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  • Chicagoboyz Helpful Tip of the Day

    Posted by Jonathan on December 21st, 2008 (All posts by )

    If you get invited for a ride on someone’s boat, and you use the toilet, which is of a type that you have never used before and has a pump handle that you have to turn to the left, and then pump, and then turn to the right and pump again, or something like that, do not, whatever you do, pump the handle even more vigorously if it does not immediately appear to be clearing the bowl.


    8 Responses to “Chicagoboyz Helpful Tip of the Day”

    1. Dan from Madison Says:

      hahaha. Marine toilets for some reason never seem to work very well. Over the side next time.

    2. td Says:

      Well, having once committed oneself what is the remedy?

    3. Jay Manifold Says:

      What, no photo?

    4. Andrew Garland Says:

      Is this a metaphor for the current bailout mania? Maybe they should stop pumping ever harder.

    5. Jonathan Says:

      Ha. It didn’t seem like a metaphor at the time but maybe you are on to something.

    6. Shannon Love Says:

      Pressure and sewage. Never a good combination. Reminds me of my childhood attempt to create a methane fuel fermenter out an old pressure cooker. High pressure liquified manure everywhere.

      It’s gravity feed or nothing in my book.

    7. swlip Says:

      Luckily, the captain was able to solve the problem while Jonathan ably took the helm.

      But where are the pics?

    8. Jonathan Says:

      The captain was very gracious under the circumstances.

      Regrettably, I did not photograph this part of the boat.