8 thoughts on “Retrotech: Email and Text Messaging, 1932-Style”

  1. Here’s the Wikipedia link, not political so probably useful:

    TWX was the Bell service, provisioned by Western Electric equipment. I used a W.E. 303 teletype to program time share computers in the 60’s.

    Telex was Western Union and used Siemens and ITT equipment.

    The paper tape from a Telex machine could be fed into a computer as an early form of file transfer. The alternative was usually shipping IBM card stacks around.

  2. Bell Labs was a powerhouse of invention.

    Now I look at my land line – ringer turned off because of all the robocalls – and wish they hadn’t broken up AT & T.

    But then where would we be with the rest of communications?

  3. @CapitalistRoader – I’ll bet that fax cracked the case! Didn’t realize that they were in wide use in the 70s.

  4. IMDB says the episode aired 10 Feb, 1990.

    The secretary definitely had an early-90s Seinfeld Elaine Benes hairdo.

  5. You want RETROTECH?

    How about the 1945 version of the internet?

    As We May Think
    (no close relation to the PotUS family)

    “Consider a future device … in which an individual stores all his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility. It is an enlarged intimate supplement to his memory.”

    That’s the internet he’s describing, no question.

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