Attention Mexican & Latin-American Food Lovers

Bob Unanue, the CEO of Goya Foods, had some positive things to say about President Trump…who he called a ‘builder’, and compared with his grandfather, the founder of the company. The usual suspects reacted predictably, not critiquing his comments but rather calling for a boycott of Goya Foods.  (I see that the Washington Post has an article suggesting alternatives to Goya products)

This would be a good time to stock up on Goya products. You can find them at your local supermarket, and a selection is also available on Amazon. The company website is here…recipes as well as products.

I posted about this at Ricochet, and someone there mentioned the Facebook page for America’s Test Kitchen, where Goya is apparently rated highly in several products tests.  Some guy there demanded ATK take down all recipes and product tests that suggested Goya products. There were over 200 responses on the thread, don’t know what the mix was.

For those who don’t like Mexican food…there is a lot of Latin cuisine worth trying which is quite different from typical Tex-Mex.  And Yucatan-style cuisine is rather unique and IMO very good.

The movement toward a fully politicized society continues.

14 thoughts on “Attention Mexican & Latin-American Food Lovers”

  1. If the previous experience of Chick fil A and Sammy’s Mexican Food in Tucson are any guide, this will be the best thing that could happen to them. The Chick fil A new CEO, the son, is busy destroying the brand now but Sammy’s, a small mom and pop restaurant, got so busy you could barely get in the place and it is still busy.

    If you haven’t seen the story of Sammy’s, he and his wife attended a Trump rally in Phoenix. They were doxxed and business took off. We ate there a few times and they were so busy they had to cut their menu to only a few items.

    Hopefully, Goya will see a similar effect,. I ordered some on Amazon.

  2. I deliberately went to the nice Local HEB (as opposed to the Down-Market Local HEB) grocery and laid out about 15-30$ between us of Goya products, and then to the next nearest Hispanic grocery (which was very nice, and we hadn’t been into it since the building housed a Salvation Army outlet) and bought another 15$. Yes, Goya has a very nice range of Mexican, Cuban, and South American grocery items, and some – like dried and canned beans and pastas – are generic.
    Yes, I’ll be happy enough to go on purchasing Goya products. I bought a jug of marinade, and half of it is soaking a pork butt roast in the refrigerator even now.

  3. Local WalMart I went to yesterday did not have any. I will be checking out other stores as I have time to hit them. Gotta have plenty of Hispanic foods for the stockpile.

    Subotai Bahadur

  4. Goya has frozen foods too – see their recipes! In Florida, our Publix has in both the “exotic” and Cuban areas. They also provide spices cheaper than other brands. Food banks appreciate them around here too.

  5. It’s not wrong to call Goya “hispanic” since bob unaue’s grandfather and Goya founder originally emigrated from to the USA (Puerto Rico) from spain.

    Goya is a Puerto Rican company making Puerto Rican, not Mexican, food.

    The general (and inaccurate imho) appellation hispanic should never be used when the specific appellation Puerto Rican is available.

    Hispanic should only be used when referring to people of indian, African, italian, irish, german, portugese, and croatian descent.

    Spanish descent too, of course, though mostly the former.

    John Henry

  6. Hispanic should only be used when referring to people of indian, African, italian, irish, german, portugese, and croatian descent

    Should have said from central and south America

    John Henry

  7. I used to buy their canned squid in the ink all the time. It’s really good, if you like squid ink. Unfortunately, the price has gone way up since the pandemic started. Now I’m sure it will skyrocket. Oh well, I’ll treat myself in order to stick it to the Swamp.

  8. Funnily enough, the day before this controversy hit the webs, I had just bought a 10-lb. bag of Goya-branded rice without any knowledge of what was going on. I’ve been discovering a new fondness for Goya products anyway, and as Subotai pointed out, they are great for the ol’ stockpile.

    Now, how do we stand with Badia?

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