Dr. Peter McCullough on the Response to Covid

The best thing I’ve encountered on the medical and governmental responses to Covid: An interview by John Leake with Dr. Peter McCullough.

Interview: https://vimeo.com/553060860 — leaves no doubt about what was known and when.

Dr. McCullough’s background: https://www.cardiometabolichealth.org/peter-mccullough.html

Interviewer, John Leake: https://www.coldalongtime.com/pages/about-us

McCullough is good on integrative medicine, as well as conventional.

A response by the interviewer to a question about motives for hiding effective treatments from the public:

“Dr. McCullough was careful to avoid speculation about motive. He encouraged investigative authors like me to try to figure out why extraordinary occurrences like the fake Lancet report occurred. What he has witnessed has led him to believe that there has been a coordinated effort to suppress early outpatient therapies like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, even though they have long been FDA approved for treating other conditions. In an effort to ascertain motive, it is useful to consider the record of Pfizer, which pled guilty to US criminal charges and 2009 and has a long rap sheet of civil judgements against it for harmfully misrepresenting its products. The company booked $3.5 billion in revenue from its Emergency Authorization Use vaccine in the first quarter of this year. Following standard investigative practice, a logical inference can be drawn from these facts — namely, that inexpensive outpatient therapies were suppressed in order to pave the way for mandatory mass vaccination. To prove that this was indeed the case will require further investigation.”

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  1. I have to say that “HCQ is literally poison” is high on the list of the most deranged lunacy of the covid era. It’s up there with “Speculating that the virus is associated with the wuhan lab is baseless racism.” Both are examples of the collective insanity of Trump Derangement Syndrome that marks our time.

  2. To accuse Pfizer executives of purposely killing hundreds of thousands of people (on a worldwide basis), in order to get the additional revenue/profit due to the vaccine, is a pretty serious accusation. I think plain old Trump Derangement Syndrome is the explanation for Hydroxychloroquine hostility which the most consistent with Occam’s Razor.

    I don’t believe this is by any means the only Lancet article in recent years which has been highly questionable, to put it mildly.

  3. David: Another example of the craziness of our times is how the same people who a year ago said that Big Pharma was like really, really, really bad, and would in fact probably intentionally kill hundreds of thousands of people to make a buck, are now absolutely hostile to any doubts about the mRNA vaccines, which it is undeniable would be completely rejected by any regulatory agency in the world in “normal” times.
    (And of course we can be 100% certain that if Trump were still president, they’d be absolutely refusing to get poked, and saying Big Pharma is like really, really, really bad and is probably intentionally killing people just to make a buck…)

  4. Interesting — but it still leaves open the question of why all the politicians & bureaucrats would get so excited about an illness which was quickly revealed to be comparable to the normal flu, and mainly targeted the same population as flu (elderly and with pre-existing conditions). Without that Political Class panic, there would have been no market for any mRNA treatment — and no expedited approval for the medication.

    Was it simple panic on the part of government types who are not very smart?

    Were key members of the Political Class bought off by the evil pharmaceutical companies?

    Was the whole thing economic warfare orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party?

    Any other possibilities?

  5. Stacey Lennox had an interesting comparison today at PJ Media of Fauci’s response to COVID which has some similarities to his response to HIV/AIDS, including a hostility to the use of existing drugs for at least symptomatic relief. In the spirit of not ascribing to malice what can be explained by ignorance, I wonder if Fauci places too much emphasis on the 1990s CW that *antibiotics* shouldn’t be prescribed for viral infections since the benefits are minimal compared to impact of antibiotic overuse, and then extends that to the idea that only drugs specifically developed to combat a particular virus should be used as treatment. She also references the McCullough interview.


  6. I question the scientific and logical ability of anyone doing “Integrative Medicine.” It was one of the great obstacles of my career trying to navigate around psychiatric patients convinced that other things would work besides their medicines.

    There are of course things that work at the margins and a million anecdotes, largely contradicting each other. But always, it is the claim that Big Pharma is just ruining everything that is the emotional underpinning to all the arguments. Big corporations, like small ones and like individuals, tend to seek advantage and not always justly. However, they usually also tend to be interested in doing their jobs and have some conscience.

  7. So the internet crazies have been hyping up ivermectin for a while now, and while I have no idea if they’re right at all, I found this from the fda to be completely hilarious:
    “Using any treatment for COVID-19 that’s not approved or authorized by the FDA, unless part of a clinical trial, can cause serious harm.”
    Like how the vaccines aren’t approved, you mean, haha?

  8. I usually stop reading or listening as soon as “integrative medicine” comes up unless I see a chance that some form of new form of woo that I haven’t run across is being discussed. It is used invariably to put a respectable gloss on some sort of BS. Never more so than when it is used by someone from NIH or other government official.

    It’s not as if non-integrative medicine doesn’t have its own many instances of following some chain of conjecture into anecdote and fabulisim. It’s usually more open to eventual correction although usually doing considerable damage in the mean time.

    The “authorities” were caught in a corner with the initial mask controversy. The first statement that masks weren’t effective against airborne viruses outside of a hospital setting has the unavoidable corollary that they aren’t any better in a hospital. At the same time there was virtually no gear that was effective available while the care giver population was at the same risk as the general population. There still isn’t. Remember the “moon suits” during the Ebola outbreak? That is what it actually takes to be reasonably safe and only as long as everyone follows all the rules.

    Then there is the problem of the two-thirds of the population that would have to keep coming to work if all the movers and shakers hiding in their basements weren’t going to starve in the dark with the rest of us. So they created a monumental shadow play rather than admit there was little if anything they could actually do.

    Now it seems to be coming clear that not only was covid leaked from a lab, but that it was deliberately created to be transmissible in humans. The only remaining question is whether its production and release was through monumental stupidity and incompetence or a deliberate act of war.

    We were lucky this time that it wasn’t much worse than a bad flu strain, it could have been the Black Death.

    In any event, the CDC has moved on to the truly important subjects of imagined racism and gun control.

  9. “Now it seems to be coming clear that not only was covid leaked from a lab”
    No no no no no no no. It was clear in January 2020. There is no way the ChiComs would have noticed, let alone cared about, a few dozen people dying of flu/pneumonia in Wuhan. A lab accident that they weren’t sure about the details fits the facts we know best.
    The big problem now is that everyone sees how easy it would be to wreck the world economy and society in general with even a fairly innocuous bioweapon…

  10. Brian: “A lab accident that they weren’t sure about the details fits the facts we know best.”

    I beg to differ about “accident” being the best explanation. The smoking gun was those panic-inducing original videos from China of scenes such as well-dressed working age Chinese men face down on the pavement. Nothing like that has ever been seen again, anywhere in the world — not even in China. Probability that those social media videos & photos were staged? High!

    And then all the Western academics (who benefit from Chinese funding) and Western media (ditto) and Western politicians (ditto) started to spread the panic — even though the real world example of the Diamond Princess cruise ship made it plain that Covid-19 was comparable to the flu. The intelligent response was to look after the old & sick, while everyone else got on with life. But instead, Western rulers Locked Down and did serious long-term damage to their economies.

    Meanwhile, China is booming.

    Certainly sounds more like a plan than an accident. And the Oxbridge & Ivy League & Sorbonne smart guys all fell for it.

  11. Tatyana: “… when they [Chinese Communist Party] effectively killed so many millions abroad …”

    Millions died in 2020 — 25 Million in China alone; 27 Million in India; 3 Million in the US. Of course, most of those Millions were going to die anyway. It was their time — just as some day it will be our time. Everyone dies.

    How many (or how few) of the people who died in 2020 were killed by Covid-19? That is an open question. We know total deaths were comparable to prior years with a bad flu. We know there was a strange & unexplained drop in deaths ascribed to flu at the same time as there were deaths ascribed to Covid. We know that most of the deaths ascribed to Covid were of individuals who were very elderly (beyond the Biblical three score & ten years) and/or had pre-existing medical conditions — which happens to be the same part of the population which is usually at risk from flu.

    The official line about the CovidScam does not make sense — and we cannot rely on anything from the Western Establishment.

  12. Gavin: even less can we rely on anything from China. Where the statistics of 25 mln dead in China comes from? How reliable is this number?
    IF it is reliable, I wouldn’t be surprised either. Chinese attitude to death, even if it’s their own population, differs drastically from the Western. See “Cultural Revolution”.

  13. It seems likely that many of the very old, sick people who died of Covid would otherwise have died in a few months or a year or two of something else. However, it does not follow that the aggregate premature loss of life was not significant, especially for the victims and their families. Covid also killed relatively healthy older people who might otherwise have lived for many more years. It’s not the Spanish Flu but it’s much worse than a bad flu season.

  14. Tatyana — I agree with you about not trusting government statistics, regardless of which government we are talking about. See FedGov statistics which say that unemployment is low and inflation is lower. But we can apply some smell tests to government numbers.

    China reports about 25 Million deaths per year — any year. Supposedly there are about 1,400 Million people in China. If we take the Biblical three score & ten for an average lifetime, 1,400/70 implies about 20 Million deaths per year. Obviously the situation is much more complex than that over-simplified stable population model, but the CCP claim of 25 Million deaths per year is not unreasonable.

  15. Jonathan: “It’s not the Spanish Flu but it’s much worse than a bad flu season.”

    This is where the lack of any trustworthy figures really bites. How much worse is “much worse”?

    We have to completely ignore reported “Covid” deaths because of problems with ascribing Cause of Death, and instead look at Total Deaths. I tend to put more reliance on reported English figures because they have a simpler structure and prompter reporting than the US. Does a virus care if it is killing an English person or an American? Those figures suggest modestly higher total deaths for 2020, but not out of line with prior heavy flu years.

    The other admitted complication is that the politician-imposed Lock Downs themselves have definitely caused deaths — stroke and heart attack victims reluctant to call for an ambulance; cancer treatments cancelled; etc. What share of the modest increase in annual total deaths was due to the Lock Downs, not to any virus? All we can say is that it is greater than 0% and less than 100%.

    Death is inevitable for all of us, but premature deaths are sad. What is absolutely clear is that we have not been suffering through a genuine pandemic.

  16. “Those figures suggest modestly higher total deaths for 2020, but not out of line with prior heavy flu years”
    This just isn’t true, no matter how many times you say it.

    re: the falling down videos, those were odd, and it’d be great to see someone try to get to the bottom of them–who first posted them? Who helped them go viral? Etc. If twitter were different, they could easily do it. (My crazy conspiracy theory that I believe now is that social media companies are not just tools, but creations, of Western intelligence agencies). Besides the old cliche about never attributing to malice what can be due to incompetence, the main objection is why the bioweapon plan would involve starting the outbreak in the one city most likely to make people blame China for actively causing it?

    And China is in a demographic death spiral that they seem very unlikely to be able to pull out of. I wouldn’t worry about a baby boom sending a horde of Chinese around the world…

  17. This is where the lack of any trustworthy figures really bites. How much worse is “much worse”?

    Much worse means something like 10-20 people, who I know and/or are the family or personal associates of people I know, who died or were seriously ill. That’s much worse than the number of people in my circles who died or became seriously ill with flu in any year that I remember.

  18. Brian: “This [mortality rates] just isn’t true, no matter how many times you say it.”

    Brian, don’t listen to Pravda — look at the data. Fairly detailed mortality statistics for England & Wales from 2010 to the present are accessible, and more reliable than anything that comes from FedGov.

    Look at total deaths, since that avoids the often contentious issue of Cause of Death. Using the age brackets provided for earlier years, the average annual number of English/Welsh people aged 0-44 who died each year 2010-2019 was 18,859. In 2020, the number was 18,854. No change! Some pandemic!!

    Certainly, there was an impact on older people. For people aged 75+, the average annual deaths over 2010-2019 were 348,528. That increased to 422,166 in 2020, a 21% jump. That is significant — but we have to remember that those old people were the ones most affected by Lock Down interruption of normal health care; those were the people with chronic health conditions which were under-treated or not treated because of the Lock Downs, and probably also the people most affected by the social and psychological distress due to the Lock Downs. Distinguishing Lock Down deaths from Covid deaths is difficult and contentious.

    So we did not experience a pandemic. We did suffer an outbreak of a disease which primarily targeted the very old and the sick. Certainly nothing like the Spanish flu, as Jonathan observes, more like the kind of bad flu year the world has unfortunately experienced before.

    This sad occurrence was made much worse by the incompetent response of our Political Class, who allowed themselves to be fooled by the Chinese Communist Party into implementing Lock Downs for everybody instead of focusing resources on the “At Risk” population of the elderly & sick. Their unnecessary Lock Downs killed people and did immense economic & social harm which will afflict us all for years. Don’t ever forget the harm our Political Class did to us! Don’t ever make excuses for them!

  19. Jonathan — sorry to hear about the impact of Lock Downs and Covid on your family & circle. In my case, there have been no deaths in the extended family. I did hear of only one former colleague who died in Malaysia where his death was officially ascribed to Covid, although other have their doubts.

    We each see the world through our own keyhole. Our own experiences are important, because we know what we see. But we still need to pay attention to other broader sources of information.

  20. Yawn. You are all over the place. First you say it was “not out of line with prior heavy flu years.” That’s just not true. Not at all. Just factually wrong. The plot of US excess deaths has nothing to do with diagnoses at all, and there is no denying that 2020 was not a “normal” year.

    Then you completely switch tactics to say “the average annual number of English/Welsh people aged 0-44 who died each year”–who cares? No one has ever said that covid affected that age group!

    You’re right that the response was disastrous. Of course, you were wrong last January/February–we should have absolutely shut down international travel. But your insistence on denying facts just makes it seem easist to just ignore you, even your valid points.

    Yes, we should have protected the elderly, then we should have given them the vaccine first, and congratulated ourselves on Mission Accomplished, and everything should be back to normal. That is not at all the same as “never was a pandemic, etc.”.

  21. Brian: ” there is no denying that 2020 was not a “normal” year.”

    Congratulations on successfully knocking down your own straw man, Brian. Who ever claimed that 2020 was a “normal” year? Can you find anyone who is claiming that now?

    What is absolutely clear is that casual people have allowed the Usual Suspects to distort the language. Instead of a pandemic being a serious disease which puts nearly everyone at risk, pandemic is now used to create fear about a disease which afflicts mainly the old & sick. It is a real disease — but not a pandemic.

    We have allowed the word “case” which has always meant an individual with signs & symptoms of a medical problem to be distorted to mean a healthy individual with no signs & symptoms but with a positive response to a test with a known high rate of False Positives.

    It is all part of Project Fear to keep you in your place, Brian. Push back!

  22. Brian: “No one has ever said that covid affected that age group [0-44 years]!”

    Brian, Brian, Brian! Pray tell why schools across the Western World (but not China) were shut down for most of an academic year if no-one ever said that Covid affected that age group (which includes many teachers as well as all students)?

    I agree with you that the response to the Covid outbreak was disastrous. But I am not of a mind to make excuses for those in power who have used this unfortunate disease to try to terrify the weak-minded.

  23. I have no interest in arguing with you about what someone else said somewhere else. Please go take it up with them.
    As I said, “Those figures suggest modestly higher total deaths for 2020, but not out of line with prior heavy flu years.” is a lie. I have nothing else to say.

  24. Brian — With respect, it was you yourself who wrote: “No one has ever said that covid affected that age group [0 – 44 years}!”

    In many of your comments, Brian, you seem like a very reasonable person. I hope some day you will apply your fine powers of observation & analysis to a dispassionate assessment of the Covid panic and the Lock Downs. End of chat.

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