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  1. Brian, thanks for the video. The lyrics suggest an internal ideological and generational conflict among Cuban exiles and Cuban descended people in the USA. However, beyond that, I cannot understand what is in dispute or what the performers are looking for. Any insignts? Other people’s conflicts are opaque to outsiders, much of the time, which is a good reason to stay out of them if possible.

  2. Brian, thank you. I incorrectly thought it was produced in the USA. It never occurred to me that the regime would permit such a song to be released. That obviously changes, and clarifies, the meaning.

  3. Two possibilities:

    1 — the regime is weakening and about to topple
    Two sub-possibilities:
    a — goes out like the USSR
    b — goes out like Germany.

    2 — the movement is “false”, as was Tianenmen, which was the educated and intelligent, not the “average ‘Wang Wu'”, so the movement failed for lack of widespread support.

    Time will tell what this is — Actual Revolution/Change or Crushed Dissent…

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