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  1. With respect to the recent atrocities in India: Looking at the links on Drudge from BBC, AP, Guardian, and L. Times; not one of these sites mention the word “Muslim” in their headlines.

    Let us not offend the barbarians.

  2. AP does, to its credit, describes “suspected Muslim militants” in the first paragraph of its story. The other three services don’t mention the word in their stories at all with respect to these attacks (the Guardian refers to 1993 “Muslim” terrorist killings in the last paragraph).

  3. There is another aspect to this that has not been mentioned so far. This seems to be a well-arranged, well-coordinated, wide-ranging plot. The Indian security services are supposedly very good. How is it that they seem to have known nothing about this? Will there be a proper enquiry? Why were Brits and Americans targeted, if they were? Don’t tell me that’s what Muslims do. Not in India, they don’t. They target the Indian government and Hindus. There is plenty here we don’t know and I am not sure we shall find out in a hurry.

  4. Indeed, Jonathan. The last was not reported as much as it ought to be. The story is still rather odd. The latest news I’ve seen is that it is possible that the whole thing was planned by British subjects and, possibly, in Britain, though they had to have a local branch. You cannot plan something like this hundreds of miles away. A lot more to come out.

  5. Boy, Helen is right. The Indian Muslims have a much more concentrated and local intense focus–and they’ve had plenty of opportunities to prove otherwise. Lot’s to come out in the wash…..

  6. At least we can be fairly certain that anyone captured will come to a speedy and just end in India, since there is no ICLU to swoop in with lawsuits to the effect that the prosecution was flawed.

  7. With respect, Virgil Xenophon, that is not what I said. However, I see that the Indian Home Affairs Minister has resigned so, after several successful terrorist attacks and a huge, well co-ordinated operation with the security services, apparently, taken by surprise each time, the Indian government might just start doing what a large number of their people would like: looking at what is happening with their prevention of terrorism policies. Blaming outsiders gets you so far but at some point you have to deal with the problem. Other countries do or try to do but, it would appear, the problems in the Indian state structure and bodies are huge.

  8. At 10.12 AM Instapundit links to a site on why the Bombay police didn’t use their firearms. Something tells me that, when such an operation is carried out here, it won’t be in a place with concealed carry.

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