“The Irish Antifa Project”

Along the lines of Project Veritas comes a promising new endeavor by right-of-center Irish students:

In December of last year a Twitter account was set-up. Titled “Irish Students Against Fascism”, it described itself as an aspiring antifascist organising hub to physically, socially and professionally harass individuals engaged with conservative or nationalist politics on campuses.
Very soon the account garnered well over a thousand followers, with retweets from the Union of Students Ireland’s official account among other leftist activist organizations. The account boasted of an impending website dumping incriminating material relating to students on campus, particularly in Young Fine Gael, and invited individuals to contribute over private messaging.
What has been unknown until today was that, from the very onset, the page was operated by students involved with The Burkean. The account was set up with the intent of performing long term investigative work into antifascism in Ireland, as well as its insidious and often blatant links with civic society, journalism and politics.
Put politely, antifascism is the euphemism given to the work done to destroy the lives of people with right leaning sympathies. While traditionally associated with left republicanism, it is these days more often than not linked to Ireland’s ubiquitous NGO complex, as well as well-funded activists heavily networked within the world of journalism, politics and the private sector.
Many young people on the Irish Right have long claimed that there is institutional bias constantly working against them. However, it is only now that we can definitively say that this is not the case.
There is no institutional bias against young conservatives. There is an outright conspiracy against them…

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4 thoughts on ““The Irish Antifa Project””

  1. Fascinating! But not surprising.

    It seems that Left & Right are not useful ways of describing politics now — if indeed they ever were. The real distinction seems to be between those who want to boss others around (“No, you can’t have a plastic bag for your groceries, you fascist pig!”) and those who basically want to be left alone. The problem of course is that those who want to boss others around gravitate towards government & bureaucracy where they can use laws to push other people around as much as they want — until the rest of us start to treat the Law of the Land with as much contempt as they do in their Sanctuary Cities.

    One of the interesting questions is the motivation of the grunts supporting Big Intrusive Government. Many of them undoubtedly see themselves as the future bosses in the world they are working so hard to create. They don’t realize that they are the kind of people Lenin reputedly dismissed as “useful idiots”.

  2. What the non-woke need to keep repeating is that fascism and communism are two sides of a very thin coin called socialism. And to keep reminding people that Nazi stands for National Socialist. It probably won’t make a difference in the wider world, but it may allow us to hold onto reality. The idea that one is right and the other left/liberal is straight Soviet propaganda.

  3. “fascism and communism are two sides of a very thin coin”

    Should we revive the term “red fascists”?

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