The Racism That Does Not Dare Say Its Name

That would be the poisonous racism of Jew-hate, of course. And it does not dare say its name in the headlines and newsrooms of the mainstream news media – much less in the classrooms of the educational industry in this great nation of ours, which is a pity for all, as the news media is exactly that element whom we had trusted for decades, as that saying in the ‘60ies was – to tell it like it is. Only the fringe conservative media, the bloggers, and various iconoclasts like Breitbart dare to call Jew-hate for what it is and nail the most egregious of those perpetuating it.

Because the nastiest, most vicious, and violent Jew-haters in the US today are black Americans, a subset of those black Americans who also identify as some odd stripe of Islam, or those mainstream Islamics like Ilhan Omar who also gather some cover for their Jew-hating by drawing a cover of ‘color’ over themselves. This discretion on the part of the National Establishment News Media is because black, or Afro-American, or ‘of color’ or whatever the current descriptive du jour might be, are fairly high up on the totem-pole of ‘those of whom no uncomfortable observations may be made, no matter how accurate.’ That’s the standard embraced by the National Establishment Media (and the intellectual establishment as well) and they will stick to it as if tied to the mast of a storm-tossed ship, as have been demonstrated to us deplorables over and over again.

These two principles are well-known to anyone who pays attention to the moderate-to-conservative side of the blogosphere. We know damn-well that stories of bullying in schools, of incidents of polar-bear hunting or the knock-out game, of mass swarming of retail outlets by gangs of shoplifters (who curiously, appear to be of color) – all of this will be minimized or air-brushed away by the National Establishment News Media as insignificant, meaning nothing – and that those who notice it at all are racists of the most racist sort. This is gaslighting raised to an almost industrial level. Perhaps the Monsey attack on Hannukah celebrants this last weekend, plus the spate of harassment of conservative Jews by blacks in the very streets of New York has cracked the wall of mainstream media silence.

The very worst of the black Jew-haters, like Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton hate Anglo-Americans only slightly less than they hate the visually identifiable Jews. Curiously enough, Louis Farrakhan enjoys a position of influence and respect among the black community, although his evil scientist Yacub-creating-the-white-man may be the most malignant flight of fancy since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and for much the same reason. Al Sharpton, who made his bones (literally) as the worst kind of local racial rabble-rouser, is now an apparently respectable member of the television commentariat, and a guest at the White House during the Obama administration. There may be a dozen or so white Nazis, in a trailer-park compound out in the back country somewhere, who make a loud point of their Jew-hate, but they don’t sport thousand-dollar suits, or visit the White House. Indeed, Jew-hate has gone mainstream – but not the way in which we had been led to expect. Comment as you wish.

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  1. Part of it is that people often have a hard time breaking out of their historical paradigms, and tend to assume that today’s and tomorrow’s threats will be the same as yesterday’s. As Sebastian Haffner wrote in his memoir of growing up in Germany between the wars, “Is it not said that in peacetime the chiefs of staff always prepare their armies as well as possible–for the previous war? I cannot judge the truth of that, but it is certainly true that conscientious parents always educate their sons for the era that is just over.” (to which we should add, educate their daughters, too)

    In the Polish town of Eishyshok at the time of the German invasion in 1941, many of the local Jews viewed the coming of the German troops with equanimity. The town had been occupied during the earlier war, and the German officers and troops of that time had been very well-behaved and even helpful, and those residents who had been POWs in Germany during WWI spoke highly of their good treatment. Too many of the town’s Jews failed to realize that “German soldier” meant something different in 1941 than it had in 1914.

    The applicability of this story to America in 2020 should be obvious.

  2. Thomas Sowell said, “I am so old I remember when most racists were white .”

    Black anti-Semitism dates back many years, There was a time when most small shops in black neighborhoods were owned by Jews. I learned from a black nursemaid that the blacks resented and disliked Jews as they always thought they were being cheated. Much the same thing has happened in Los Angeles where most small shops in black neighborhood are owned by Koreans. There was a huge flap a few years ago when a Korean woman storeowner killed a black shoplifter.

    Shortly before 10:00 am on Saturday March, 16, Harlins entered the store. Du observed Harlins putting a $1.79 bottle of orange juice in her backpack. Du concluded Harlins was attempting to steal, and did not see the money Harlins held in her hand. Du claimed to have asked Harlins if she intended to pay for the orange juice, to which Du claimed Harlins responded, “What orange juice?” Two eyewitnesses disputed that claim, saying that Du called Harlins a “bitch” and accused her of trying to steal, to which they claimed Harlins replied that she intended to pay for the orange juice.[6] After speaking with the two eyewitnesses present and viewing the videotape of the incident, recorded by a store security camera, the police concluded that Harlins intended to pay for the beverage.[7][8] The videotape showed that Du grabbed Harlins by her sweater and snatched her backpack. Harlins then struck Du with her fist three times, knocking Du to the ground.

    Shoplifting is a scourge for small business in black areas, or even non-black areas where blacks are doping the crimes. The Gibson Bakery learned about that.

    Now the easing of laws on shoplifting has caused an epidemic. and not just on small shops.

    58% of self-checkout shoplifters defined stealing from a self-checkout machine as easy. (Source: LPRC)
    44% of shoplifters interviewed said that if an employee paid attention to them while they were committing theft, it would deter them. (Source: LPRC)
    44% of the offenders we interviewed said that they had engaged in violence during a theft attempt. (Source: LPRC)
    60 percent of known shoplifters were detected entering at least two separate locations of the same retail chain (FaceFirst study)
    20 percent of known shoplifters visited three or more locations of the same retail chain

  3. The very worst of the black Jew-haters, like Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton hate Anglo-Americans only slightly less than they hate the visually identifiable Jews.

    It has been said that to a significant degree blacks who hate Jews hate them because they see them as the apotheosis of whiteness.

  4. While I abhor racism in any form, I am astonished that racism directed against ‘whites’ is rarely, if ever, mentioned, much less written about. I agree with the above comment as I have heard left wing Jews state that they are not white at all as a “defense” against anti-semitism.

  5. Hebew-Igbo is a “thing” in Nigeria. In NYC, it is a back-alley excuse for failure. The Jews are just a convenient form of Whitey. The “European Whites” drove the Black Israelites out of the “Promised Land”, sold them into slavery, and then kept them down in the Americas. What is a poor descendant of “Kangs” to do ‘cept get even with them that’s here, buyin’ up more property?

    Must be the ones responsible for our faiure. Who else?

  6. To defeat the anti-Semitism this vile required the united free powers of United States and Great Britain and the slightly-less-anti-Semitic-than-their-adversaries power of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    So: when do we declare war on Islam, a supremacist and vile an ideology as the prior high-water mark of anti-Semitism and upon African-American anti-Semitism? We declared war on Terrorism, we can certainly do this.


    Strip citizenship from anti-Semites. Create a hierarchy of citizenship. Deny anti-Semities, Ius suffragii, lus honorum, and lus first amendmentum.

    War upon anti-Semites—worked last time. Hold de-Islamization trials across the globe. Use German anti-Nazi laws to suppress Islam.

    Hope most anti-Semites flock to a single political party which loses elections for the next century. That’ll show ‘em.

    Just talk and hope everything comes out all right.

  7. Racism. It’s ubiquitous. Most racism in America is in the form of studies departments, set-asides, special legislation limiting certain groups by race, and ‘protected classes’ of peoples against whom crimes are more special than the same crimes committed against person of lesser skin color.

    I have an idea: let’s try equality. Regard murder and murder. Abolish all laws allow extra punishments for murders of special peoples.

  8. From Mike K’s post:

    “ After speaking with the two eyewitnesses present and viewing the videotape of the incident, recorded by a store security camera, the police concluded that Harlins intended to pay for the beverage.”

    Shoplifting strategy:

    1. Put item in backpack
    2. Put money in hand
    3. Head toward exit
    4.a. If confronted by shop owner, show money in hand as proof that you were going to pay
    4.b. If not confronted by shop owner, exit quickly and put money back in pocket.

  9. A majority of blacks hate a majority of Jews; Dems cannot get elected without overwhelming support from blacks; therefor Dems must ignore black racism toward Jews because they can’t risk offending blacks.

    So easy a a child could understand it.

    I need to add this: I think we should cease referring to secular Jews as Jews. They are not Jews; they are atheists. Christians who’ve become atheists do not refer to themselves as Christians.

  10. KC: That didn’t matter to the Nazis. Nor in the USSR, where “Jewish” was a “nationality”, like Armenian or Tatar. Which was actually reasonable, since Jews had their own language.

  11. KC – Jews are a very cohesive tribe/ethnic group, considering how we’ve been dispersed all over the world for 2000 years. Practicing the Jewish religion is only part of it and not essential. Our homeland for 3000 years has been Israel.

    Christianity is a universalist religion. It does not have a homeland. If you stop believing its tenets you are not a Christian anymore. Very different.

  12. I will add that to expel someone from the worldwide Jewish community is a very serious and rarely applied last resort. Simply not believing in God or being a Communist doesn’t cut it.

  13. No one here can be so foolish as to believe it will stop with Jews. Every time you hear terms like Conservative, Conservative Christian or Right in the MSM, it’s a code consigning that person or group to the status of pariah. Such outlaws are not allowed the right of self defense or even existence except on sufferance.

  14. “Jews are a very cohesive tribe/ethnic group, considering how we’ve been dispersed all over the world for 2000 years. Practicing the Jewish religion is only part of it and not essential”
    Really. OK, can you give me an example of a Jewish community that survived any part of the last 2000 years intact without “the Jewish religion”?

  15. Shall we provoke the elephant a bit so that we cannot ignore it?

    Judaism/Zionism, cohesive tribe/ethnic group, or whatever label one needs to use to identify in conversation Jewish unity errs if it does not simultaneously wrestle with racism as part of the definition.

    That element puts Judaism in stark contrast to Christianity.

  16. Roy Kerns, I pay you the compliment of not believing you’re not a Jew-hating bigot. The charitable alternative is that you are an ignoramus.

    There is no racist component of Judaism. There is no racial component of Judaism. There are Jews of every race. It is not a “cohesive tribe/ethnic group” except in that we cohere by religion.

    There is matrilineal inheritance of Jewishness, provided one does not convert out; but everybody who is not a convert is descended from converts, and anyone on earth could become a convert to Judaism just as–I believe–anyone on earth could become a convert to Christianity.

    One other detail. Christian mercy drove the Ashkenazic (transalpine) branch of European Jews nearly to extinction in the Seventeenth Century. Modern genetics has been able to establish that the surviving number was some 350 individuals, plus another number, probably of the same order of magnitude, having no living descendants today. That’s far fewer than survived Auschwitz. As a result, Ashkenazim are all 22nd cousins or closer, and it is true that we tend to have a family resemblance.

  17. Correction: First sentence above has a double negative. I intended only single negative. I made an editing error trying to be certain I had not called Kerns a bigot.

  18. “Like all hatred of Jews, black anti-Semitism is borne of covetousness — of the Jews’ relationship to God and the benefits therefrom.”

    I wonder to what extent that explains black bigotry: Pretty much every ethnic group that comes to America and rises out of poverty is a target of black hatred. What’s more, that hatred begins not when the group members become wealthy but when they are seen to be hard-working in school and in employment.

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