Poison Fruit of the Poison Tree

Against considerable recent competition in the “Let’s All Hate on White” contest currently going on among our political leadership, the media, academia, national corporations, and the entertainment industry, I must nominate Dr. Aruna Khilanani as a stand-out member of the American team for the ultimate Racism Olympics. Dr. Kilanani identifies as a practicing psychiatrist, at least for the moment. I am not myself qualified as a mental health professional, but I have been around long enough to accurately judge when another person routinely maintains vast colonies of bats in their mental belfry. This woman apparently entertains strange resentments and ultra-violent fantasies of shooting white people for no particular reason than rage, fantasies which were expressed in a lecture at the Yale School of Medicine and only made public this week. This brings to my mind the old adage about ‘physician heal thyself’ and the other one about how many shrinks get into the field because they are nuts to start with. By the usual progressive standard, her words may be construed as actual violence, and they certainly would be if expressed by a white person raging against any other ethnicity.

The woman has drunk deep of the critical race theory Kool-Aid, a toxic brew which has been flavor of the month for several years running, a brew which overflowed the original source spring in academia, and together with the covidiocy has driven a large part of the American polity violently nuts over the last year. Too many people are operating with their tempers set to hair-trigger sensitivity and with fatal or damaging results to their victims: a rude gesture by a woman driving her kids to school is met with gunfire, an Amazon delivery driver responds to an agitated customer with a beat-down, a shirtless 300-pound land whale attacks a woman in a gas station for no particular reason other than he apparently felt like beating up a smaller person, a jogger in an Atlanta suburb shot – fortunately not fatally – by a random driver with a very strange haircut, and New York continues a run of opportunistic street violence with a pepper spray attack on a couple by a man passing them on the sidewalk. In just about all of the above, the victims are white or Asian; the attackers either black or Hispanic. The current flood of racial toxicity would seem to have empowered such people to act on their violent impulses. Dr. Khilanani’s violent words may just have been part of her presentation at Yale, but they are now being acted upon in the streets and highways, in cities and suburbs. Too many people have eaten the poison fruit of the tree called critical race theory. Comment as you wish.


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  1. I estimate that 50% of psychiatrists are crazy. I actually knew a friend who was psychotic and ended as a Psychiatry professor at UCI. Greg was brilliant and an excellent surgeon but at about the age of 30 he became grossly psychotic. I have many stories about him but, he finally began therapy with a Psychiatry professor at UCI in Orange County, As his therapy progressed, the professor invited him onto the faculty. The last I heard of him, he was still there as a professor. Crazy as a loon. Terrific surgeon but crazy. I had him as my staff faculty when I was a senior resident. He could not work so he had plenty of time. I had him assist on all my big surgeries. We would be operating together while he went off on amusing delusions. Great guy but crazy. Never violent. Told me one time he could never be an astronaut because he could not be inside all that machinery. Loved the guy.

  2. As so often, the question we must ask ourselves about this Leftie-promoted extreme racism is — Cui Bono?

    The simplest answer would be that domestic Lefties have been inciting racial hatred as part of a “Divide & Conquer” strategy that would lock themselves into positions of power. But the high potential for violent blowback against domestic Lefties (who are themselves mostly “white”) would make that a risky strategy for them. Have domestic Lefties themselves been manipulated into starting something which is really dumb, even by Leftie standards.?

  3. In the criminal justice system there are a butt-load of Pshrinks. I’ve known a bunch of them in my career and only two were not crazier than the felons, and one of those retired just before going over the edge. And those were on our side, supposedly.

    Now as far as the provocations the Left is pushing, as far as I can see they believe religiously that they are immune from the race war that will come if they can arrange it. They are provoking it as hard as they can, and think that when the fighting starts they will somehow lead the non-Asian PoC’s [we Asians count as White . . . sigh] against the lighter skinned by divine right. They are . . . operating under a misapprehension.

    First, if they provoke the civil war/guerilla war they want, they will not be immune. And they will not win. Amateurs study tactics. Professionals study logistics. Consider that most of those who would provoke this war and their troops are in urban areas. Actually in a limited number of urban areas. I commend the study of the Lenis Lectores to those areas, the critical lines of logistics, and the chokepoints therein. Purely as an intellectual exercise, of course.

    To borrow a phrase, comment as you wish.

    Subotai Bahadur

  4. The Yale psych professor looks pretty white to me. I don’t know her ethnic background but, if I were her, I would carry a flag that said “I’m a POC” when the race war begins. Mistakes happen.

  5. This insane moron is Pakistani, I think. I would favor putting her in a FedEx box and shipping her to Karachi, or a short helicopter ride

  6. Pakistani or not, it seems the US just isn’t a good fit for her.

    I happen to know that there are quite a few countries chock full of people who neither white nor American.

    Hence the logical solution to her dilemma is for her to simply leave the United States and find a country she likes better.

    But I admit a short helicopter ride would also solve her problem.

  7. “Pakistani or not, it seems the US just isn’t a good fit for her.”
    I dunno, sounds like she’s figured out how to get rich and famous in contemporary America pretty well, I’d say.
    Her examples of how she’s been terribly affected by racism are hilarious–she was “beat up by a patient’s family member” (plausible speculation is that the offending party wasn’t white, or else she would have been quick to mention it) and didn’t get enough support (that’s what offended her, not the actual assault, which exemplifies the game she’s playing–she’s mad at some HR flack, not at the assaulter), and she was denied some vacation days that she didn’t properly request (again, some bureaucratic offense is what really outrages her).

  8. She went to an expensive private school in America, of course.
    From the alumni publication of Detroit Country Day School (tuition of $39,165 per year according to wikipedia) from 2004–she was ahead of the curve, only a fairly small fraction of loons were talking like this then.
    “After graduating from The University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in English, Aruna Khilanani received a Master’s in English from the University of Chicago, where she focused on critical race theory, gender theory, Marxist critique, and post-colonial studies. She is currently attending Medical School at the University of Illinois at Chicago as well as working at the show “Odyssey” on National Public Radio, a show that investigates the production of academic ideas and attempts to make them accessible to a mainstream audience. She hopes to pursue academic work at the juncture where medicine intersects race, gender, politics, sexuality, and class. She is heavily engaged in leftist politics and says she is glad and excited to run into DCD alumni at various talks and protests in Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York!”
    (page 46)

  9. Of course, I knew she had to be educated in this racist country that takes in Pakistani and Somali girls and sends them to medical school or Congress. Nothing so racist as educating these POC girls from countries that really do oppress women.

    It is so outrageous that it is funny.

  10. “Nothing so racist as educating these POC girls from countries that really do oppress women.”

    I think the appropriate way to describe these imbeciles is “POS girls.”

  11. “Now as far as the provocations the Left is pushing, as far as I can see they believe religiously that they are immune from the race war that will come if they can arrange it.”

    When that race war comes, the leftist intelligentsia imagines they’ll be in charge of armies of POC foot soldiers righteously killing the hated white devils, with no danger to themselves. America will be gone, and they’ll never even have to leave campus.

    These people are fools, as well as evil.

  12. When that race war comes, the leftist intelligentsia imagines they’ll be in charge of armies of POC foot soldiers righteously killing the hated white devils,

    Have you read any of Kurt Schlicter’s books ? “Indian Country ” is a good place to start,

  13. It wouldn’t really matter where is she from or what she looks like (to me – she looks like a gypsy, not pakistani – but gypsies have their origins in India, so that makes sense) – it wouldn’t matter if she didn’t made it the central point her life and ideology. She is what was known in tzarist Russia as “professional revolutionary”: she professes anti-white racism, apartheid, vulgar marxist grievance mongering as a way to provoke masses into lynching, rioting, killing spree. With an ostensible aim of destroying society – not forgeting to enrich yourself along the way.
    What a contrast with this woman – also not exactly Anglo-Saxon.

  14. Have you read any of Kurt Schlicter’s books ? “Indian Country ” is a good place to start

    No, not so far. I’m a fan of his columns but I haven’t gotten around to actually reading his books quite yet.

  15. Be the Quit in Equity.
    My response to any white CEO or professional who espouses Critical Race Theory. If you are convinced that it exists, then as a white person, male, female, or otherkin, you have unfairly benefited by your skin color and must immediately resign and ensure that your undeserved position is assumed by an oppressed person of color.

  16. Khilanani’s parents are both doctors and she grew up in Troy, an upper middle class suburb of Detroit, home of Somerset, the region’s upscale shopping mall. Her academic career tells me that she’s bright but not brilliant. She want to Detroit Country Day school, where rich Detroiters send their kids if they’re not smart enough to get into Cranbrook or Roeper. She majored in English at Michigan (meaning she couldn’t get into the Ivy League, not even Columbia), where she also took pre-med courses, but instead of going straight to med school she went to Chicago, where she did graduate work in woke studies, earning another English degree, not something in STEM. Then to UofIllinois Chicago, a second tier med school, though she apparently got some plum internships and residencies.

    The child of deep privilege likes to play the victim card. She’s not as smart as she thinks she is. She went into psychiatry because she’s not particularly adept at hard science.

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