I just want to mention my gratitude to Trent for tracking down good information and getting it to us in quantity. I have not commented because I have no particular expertise, neither on the medical nor the political side. As I work in a psychiatric hospital I may end up over time knowing things that most people don’t, but at the moment I am dependent on those who know more and those who do their homework. Thank you.

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  1. My thanks also. The facts presented and the discussions here are a breath of fresh air, especially in contrast to the absolute hair-on-fire screaming hysteria in the Establishment Media.

  2. Yeah, but a lot of what Trent is posting is regarded as “hair on fire panic” by those who think COVID-19 is all a plot against the President.

    I no longer even try to argue with those folks. It’s become a religious thing with them.

  3. Trent deserves our admiration for the hard work he has clearly put into these updates. The early ones were very useful, at a time when most of the media were treating this virus as something happening in a far-away country involving people of whom we know nothing. Now there is breathless reporting all over the place, often swerving dangerously close to the irresponsible. Additionally, we now know that the virus has escaped containment and further spread is inevitable; we are going to have to live with it. Perhaps it is time to change gears?

    What is hard to find is real information on the science, and on useful practical steps we can take now (beyond avoiding crowds and washing our hands). Also, the growing economic aspects of this disruption are being seriously under-covered in the media.

  4. I think there is a blessing in disguise in the Cruise Ship infections. Due to bungling by various public health agencies world wide we have a large number of test populations to aid in understanding. The populations are biased older (greater risks), concentrated in a way even a big city can’t duplicate, and isolated 100%. Infection and symptom rates by age, job (passenger/crew) and time to infect, show symptoms and recover/die are pretty well known. There are hundreds of cruise ships now at sea in all parts of the world. I hope someone is taking advantage of this.

  5. Indeed Trent has done a stellar job. I agree the Cruise Ships are very useful testbeds to discover the actualities of the disease, under controlled conditions.

    I suspect this will be very bad in America, as you are still dragging your heels, long after many of us went into full on preparations to deal with this. The numbers that show your medical system collapsing in under 2 months, are convincing. Cases will double every 6 days, uncontained, in an epidemic like this. You do the math.

  6. We in Canada are screwing this up too. Our PM is not getting tested, he is in isolation, so its moot, but he says the reason is that he is showing no symptoms. As we know now that the most infectious stage is the beginning, when people are not showing symptoms, this is foolish. We are still in Containment though, although that will probably change soon.

    I sure hope Trent is OK.

  7. is there something in the water up there, that only elected but re elected haji, (from that ridiculous costume) what happened to the reform party,

  8. We are a socialist country. Its been that way for a long time and the Right does not do all that well here. Harper was a bit of an exception, but he left our various social support mechanisms in place, as he wanted to stay in power. Our medical system actually states in its defining documents, that money should have nothing to do with medical outcomes.

    You elected Trump. ;)

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