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  • Our Poker Game vs. Saddam Hussein

    Posted by Jonathan on September 28th, 2008 (All posts by )

    From a comment by Aaron C. at Vodkapundit:

    The Iraq war was a no brainer. Saddam had been a threat to the region which prevented growth and development throughout, he used the implied threat to bully neighboring countries, al qaeda types and other small minded anti-americans saw allowing Saddam’s apparent (real or not) transgressions as taking face from America, and Saddam’s large army and the uncertainty of WMD made taking on Iran impractical.
    We had pocket Aces, the flop was two Aces and a King. Saddam was bidding up the pot and bullying his neighbors suggesting he had a full house. What are we supposed to do, fold? We have 4 aces, it doesn’t matter whether or not Saddam has the boat. If he wants to go all in, you take him all in.

    Worth reading in full.


    4 Responses to “Our Poker Game vs. Saddam Hussein”

    1. fred lapides Says:

      …so dumb it boggles my mind. Now that we are at the casinos playing cards, let;’s check out the babes!

      Saddam kept Iran in check. Now Iran much stronger in the entire region than it had been before our invasion. Nice game. I would have more respect for the post if he presented some arguments instead of using online poker to make a point. If he is in that mode: 4,300 our are guys folded and are out of the game forever while he goes on so cleverly with his gamesmanship.

    2. Ginny Says:

      And our Air Force was tied up in overflights. Iran might be affected by the pincer. Yeah, this is clear, but no one’s megaphone penetrates the fog – in people’s minds or emitted by the chattering classes. I understood Bush, you, this guy – but I’m not sure others do. His words indicate action, decision, bad things, good things. It’s practical and idealistic. Those give clarity. But some words – of America & history & war, threats & terrorism & evil, human nature & human rights & justice, patriotism & duty and integrity – are lost from vocabularies trained by modern education & media.

    3. andrew Says:

      “Saddam kept Iran in check.”

      With what?

      “Now Iran much stronger in the entire region than it had been before our invasion.”

      No they’re not.

    4. ObamaRossi Says:


      ““Now Iran much stronger in the entire region than it had been before our invasion.”

      No they’re not.”

      Saddam’s govt was Sunni and pretty secular. Iraq’s current govt is Shia-run, like Iran’s.

      This reminds me of the time when Bush decided invading Iraq was a great idea because he didn’t know that Islam wasn’t a monoculture.

      Bush: “I thought the Iraqis were Muslims!”