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From commenter “OldSalt” in this discussion at Belmont Club:

One of the major irritants I have about 9/11 is the defacto blackout on all newsreel coverage that day by the MSM. It’s a crime. American’s need to see the result of the failure of deterrence, of the failure of their government to adequately protect them by developing an adequate military, and by projecting power forward to any location that doubts American resolve (e.g. Georgia, for one example, Venezuela for a second example). All the “military power” in the world is useless and wasted if those holding the reigns have insufficient resolve or courage to deploy it, and deploy it sufficiently to “sell it” to the world.
Americans need to see the results of true American failure. They need to see American’s just normal and “ordinary” as themselves making the extra-ordinary decision forced upon them, i.e. to jump to their deaths from 100+ stories to avoid the suffering of burning to death. That was the choice that our politicians left them, when they failed to do their job. (I hold the Clinton Administration and their hold-overs, and the then-Democrat Senate for failing to approve nominations 9 months after the election, primarily responsible. However, there is certainly enough blame to go around, and to cover 20 years of “pretending” by both parties.)
I wish to GOD to see one of the networks grow gonads and put the entire 9/11 day of media coverage on the air. My God, the men going to war today weren’t even teenagers in some cases, and they deserve to know the full context of why the are going to war! However, the liberal MSM knows that the factual media coverage immediately begs the question of “why did it happen?”, “who could or should have prevented it?”, and truthful answers to those questions would be certain to impact the “future political viability” of some of the MSM “journalists” favorite politicians. And so, the blackout continues, even on the so-called “right wing” Fox. Not even profit moves their decisions; it’s an absolute blackout.

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  1. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that the US refuses to sell bunker-buster bombs to Israel because someone in the US is afraid Israel will use these bombs to attack Iranian nukes.

    The networks refuse to allow any footage of the attack on 9/11 and the horror that followed to be shown by anyone because the networks fear this footage will be used to stir up public anger and that it will prolong the “War on Terror”.

    I guess someone in the US, who is very powerful, has decided to protect the terrorists from retaliation. I wonder who this person is. Obama is the perfect pawn – enormously popular and unable to make a decision quickly and stick with it. It is not that windbag Biden nor is it Pelusi or that old goat from Nevada. I suspect its someone who is very rich and who is not a US citizen

  2. The History Channel had a show called “102 minutes that Changed America” on last night. It included a lot of footage of the day that I had not seen before, including the area around the towers right after they fell.

    The is also a real dearth in oral history on the day. I remember reading, that fall, someones description of running away from the first collapse and seeing a woman’s arm and shoulder sliced off by a piece of falling debris. There isn’t much out there describing the real terror of that day.

  3. Many old-media types view the American population as comprised largely of irrational wild beasts, and they are afraid of what we might do if shown such images. They are far more afraid of us than they are of the terrorists.

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