3 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Physical Fitness Series Continued…”

  1. That guy’s amazing! Reminds me of the CrossFit post you made a while back, which I’m trying to incorporate more of in my routine. Unfortunately there’s no CrossFit gym here in Madison, so I just need to convince the Princeton club to add some more equipment.

  2. Moderately challenging my butt.

    That guy is strong enough to intimidate a Gold Medal Gymanist, Silverback or a freaking alpha male Chimp.

    That guy’s strenght, particularly relative to his weight has to put him 6 or 7 standard deviations out there.

    Being steroided up and benching 500lbs is one thing, but being that strong for your own body weight is just amazing.

  3. DaCuckoo, you are right, that guy is amazing, and amazingly strong.

    Dave, good on ‘ya for incorporating more crossfit into your routine. Just add some biking, running and Muay Thai and you are good to go – just like me.

    You might contact these guys if you are serious, they look to do some of the same stuff as crossfit. At my Muay Thai gym we do a boot camp for strength and cardio which is great supplemental stuff to the MT, and all the rest.

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