries and retirements, prisons full of dysfunction, mentally ill defecating on the streets, all while the decent citizen is afraid to use the parks and public facilities their tax dollars go to pay for.

    The education system is a disaster; children leave their “system” illiterate and innumerate, without even the basic skills to function successfully in society. And, still, they demand more and more from the public fisc.

    How long do you suppose this will remain tolerable? How long will their dysfunction hold sway, their inability to bring about the wondrous paradise their sweet words paint the picture of?

    Frankly, I think we’re at about “peak SJW”, and it’s not going to be much longer before enough people see the contradictions in what they say, and the preference cascade will take place. The final denouement ain’t going to be pretty.

  22. “The really amazing thing is the utter lack of accountability that there has been for these foolish cretins.”
    Yep. Prop 187 passed in CA with nearly 60% of the vote. It won LOS ANGELES county for cripes sakes. Grey Davis was impeached. Prop 8 passed, in no small part due to Gavin Newsom, a truly vile and loathsome individual, crowing that same-sex marriage was coming “whether they like it or not.” And yet the Democrat Party just kept moving left, left, left, as implacable as a terminator (haha, a joking reference to the guy who completely destroyed the CA GOP), and now they’ve rigged the system so completely that it’s a one party state, although no one can deny things have gone massively downhill in the last few decades, and people continue to flee the state in large numbers.
    Similarly in NY the main industry outside of the city seems to be moving vans, people are miserably unhappy, the governor is a thug and a crook, several of his closest aides are in prison for corruption and the major media can’t be bothered to report on what that means, and in the last election the Dems completely took over the state senate and have absolute power and are emulating all of California’s techniques to obliterate the GOP forever.
    As I’ve said before, the left doesn’t realize that they can drive conservatives out of “blue” states, but the “red” states aren’t going to cower before them the same way, because they have nowhere to run to.

  23. Brian “Cities are low trust. The country is high trust.”

    Good point, but I would go even further: the cities used to be higher trust places before the left began destroying things. For isntance, I grew up in a larger city and there was a time when people routinely left their homes and cars unlocked. Thomas Sowell has written that during heat waves New Yorkers used to sleep in the parks.

  24. AVI: “There are white supremacists, and quite a few of them, because I do meet them.”

    Please, tell us more. Because honestly I have never met a “White Supremacist”. As mentioned, I have met a number of people (not all of European ancestry) who seriously want to be left alone — but that is different from a “Supremacist”.

    The Political Class loves to distort language, and use that to distort thoughts — as that good Leftist George Orwell warned about so convincingly. If someone is a “White Supremacist”, that means other people who are not White have to be compelled into the Step’n Fetchit subordinate role.

    I don’t personally know anyone who wants other human beings forced into that subordinate role — although we all can see that rich Leftists enjoy having the Consuelas of this world walk respectfully around behind them picking up their dirty laundry. When you say “White Supremacist”, AVI, are you talking about the rich Liberal Political Class?

  25. Oh, shoot! I’m not sure I understand just what a “White Supremacist” is. Would someone please, please provide a definition?

    Sometimes I’m concerned that I may have those tendencies. Then other times concerned that I don’t.

    So mostly I’m confused & hoping for a definitive description.
    Help. . . .

    And for reference, near 80 years old, caucasian, struggling Christian, bald, over-weight, and married for over 40 years.

    Tell me – – – – HuaChu(Bless you)

  26. }}} I think there might perhaps be two or three hundred hard-core white supremacists across the United States;

    I would put the number at maybe 10-15x that, but this is still an insanely trivial number. It if was 30,000 people (100x your estimate) it would still represent less than one person in 11,000.

    In contrast, one in 11000 people in San Francisco is a billionaire.

    I’m guessing this because Whatsizname Spencer got about 300-400 people in South Carolina, and then about 90 in Northern FL (when speaking at UF)

    I could see it adding up to about 3000 everywhere.

  27. }}} I’m pretty sure that that ‘high trust society’ is disappearing. The Left is not going to like living in a low trust society.

    Trust me…. they won’t… :-D

  28. they’ve been mocking them since the post-WWI era when all the woke Progressive types were decrying the Babbitry of the middle-ground culture around them. We see before us the final state of the world they want to build, filled with the unrestrained and unfettered excess of their moral and sexual choices.

    I think much of this began with Prohibition, which is usually attributed by the ahistorical to the conservative, Babbit-loving right. In fact, <a href=" Prohibition was a goal of the Progressives.

    Prohibition exhibited many of the characteristics of most progressive reforms. That is, it was concerned with the moral fabric of society; it was supported primarily by the middle classes; and it was aimed at controlling the “interests” (liquor distillers) and their connections with venal and corrupt politicians in city, state, and national governments. Still, it was not until U.S. entry into the Great War that prohibitionists were able to secure enactment of national legislation. In 1918, Congress passed the 18th Amendment to the Constitition, prohibiting the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages. States ratified the Amendment the next year.

    Ironic, isn’t it?

  29. @ Gavin – I am talking mostly about working class – or “non-working” class – males and a few females who believe that whites are superior not only at the national and international level of inventing things, building big companies, and running things, but at the local level of making a local community grow and prosper. They do the work, they build the schools, they obey the laws, etc, but the black people at all levels sponge off them. They aren’t supremacists in the sense that they think society SHOULD be organised with blacks being lower down the scale, but supremacists in the sense that they believe it IS this way, and they resent it. They tend not to fully notice whites who aren’t pulling their weight, or blacks who are doing more than their share, but they do notice them some, and when it penetrates, they give fair judgement, that such-and-such a white neighbor is worthless or such-and-such a black person is a very decent and productive guy. But in general, they think that white people provide more value, and are willing to generalise that enough to treat the average black person with extreme suspicion. There is often an attitude of “I work hard (which is seldom completely true) but I am held down by the government giving things to black people.”

    I can think of three much wealthier people who think this, two a married couple. A lot of the prison population would say similar things as well. Their definitions of “superiority” tend to be convenient, focusing on what they personally do well (such as paving or driving a cab) as a key measure of worth, neglecting to notice what others, black or white, might do well. Off the top of my head I can think of 25 such folks just in my little corner of the world, so 300 over the entire American population seems impossibly low by at least two orders of magnitude.

    If you are restricting your definition of White Supremacist to those who believe that society should be stratified with whites at the top, I agree that this number would be very small. However, I think that is an unwarranted restriction of the term “supremacist.”

  30. AVI, I think the majority of those who believe whites actually are superior vote for Democrats. Why else Affirmative Action ?

    Now, we see the SAT attacked and grades inflated. Why? They are convinced blacks cannot succeed without a thumb on the scale.

    It is the left that is racist, not the libertarian right,.

  31. AVI: However, I think that is an unwarranted restriction of the term “supremacist.”

    No, the literal meaning of “supremacist” implies that someone is above and someone else is below. Thank you for your explanation of your understanding of the term — but I think you are falling into a trap that the real “supremacists” in our Political Class have set for us peons. I agree that there are lots of people who believe their team is the best — whether we are talking about Dallas Cowboys versus other NFL teams, or English people versus continental Europeans, or Japanese versus Koreans, or Italian Americans versus Irish Americans. However, feeling superior is not the same thing as being a supremacist.

    French people generally consider themselves superior to Americans — the French are so much more civilized, cultured, cosmopolitan. And most Americans either don’t care about the French attitude of superiority or find that French attitude of superiority to be amusing. We would not talk about “French Supremacists” — not unless the French mobilized their armed forces and sent them across the Atlantic to subjugate those provincial Americans.

    The Political Class and their running dogs in the media encourage the entirely erroneous use of “White Supremacist” as part of their Divide & Conquer campaign against the American people. Mis-describing individuals who harbor feelings of superiority as “Supremacists” turns them from objects of mild derision into an apparent threat. Please don’t fall for the Political Class’s misuse of the language.

  32. We only have to open our eyes to see that whites are clearly the superior race. It’s so obviously true that no one bothers arguing that any other race fits that description. We all believe it, we’ve just been conditioned not to say it. Every other race wants to live with whites and whites don’t want to live anywhere else as everywhere else is a step down for them. But I think there is a big difference between people who want a white America, which is most of us, and people who think whites should rule as a formalized high caste of nobility.

  33. We only have to open our eyes to see that whites are clearly the superior race.

    Meh. Looking at IQ by country, you’ll find that whites are clearly inferior to Asians. That said, I find the high-IQ, racially homogeneous countries like the PRC, Japan, and Norway boring in the extreme. Everyone seems to look, talk, and pretty much think exactly the same.

    Give me the higher risk/higher reward, ethnically and racially diverse United States any day.

  34. We limit our thinking to consider only racial “superiority” or “supremacy”.

    The more common problem is a sort of stereotyping. Race, yes, but identity generally. It’s becoming standard journalistic practice to assume that, given an individual person’s “identity” — as a Black or Hispanic; as a Jew or an Evangelical; as a lesbian or a cis-het-male — that person’s policy preference and priority can reliably be determined as congruent to the groups’. You may ask a person who identifies as “Black” about school vouchers, carbon taxes, veterans’ benefits, ethanol subsidies … but if the answer is other than Jesse Jackson’s Democratic talking point then you must be asking an “Uncle Tom” race-traitor self-hating crypto-Nazi.

  35. you’ll find that whites are clearly inferior to Asians.

    In IQ, yes. The other issue is why are western countries better ruled ? Probably the Anglo-Saxon traditions are more important than race. Germany and France have histories of aggression and massacre. Russia we know about. Churchill wrote about “The English Speaking Peoples” and was probably right. Spain and the Spanish colonies are a history of failure,

    China and Japan do not have a history of enlightened rule. At least the past three centuries.

  36. When confronted with this racialist bilge from the left, I joke to myself that hours, even days, have gone by where I have spent not even a second plotting to oppress some racial minority. I don’t claim it is a funny joke. In truth, I’ve managed to go better than 60 years so far and don’t expect to change. I suppose I am simply too dim to see the supposedly clear advantage to me of preventing the Black Community from achieving peace and prosperity.

    What the bogeyman of the white supremacist in every institution provide is a very convenient excuse and diversion when the community organizers are confronted by their continuous, universal and abject failure.

  37. @ Gavin – Shorter OED recognises both your definition and mine. I see your distinction, and agree that the concepts are a real difference. It is the difference between “should run things” and “excels at key cultural things.”

    I think the problem with the political class goes even deeper. They believe that higher IQ is a mark of some real superiority, and so cannot accept saying out loud that African-Americans actually have a lower average score. When others point out the real average scores, they say “Oh, then you believe in white superiority. That’s racist.” I know enough really high-IQ people to not be all that tempted that such are Superior Individuals. For that I have a dozen other qualities I would put first. IQ is generally but not universally useful. In general, I don’t think conservatives put IQ first – that would be liberals, though they can’t bear to have a mirror in the room for that one. They project that belief

    The number of people who think that white people “should run things” as a matter of principle would fall between Sgt Mom’s two or three hundred and my description, which might run into the hundred thousands. Hell, a million people would still be only 0.3% of the total population. That narrowing would probably not even cut my two dozen in half. My sample is likely different. I know lots of the homeless, the impoverished, and the mentally ill (and their families), and more extreme sentiments show up there a lot.

  38. AVI — Thank you for your observation, and remember who writes dictionaries!.

    The way it seems to me, white people who think that white people “should run things” are still not supremacists — not until they try to put that belief into effect. For example, female university faculty (usually upper class liberal white women) who will hire only other women as professors are definitely “female supremacists”. Certainly, there may be many among the variously disadvantaged who have strong opinions that other people, especially people who are different in some way, are responsible for them being disadvantaged. But until they actually try to put other people into a subservient position, they are merely bigots — not supremacists.

    All of us know that there are many individuals who share our skin tone for whom we have no respect. The history of Europe — white people killing other white people — shows there has never been any real racial solidarity; just listen to the sneering tones that English people use to describe other English people from a different part of England. The same is true of Africans in Africa — and it has been that way for thousands of years.

    Prejudice is obviously a bad thing — it limits both the prejudiced person and those whom she is prejudiced against. But our worthless Political Class is not interested in discouraging prejudice; they have spent several decades trying to inflame prejudice and use it as a wedge to divide and conquer us.

    I will freely admit that I am prejudiced against the Political Class, without regard to their race, religion, or national origin — but they have earned my prejudice!

  39. CapitalistRoader, measured by IQ scores, Asians certainly do seem superior to Whites. And yet what have they done with it? An entire continent of rice farming villages and tribes with not a modern idea or invention between them, not until Europeans arrived from the other side of the world and took over everything they had did they even realise it could be different. Asian culture is wired wrong, they are all crabs in a bucket and unless the west had given them access to ideas and technology and concepts that they had never developed for themselves, they’d still be farming rice and living in grass huts. All of them.

    For whatever reason, white Europeans have the goldilocks traits that allowed them to become better than they were.

    The other aspect of your post is actually quite offensive. That you’d prefer to have what, different foods and music for your middle class, cosmopolitan tastes? I’m going to bet that you are one of those comfortably well-off people who have the money to escape the shocking and terrible costs that your policies have delivered to many parts of the United States and the western world in general. If it were up to me, you’d be forced to live in a Mexican gang neighbourhood on the US border, to work in a Mexican gang neighborhood and to send your kids to school in that Mexican gang neighborhood. If you survived a year, then you’d get an opinion on the wonderful enrichment that 10’s of millions of hostile foreigners have delivered to this country. Your utterly selfish desire for “fun” at the cost of millions of peoples quality of life is disgusting.

  40. An entire continent of rice farming villages and tribes with not a modern idea or invention between them, not until Europeans arrived from the other side of the world and took over everything they had did they even realise it could be different.

    That is not correct. China had many inventions long before the Europeans had them. Read Joel Mokyr’s “The Lever of Riches” about early inventions in China. Among other things, they were casting iron bells and had advanced hydraulic engineering. The compass was invented and carvel planing of ships was being done about 900 AD. Medicine did not advance, perhaps because ancestor worship inhibited anatomical dissection. This ended with the Ming Dynasty in the early 14th century. Ship building stopped and exploration ceased. The Chinese had invented the rudder and might have reached North America about 1400 but this all ceased with the Ming and the following Qing Dynasties. By 1700, metalworking in the land that originated it, was unknown. The Chinese invented gunpowder but did not make guns or cannon.

  41. I should add that benign or enlightened rule is not a Chinese invention. They have a long history of corruption but did develop the Mandarin class to run things.

  42. Yet it availed them not. They cast bells, not cannon or steam engines. Their ships sailed the rivers and coast, not the wider world. They had the rudder but not the keel. The evidence of their hydraulic skill is in the remains of elaborate water clocks, not clean water and sanitation or efficient mills. The mandarinate efficiently promulgated the caprice and folly of the center to the outermost corners of the empire.

    The tiny number of semi-literate brigands that laid them low were from societies that came late to these inventions, yet never stopped building upon them.

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have an advance guard; The Three Donkey Riders of “enlightened” government, Cupidity, Corruption and Incompetence that don’t get the recognition they deserve.

  43. If it were up to me, you’d be forced to live in a Mexican gang neighbourhood on the US border, to work in a Mexican gang neighborhood and to send your kids to school in that Mexican gang neighborhood.

    That certainly wouldn’t be the higher risk/higher reward, ethnically and racially diverse United States I prefer to live in. Rather, that would be a ethnically and racially homogeneous subsection. Thank goodness you don’t have the power to force me to live in such a place.

  44. I don’t have insights on this. I will say, however, that I do agree that it’s okay to be white. Can be more than okay, but that depends on what the white person makes of his whiteness. Or really not, since that’s just genes and stuff.

    I think a positive change in my own attitude about this came about through genealogical study. Once I became aware of my own family’s past to some degree, and the larger context for it, I got to be a bit more conscious of myself as a European-derived person. I wonder if this kind of thing would be helpful for white folks whose sense of identity may be feeling a little shaky under the pressure of our nutty racial politics. That is, perhaps rather than try to establish a vague identity of being merely ‘white,’ instead some might benefit from a more focused examination of the familial or generational past that got them to where they are.

    I suppose in my own personal context, it is also relevant that my own consciousness of my northwestern European derivation is, to a small but non-zero degree, a reaction specifically to the habitual and, IMO, not fully warranted ethnic pride of that certain other ethnic group around whose members I spend a good deal of time (who are also white, just from elsewhere).

  45. In other words CapitalistRoader, your desire to freely travel and live in a utopia of happy people from around the world means millions of real Americans have to suffer the consequences of how immigration actually works in practice. It’s mostly low IQ peasants and high crime. And it’s a shame you can’t be forced to suffer the consequences of your own preferences, leaving the suffering to others without your money or connections. This is why globalism is hated. The few skimming all the benefits of a nation for themselves and passing on the costs to the many. It utterly disgusts me.

  46. …means millions of real Americans have to suffer the consequences of how immigration actually works in practice. It’s mostly low IQ peasants and high crime.

    No argument from me, Mr. Black. The US needs to implement a merit-based immigration scheme like other English speaking countries and enforce existing immigration laws. Illegal immigration has resulted in an imported monoculture as the proportion of immigrants to native citizens is bumping the record highs of the early 20th century.

    OTOH irrational ethnic and racial discrimination has hurt the US. FDR had an outstanding opportunity to import millions of Ashkenazi Jews in the 1930s, immigrants with the highest IQ in the world. Those immigrants would have benefited the United States. Our country would be a better place today had they moved here.

  47. Yet it availed them not. They cast bells, not cannon or steam engines.

    True enough. The Manchus closed contact with external cultures, perhaps fearing invasion as they had invaded. Japan did something similar. They had the wheel but did not use it for transportation as they did not want peasant mobility. I was just rebutting your assertion that China had no invention before Europeans arrived.

    What happened to China might be similar to the The Bronze Age collapse, although less severe. It was more like the effects of the collapse of the late Roman Empire. A sophisticated society collapsed because of disease, the Black Plague, and military conquest by a primitive culture. Corruption and a declining birth rate contributed to the Roman Empire collapse.

    Both might apply to our own prospects for the future.

  48. Moke K: “It was more like the effects of the collapse of the late Roman Empire. A sophisticated society collapsed because of disease, the Black Plague, and military conquest by a primitive culture.”

    Some might suggest an alternative explanation for the collapse of the Western Roman Empire — Central Roman Government grew too large and too intrusive. It spent money it did not have, and debased the currency. It enriched the politically-connected while over-taxing the productive working class, killing the golden goose. Some historians have argued that, rather than a simple case of “military conquest by a primitive culture”, many citizens of the Roman Empire were glad to trade intrusive high-tax incompetent Roman rule for the lighter hand of Germanic barbarians.

    Certainly, the interior rot in the Western Roman Empire left it more susceptible to external barbarian invasion. History does not repeat, but it rhymes. Today, the barbarians are inside the gates.

  49. You missed my next sentence.

    Corruption and a declining birth rate contributed to the Roman Empire collapse.

    The plague chiefly affected the eastern Empire. The “Plague of Justinian” has now been shown to be Bubonic Plague.

  50. However, the Empire in the east eventually came back to a respectable level by the 10th and 11th centuries, so the plague was not permanently devastating. In the east they also kept dealing with monetary inflation, over-centralization, barbarian incursions, etc, but Greco-Roman civilization was too strong to be fully defeated.

    Even when Constantinople finally fell in the 15th century, the transfer of intellectual property to Italy probably had a lot to do with the Renaissance that occurred shortly after.

  51. Chinese Wheelbarrow

    The Chinese and Roman road systems were built (independently) over the course of five centuries during the same period in history. Curiously, due to (unrelated) political reasons, both systems also started to disintegrate side by side from the third century AD onwards, and herein lies the explanation for the success of the Chinese wheelbarrow. As we have seen, the one-wheeled vehicle appeared during this period, and this is no coincidence. Increasingly, it was the only vehicle that could be operated on the deteriorating road network.

  52. the self-inflicted woes of the black urban community
    Not entirely. A lot of patronizing white “elites” helped tremendously.

    Kirk Says:
    I don’t think there’s an historical analog anywhere in history

    Rome. An awful lot of the fall to the barbarians was self-inflicted stupidity.

    What fills their role?
    I hope… nothing. We don’t need “elite” in America. We shouldn’t even have elite in America. No nobility, no royalty, no peasants. And, unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be rid of them until the collapse – since we’re too darn rich and safe and well-off to not create them out of our bread and circuses.

  53. IMHO the college administrators overreacting to the “It’s OK to be White” posters are falling right into the trap set by the persons hanging those posters.

    It’s impossible to denounce posters with that simple slogan without coming across as asserting that it’s *NOT* OK to be white. That’s exactly the reaction the poster-hangers wanted to get from the administrators and SJWs.

    My advice to those administrators – not that they would listen to it – would be to save their high dudgeon for posters that clearly demonstrated some element of racism, anti-semitism, or other -ism that a substantial majority would find objectionable, and otherwise allow freedom of speech.

  54. Key ingredients missing from Chinese culture: Christianity, and greco-roman tradition of laws. Even today China is tribal and low trust, apartment buildings fall into disrepair because no one goes out of his way to help maintain that which does not belong to them. Corruption and graft has been the way to get rich since the Han dynasty, 2000 years ago. This is why intelligence is so high there, the Confucian exam system to enter government service (and thereby get rich) selected for IQ.

    China also had a different system for inheritance of family fortunes, land titles were divided equally between all descendants, whereas in Europe the first born inherited all lands and titles. This pushed the children of the European nobility to seek land and title elsewhere, and was one of the reasons for Western expansion.

    All that IQ means nothing if you don’t do anything with it…

  55. CapitalistRoader Says:
    November 18th, 2019 at 8:11 am
    … FDR had an outstanding opportunity to import millions of Ashkenazi Jews in the 1930s…

    Immigration policy was not then and never has been at the sole discretion of the President. Had FDR ordered Customs and Immigration to admit millions of immigrants (from any source), he would have been in flagrant violation of the law.

    As to whether such immigration would have been desirable – one should recall that in the 1930s, US unemployment averaged over 17%. Large numbers of destitute immigrants would not have improved that situation.

  56. Rich Rostrom: “As to whether such [pre-WWII Jewish] immigration would have been desirable …”

    Hindsight. We now know what was going to happen to those destitute immigrants, which makes it very hard to uderstand the position of the decision-makers in the US at that time.

    Foresight. We are learning more about China’s treatment of the Uighurs — more Gulag Archipelago than gas ovens for now, but apparently very nasty. Will people 90 years from now ask about us — Why didn’t they do something? They must have realized what was going to happen?

  57. The Chinese have done Hitler one better as far as the Falun Gong. The Nazis couldn’t turn a profit by selling the organs of those they killed although they did try to extract work.

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