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  • The Times That Try Men’s Souls

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on January 13th, 2021 (All posts by )

    The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. Thomas Paine, The Crisis No. I – December 1776

     Frankly, it’s a time which try women’s souls, as well – not just being disenfranchised en masse, but having the Establishment News Presstitutes and the Tech Oligarchs gag all mention of conservative simmering unhappiness and discontent in the major media, and chopping off access to social media for designated so-called ‘thought criminals’ in response to a relatively benign – that is, relatively benign in comparison to what has been going on all year in cities that are prog strongholds – a massive protest at the US Capitol. I’m fairly certain that the ruling political oligarchs had the snot scared out of them last Wednesday, when protestors overran the Capitol building. Here’s my tiny violin to play “My Heart Bleeds For You”, and my dainty Victorian lace-trimmed linen handkerchief to sop up the tears. (And BTW, one of those protesters was shot, fatally, by … well, er, someone, whose’ identity is yet unknown, prompting the observation that if he were a regular policeman and shot a protester of color in a prog-run city he would have his identity instantly spread all over the Presstitute Media, along with his home address, his spouses’ employer and the name of the school that his kids attended. But never mind…)


    Anyway, the massive steal of the 2020 election season is accomplished and blessed by the Presstitutes and the Tech Oligarch Media, this a process objected to by us Constitutional conservatives to no avail. President Trump and his family and supporters are being unpersoned in job lots, people who went to the rally in Washington to protest the steal are being fired from their jobs and denounced by their families. So, it remains now – what do we do now to make the filthy progs hurt metaphorically and economically, hurt until they bleed from every orifice?


    I think, first withdraw our money and our eyeballs. Our money and eyeballs are about the only thing that we have left against the prog establishment. This has been happening gradually over the last few months, but we’ll have to go full steam ahead now. Professional sports orgs, who went all the way for BLM have seen viewership crash. Good. Make them crash ever harder. Right along with Twitter … whose stock price is already dropping. I deactivated my own Twitter account yesterday. I’ve always been a long-form blogger, anyway.

    Stop watching pro sports, drop cable, and media outlets who are toeing the proggie line. Migrate from Facebook as much as possible, to alternates like MeWe. Even return to old long-form specialty blogs, rather than Facebook, et cetera. Look at video alternatives to YouTube.


    Shopping …  difficult to near impossible to avoid buying stuff made in China, especially since our industrial and retail lions outsourced everything from electronics to clothing to sweatshops in China, but there are workarounds – like purchasing second-hand. Just call it ‘vintage’ and embrace the buying habits of our grandparents: use it up, wear it out, made it do or do without. If and when the filthy progs crash the US economy, we’ll have to go that route anyway. Embrace a handful of small companies or artisans creating completely American-made stuff. Use Amazon as a research tool – and then go and buy directly from the manufacturer.


    And as soon as I can, I’m going to change my voter registration to Independent.


    What else can we do to stick it to the progs? Other suggestions and alternatives are welcomed in the comments..



    29 Responses to “The Times That Try Men’s Souls”

    1. Brian Says:

      “difficult to near impossible to avoid buying stuff made in China”
      If you try, it’s still possible. I had to buy a powertool for Christmas. I actually emailed several companies asking where the model I wanted was made. One said China, one said it was impossible to say, one said Hungary. So a Bosch from Hungary is what I bought. Not Made in USA, but better than the other options.
      LEDs for Christmas trees are all made in China, as far as I can tell. There are some LED light bulbs for the house made in USA.
      So it can be done. It will be more work, but in general it probably won’t actually cost more. And we need to make it loudly apparent that we are doing it.

      Whether to change registration I think depends on your state. What has to be done is anyone who is not standing up for our freedoms right now must be purged. If you are in a closed-primary state, you should stay in/join the GOP, to vote them out. I’m in deep blue NY so it doesn’t matter anyway.

    2. Gavin Longmuir Says:

      Those are all good ideas, Sgt Mom. But be of good cheer! Reality is that our obnoxious Political Class (including Big Silicon Valley Business, Big Law, and all the rest of the usual suspects) have already lost. The die has been cast. Through their own stupidity & arrogance, they have finished themselves off. It may take a few more years for this reality to overwhelm them, but they are dead men walking.

      No society can survive with perpetually increasing budget deficits. No society can survive with perpetual trade deficits. The Political Class took the strongest economy in the world and regulated it into a Cargo Cult economy dependent on imports from China — which was exactly what the Chinese Communist Party wanted. A de-industrialized country will become a de-militarized country; it will take some more years, but the CCP is patient. What the CCP clearly wants is a world in which the US is no longer a credible threat to them — and they are already well on the way to achieving that.

      We will have our chance to start again with a clean sheet, thanks to the CCP.

    3. Mike K Says:

      I am on MeWe and will try to get my family to join once I am off suspension by FB for mentioning the Russia Hoax. It will be my last FB post.

      I did quit Amazon Prime after the Parler thing. My wife said she saw the the first TV ad for Amazon Prime she’d ever seen, so maybe I was not alone. I suspect Amazon is a tax shelter for Bezos but AWS is a cash cow and should be taken down.

    4. Ginny Says:

      A suggestion that has its drawbacks: use Amazon like I used to use Barnes & Noble, use it to see what’s out there, then order online at home. I’ve ordered lately products that I see on Amazon and then go to the manufacturer or local dealer The last two gift certificates for my children were to Etsy – those had always been to Amazon before and for those who want to be free to choose their own reading, I’m going to have to figure out some work around. (Maybe gift certificates to Regnery which would accomplish a secondary goal of focusing their attention on books I’d rather they were reading.)

    5. Mike Perry Says:

      From another commentator: “difficult to near impossible to avoid buying stuff made in China”

      I’d amend that to say “new stuff,” particularly when you’re buying is tools. I visit thrift stores and garages sales, always on the lookout of older American-made tools. They’re almost always better quality and I’m not feeding a totalitarian state. It’s also great fun to find something older and bring it back to useful life. I’m doing that right now with a circa 1980 sailboat.

    6. O2bnaz2 Says:

      When you are living in a totalitarian state, and make no mistake, we are living in a totalitarian state, you have three choices; Submit, nullify by refusing to participate or kill them. There is no grey area and you dont get to refuse to play.

    7. Alien Says:

      Books….it’s been very easy to snap up an e-book from Amazon because they’re cheap and immediate. Instead, use your local public library, and apply pressure for them to procure more new titles, more copies o those new titles, and procure them faster. As Sarah Hoyt points out, this will hurt indie authors, many of whom publish “electronically only,” but libraries also have e-books available (usually in the Overdrive format).

      Buying clubs – form one. If Joe is looking for a non-Chinese circular saw he’s a lone voice in the wilderness; if Joe, Fred, Harvey, Barbara, Chuck and Nancy are each looking for a non-Chinese circular saw, the prospect of selling a half dozen at one shot will attract more distributor (or manufacturer) interest, and probably a better price to boot. Don’t forget to tell the “pseudo manufacturer” – the giant outfit that markets the Chinese-made stuff under their name – that you bought from someone else for a reason.

    8. Victoria Says:

      My suggestion: Project MAGAfication. From the ground up and from the top down, infiltrate every corridor of influence or power. Voting and uncoordinated action is not enough. (For decades the Left has had an overarching plan of how to influence/destroy the system from within in EVERY arena. That is why they are like the Borg.) At the county level, for example, MAGA-type people form a group and look at what needs to be MAGAfied in the area: 1.RNC committee taken over. The RNC has machinery in place just waiting to be stormed, shock and awe, RINOS. 2. Every single county position filled with our person. No matter if it is apolitical.3. Every municipal position,including dogcatcher. 4. Schoolboards, etc. On state and national levels aside from political positions, curricula developers, publishers, public prosecutors, professors… MAGA influencers can change the culture if we plan and coordinate with each other. Like the curricula developing group has connections with the group that focuses on schoolboards.

    9. Darth Chocolate Says:

      If you want to purchase things made in America, try the Made in America Store

    10. Mark Says:

      Switch to protonmail.
      I have also switched out of Roth IRA and gone to all tax deferred IRA savings. I figure this keeps about $8k out of the government’s hands.
      I pay cash now at small businesses.
      Grow, can and make things at home.
      Max my charitable deductions.

      My wife upped her 401k deduction to 50% and was able to stop all tax withholding on her paycheck.

      Economic boycott against all big corporations.

      Break mask laws everywhere.
      Mock the serfs mercilessly.

      I hit the tip jars now all the time.
      Looking for a Linux phone.

    11. Clovis Sangrail Says:

      UK commenter here.
      First, bravo (or I suppose brava)!

      Second, more suggestions as to how to avoid Amazon gratefully received.

      Third, what Mike Perry says. American tools used to be best in the world, IMHO. My Estwing claw hammer is still a treasured possession. I’m sure some Snap-on tools are still made in the US (please say they are).

    12. J.S.A. Adair Says:

      When thinking of chinese purchases. Remember the Lenin rule.
      “They will sell us the rope we will use to hang them”.

    13. GWB Says:

      Mike Perry Says:
      find something older and bring it back to useful life. I’m doing that right now with a circa 1980 sailboat.

      OK, thanks for the “You’re OLD” statement of the day…. ouch

    14. GWB Says:

      Mark Says:
      Looking for a Linux phone.

      They’re out there. They’re just as expensive as the newest iPhone – at least the slider one was.
      If only I could remember the name. *points to the “old” statement above*

    15. Mercutio Says:

      Don’t want CCP crap? Try this for a start:

    16. Mike K Says:

      I found some US made Topsider deck shoes. I’m not sailing anymore but I wear them in summer. They cost significantly more than the Chinese imitations that last about half as long. Pretty much a wash.

      As far as restoring a 1980s sailboat, try restoring a 1969 one.

      Jonathan, very slow today.

    17. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Ohh, thanks for the links to and to madeinamericastore. Bookmarked and noted for future use.

    18. George_Banner Says:

      Just remember how the Founding Fathers solved their problems.
      They didn’t play nice.
      They didn’t “obey the law”
      They didn’t see it as a difference of opinion.
      They didn’t “we’ll do better next time”
      There was no “next time”
      Washington didn’t cross the Delaware to do twitler or fakebook.
      The Founding Fathers piled up the corpses of their enemies.

    19. tom scott Says:

      I second Sgt Mom thanx for the sites to bookmark. I started a folder to start collecting such tips. Thanx & keep ’em coming.

    20. dirty dave Says:

      What would happen if there were daily traffic jams inbound to DC and state capitols? Caused by inexplicable simultaneous ‘breakdowns’ of vehicles. Delay the pols and bureaucrats.

      On a grander scale, if this happened in all large cities, to the point that the food chain gets interrupted, what would that be like?

    21. Briney Eye Says:

      I’ve reconditioned an American-made lathe from the late 40’s and a milling machine from the 60’s. Both are great machines that will still be making parts long after I’m gone.

    22. Anonymous Says:

      That stuff just undermines the support we have from the public. Want to see video of emergency vehicles unable to get where they are needed? Blocking everyday folks from getting to where they need to be does not win any support. Sounds more like Antifa welcoming the demonstrators into the Capitol. Peddle that mob stuff somewhere else or catch a clue.


    23. Sharon W Says:

      In August 2019 I purged my home of all things made in China that were consumed or applied and set out to not buy anything made in China period. I was amazed to discover in January 2020 that when it comes to prescription medication, not consuming something manufactured or sourced in China was very difficult if not impossible. I need a new crock pot but to buy an American made one starts at $300, every other pot is made in China. So I have my daughter who is an expert vintage shopper of many years on the lookout. Patience is required. No problem. I’ll use my Dutch oven in the meantime.

    24. MCS Says:

      Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon – one of these isn’t like the others. Those of us in the benighted hinterlands may live our entire lives without being in the radiant presence of a real live Twit, Googler or Facebooker. Amazon by contrast has a massive geographical foot print. Granted that, outside the enclaves of enlightenment, the chance of running into an Amazon employee with discretion beyond what they have for lunch is equally remote. The first three also share a well documented reluctance to hire Americans, an option not open to Amazon, at least not yet.

      I wonder what the effect of actively cultivating the enmity of a large portion of the population will be for Amazon? Luckily for them, the portion they are enraging is not the one with the habit of burning random symbols opposition. We do, however, represent a large part of the market for all the services they sell.

      Heretofore, most enterprises would not have entered such a controversy other than through extreme mischance and would waste no time in jettisoning anyone with any connection to it. Most would have worked hard to avoid engendering aversion let alone incandescent rage in half their prospective market. Amazon seems to have chosen this course deliberately. The other three may manage, in the absence of competition, to do just fine with the portion of customers aligned with their viewpoint. I doubt that is an option for Amazon in the long run.

    25. Jay Dee Says:

      The best way to hurt these idiots is to quit using the Big Tech websites.

      Ditch Google for DuckDuckGo

      Facebook? There’s about two dozen startups attempting to replace Facebook. Currently MeWe appears to be leading the pack and Parler will be back by next week.

      Twitter? Use Gab instead.

      YouTube? There are a horde of companies growing to replace YouTube. Diamond & Silk are on Rumble but there are more choices.

      Mozilla just went pear shaped. Use the Brave browser in place of Firefox and Bluemail in place of Thunderbird.

      Amazon? All the other big box stores are attempting to emulate Amazon. Prices at Amazon are climbing. Check out Rural King or Walmart. It may still be the same Chinese crap but it’s a local store and it’s not Amazon.

      Look for alternatives. They’re out there.

    26. fiona Says:

      I have the collywobbles realizing how much of the S&P index funds I own are linked to the tech firms – about 25% it seems, including Apple and Microsoft. Since many are also part of Nasdaq, there seems to be a double counting effect here. Anyone with info on a Linux phone or a Rumble site on building your own pc, please let me know. Thanks for the links to nonChinese sites, I have been struggling with this. Did anyone notice what happened to retailer numbers at Christmas time? Why buy clothes or jewelry if you are stuck in your house? Did anyone other than our beloved overlords go on skiing trips?

    27. Mike K Says:

      I wonder what the effect of actively cultivating the enmity of a large portion of the population will be for Amazon? Luckily for them, the portion they are enraging is not the one with the habit of burning random symbols opposition. We do, however, represent a large part of the market for all the services they sell.

      Every time Amazon comes up, I think of the people that killed off Sears. The year that Amazon first appeared, selling books, Sears shut down their catalog store. I worked for Sears in college and saw how poorly managed it was in 1957. A couple of years later, I was working as an engineer and programmer of an old mainframe. I thought that the Sears catalog would be easy to structure as a computer project. Of course, that was well before the Internet and especially the web browser but the early Internet was a text world. How many remember the “Archie” and “Veronica” search engines ? By 1995, when Amazon appeared, it would have been much easier to put then Sears catalog on line.

      Instead, the “Vulture Capitalists” dismantled it. And here we are with no alternative to Amazon except WalMart whose heiress Board member supports Black Lives Matter.

    28. David Foster Says:

      Fiona…”I have the collywobbles realizing how much of the S&P index funds I own are linked to the tech firms – about 25% it seems, including Apple and Microsoft. ”

      Why not consider trading some of that out in favor of funds/firms that represent other parts of the economy?

    29. raven Says:

      Buy Taiwan tools- they make excellent stuff. And a thumb in the eye to the chi-coms.

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