Chicago Boyz Discussion on General Motors

from 2005.

I posted the question “What would you do if you were running General Motors?” A lively discussion resulted, with over 100 comments…thought it might be worthwhile reposting in view of recent events.

One of the most memorable comments was from Ralf, on another discussion thread:

“What would you do if you were running General Motors?”

I would stop running the company and start just plain running. :)

3 thoughts on “Chicago Boyz Discussion on General Motors”

  1. Nowadays, I would do the same, just faster.

    Then again, I wouldn’t use a smiley in a comment when bankruptcy is such an immediate possibility. I am afraid that the result of Chapter 11 would be liquidation and not restructuring. I am not American nor in any way affiliated to any of the three American carmakers, but I think that would be a real tragedy.

  2. Here’s my plan: I would first only want to buy the assets of GM, so all existing contracts would be canceled. I would focus the new company on R&D, designing and selling GM cars/ I would work with the best, reliable and cost-effective carmakers in the world, such as Toyota and Subaru, to build my vehicles, and then sell them under the GM name and using GM’s existing distribution network. As all contracts have been canceled, I would offer to rent my existing carmaking facilities and equipment to my private-label manufacturers at low prices to encourage them to use American workers and build in the U.S. as much as possible. Eventually, I may decide that we possess the management and operational capabilities to make competitive cars again, and do so. But for the time being, I’d sell Toyotas under the GM name.

  3. If I were the CEO of GM I would:

    1. Open another plant in Russia, GM sales are skyrocketing there.
    2. Sell the military vehicle group to General Dynamics
    3. Sell my US plants to Toyota
    4. Move the company headquarters to Budapest … where the Allison Transmission plant is.

    GM isn’t a US company. It is a global company. I don’t see GM going to the Russian, Hungarian, Brazilian, or Chinese government for bailouts.

    Just because GM can’t compete in the US doesn’t mean they don’t have viable business opportunities elsewhere.

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