7 thoughts on “Dancing”

  1. Second the above. Also, the only time I remember when the narrow aspect ratio was perfect rather than a huge annoyance.

  2. In the 90s the Mormon church near me was super active in organizing dances for their teens. Meanwhile overall American society was destroying most venues for young people to socialize with each other.
    The Greatest Generation needs to come in for heavy criticism for allowing American society to atomize so badly on their watch. My theory is they were so exhausted by the Depression and WWII that they checked out on actually holding society together. The Boomers get most of the blame but I blame their parents.

  3. My folks grew up in the 50’s and danced just like that. I lost my dad a few years ago and this video reminded me of the good times.
    Who would think a random video would reduce me to tears at work ….….I miss him terribly.

    Thanks for sharing.

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