One Million Health Care Workers

As I was driving to work today I heard on Bloomberg that presidential candidate Andrew Cuomo requested a million health care workers to help with the crisis in New York. “A million!” I said to myself in my car.

I looked at the population of New York City and it looks like there are around 8.5 million people there, where most of the problems are. Lets say ten million to make the math easy. So one health care worker per ten patients, assuming every single person in New York City gets sick. Really?

Where would you put them all? Aren’t most of the hotels closed? That would be importing a city the size of San Jose or Austin into New York. Of course it is stupid, so my question is why does Cuomo say something like this?

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  1. Furthermore, he’s asking for volunteer health care workers from areas where there is no crisis to come to New York to help out. Great idea: come to NY, get infected and bring the virus back home. If your area doesn’t have a crisis now, it soon will.

  2. Darles Chickens (great name btw) – not to mention the resentment of flyover people due to the lack of any response whatsoever from New York in the past to help with blizzards, floods, or, well, anything.

  3. This is information from a Medical Laboratory Scientist on my wife’s Facebook feed:

    In the United States right now, there are approximately 310,000 laboratory professionals employed. There are 2.89 million nurses employed. There are 1.2 million doctors. In the US, there are approximately 350 million citizens. For laboratory professionals who take the brunt of all tests, that leaves 1129 people per one laboratory scientist, and one person averages 39 various tests per year.

    So how many doctors, nurses and medical laboratory scientists does Washington State, Michigan, California, New Jersey, South Florida and other COVID-19 hot spots have to give up to give NY State Cuomo’s expendable force of 1 million out of state health care workers?

    Gov. Cuomo’s demand is the desperate screech of political “Don’t Blame me! Blame the other guy!!” to dodge the responsibility for not buying ventilators and PPE when he could and should have.

  4. Reportedly, some of the old Amazon Indian tribes had a counting system which went — one, two, many. It seems that many of our politicians have an analogous system. Whatever the problem, the answer is — a million, a billion, a trillion.

    There is a deeper problem here: so many people don’t do math, especially politicians.

    Illiterate — we have a word for people who cannot read & write.
    Innumerate — dictionary definition is ‘too many to count’. We don’t even have a word in our language for people who do not understand numbers and quantification.

    Perhaps we are closer to those Amazonian Indians than we would like to think.

  5. Even crows can count to three.

    The Democrats are frantic. After Pearl Harbor, the resistance to war collapsed in the country. There was no Republican resistance. “America First” collapsed.

    I don’t think we have seen anything like the Democrats’ behavior since the Civil War.

  6. Another example of shameful behavior.

    Lindell added a few words expressing his gratitude for Trump’s election and urging Americans to pray. As a result, he set off a wave of hatred and contempt on Twitter. FOX News has compiled a useful selection in “MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, at White House coronavirus briefing, tells people to pray during crisis.” If it weren’t for contempt and will to power, these people would have nothing at all to offer.

  7. He’s a grandstanding jack@$$, but I’d like to see what he actually said. Can someone find a quote of it–either a video, and/or an actual, in quotation marks excerpt? I can’t find a single article actually providing anything but an out-of-quotes summary.

  8. Good point Brian. I am seeing the “million” article all over the place, but will admit that I assumed since I heard it on Bloomberg and saw it on many other sites, that this would have provided a preponderance of proof that he actually said it (why would the Democrat media machine want to make him look foolish?). They could have missed it in the transcript and sadly I don’t have time to watch the whole presser. If I was wrong, I stand corrected. However, commenters above have made the observation, quite rightly, that the point is why would anyone go there and get infected and bring it back to their hospitals?

  9. Goes back to what’s been said about the general self-beclowning of our media: You can’t trust a damn thing they say, about anything. I’m at the point where I would wait and watch to see where it actually came up, were they to say that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning. The mere fact that they’d find it necessary to mention tells you an awful lot about what is really going on.

    Frankly, these days? The media isn’t too far off from the old days inside the Soviet Union–You can’t tell what is actually going on from the headlines or the stories, and to get even a remote approximation of the truth, you have to extrapolate and infer from the things they’re not saying.

  10. That’s the liberal’s idea of “negotiation.” Ask for ten times as much as you want; if you get it, great. Otherwise, allow yourself to be beaten down to your real figure, and you come off looking like the good guy while the other guy looks like an unreasonable jerk, particularly if your figure was a bad choice.

  11. @TRX, it’s not just the liberals who do it. It’s anchoring the negotiation. It’s like when Trump said he’d get Mexico to pay for the wall.

  12. Any chance Cuomo was talking about New York *State*, rather than New York *City*?

    If I search for “worker” in the transcript Brian linked, I only find this quote: “We need to recruit more healthcare workers. We need to share healthcare professionals within this state and within this country.” Which rather obviously refers to the state, not the city.

    And yes, a million healthcare workers for NY State would be only slightly less ridiculous than for NYC alone.

    The Star Tribune may be referring to something different than what Brian links to.

    Bottom line: don’t trust just any reporting on the internet.

  13. Gorgasal: Trust me, when Andy says New York, he means New York City, not New York State.
    I had seen the reports of him asking doctors, etc., to come from upstate to the city that day, but I hadn’t seen or heard the “million” number, that was partly why suspicions were up. I’m still curious where it originated. It seems to have come from nowhere, with no attribution, and then been repeated endlessly after that. That’s the sad state of the news media today.

  14. I have heard that the Governor of New York is trying for the Democrat nomination. But that was partly or wholly internet rando speculation.

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