My Cold, Dead Thighs

From The Right Coast via Instapundit:

Yet, I don’t want TNR to stop. I think this is useful. And it may even promote some better style sense within the GOP. Denim shorts really are outre and the sooner that gets learnt, the better. See, we are open minded.

The hell you say! You can have my daisy dukes when you peel them off my cold, dead thighs!

(Okay, I am prevented by law from wearing daisy dukes but I thought it was funny anyway.)

3 thoughts on “My Cold, Dead Thighs”

  1. I have a few pair of jean-shorts that I think are older than Lex Green but I (will) continue to wear despite the giggles as I walk by!

    I must admit a strange lately yearning for some Bermuda shorts which I have not worn for a long time.

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