4 thoughts on “Christmas in Texas”

  1. Meanwhile, in Houston, you get Pancho Claus and his team of lowriders. (Heeeey!) I am totally serious here.

  2. Why was the longhorn so popular in Texas? They could exist on very little ?

    Learned something interesting on one of my cross country drives this year though Kansas.

    There was an area of Kansas grassland where the Texas cattle drivers would let their cattle graze for a month or so before sending them to market.

  3. They were popular in Texas because they basically became adapted to conditions there; they were tough customers, and could exist in the wild with very little care.
    Another thing – their calves were born very small, apparently – so bovine obstetrical emergencies didn’t happen quite so often, as with the case with tamer breeds. I have read that they are trying to cross-breed longhorns with other cattle to reduce that problem.

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