11 thoughts on “Santa Arriving, Texas-Style”

  1. That beast makes “where’s the beef” take on a different shade of meaning. Tame, indeed.

    I cannot see the name Goliad without reflecting on a debt to Sgt Mom for having written about the town and for leading me to learn a lot more about Texas history than I would have otherwise.

  2. The Longhorn breed was almost allowed to go extinct before it was discovered that they had a very valuable trait. Their calves tend to be smaller when they are born. Back crossing them with other, beefier, breeds allows more live calves and lower maternal mortality.

    Range cattle tend to be fairly placid, even bulls, since there aren’t any predators around up to taking them on. Dairy bulls are uniformly dangerous to be around, especially on foot.

  3. There is a fellow with a farm near McMinnVille, OR who has a heard of longhorns. I see them every time we visit my stepson who lives about a mile down the road. It seems the herd is larger every time I see it.

  4. Nice to see people enjoying the season with no masks in a situation that doesn’t call for it. None of that here in NY.

  5. Mike-SMO,
    The shovel reminds me of marching band. The organizers always promised the bands scoopers behind the mounted units and never seemed to deliver. White buck shoes and no way to see where you were stepping. one steer is probably more manageable.

  6. It was terribly pleasant to have a bit of normal – masks were required inside, but outside – eh, maybe about half the people I encountered were wearing them. The other half didn’t – although they had them, weren’t wearing over their nose and mouth.
    I see now that Gruesome Newsome in CA is dictating that everyone stay home! Not even going for a quiet walk in the neighborhood.

  7. Holy crud. I don’t think I have ever seen a longhorn in relation to humans standing next to it. That is big.

  8. “That is big.” I dunno, about the size of a Holstein, a pretty standard cow in my part of the world. You should get close to an Elk if you can, they are really big.

    If you click my name you will see 3 of my friends, from when I used to live near them. A small family, that’s her old man and kid. They killed and ate the old man, a little later on that year and the kid will be dinner by now. One reason, among many I have been a vegetarian since I was quite young.

  9. Besides, the coming new year in Chinese calendar is a year of the ox/bull – much better, than 2020 – a year of the rat, with its dirty infections, lies, sneaky thieves, and some other [RINO] rats fleeing a ship…
    Not that I believe in such things

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