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  • 9:00 to 5:00

    Posted by Jonathan on October 14th, 2008 (All posts by )

    persons at work

    Hard at work with the Chicagoboyz.


    5 Responses to “9:00 to 5:00”

    1. Phil Fraering Says:

      I’m afraid I’m going to pull a “Fred” and write something in the comments unconnected to the original post.

      Does anyone here have any good links for how many new power plants have been started or completed over the last ten to fifteen years? A breakdown by year would be nice.

      (And in the United States, of course).

      (Although also having comparative statistics for China, for instance, would be nice too).

    2. Phil Fraering Says:

      Oh, and a friend of mine already found this chart, which is interesting, if accurate:

      [link]. View one of the higher-resolution versions if your monitor can.

    3. Jay Manifold Says:

      Screw that, Phil, just get the comparative stats on those chicks. ;^)

    4. Phil Fraering Says:

      I dunno, they seem a little two-dimensional to me.

    5. Jay Manifold Says:

      Strictly speaking, that would apply to everyone in the picture.