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  • New! – Your Chicagoboyz Tech Haiku

    Posted by Jonathan on February 11th, 2009 (All posts by )

    Remove Batt. daily.
    This fancy Internet phone
    Doesn’t work for shit.
    Home DSLR cleaning.
    You killed the sensor.
    Latest and greatest
    Windows is bloated and slow
    Like the old Elvis.


    5 Responses to “New! – Your Chicagoboyz Tech Haiku”

    1. Lexington Green Says:

      Tech is beyond me.
      I’m just happy when it works.
      Keeping fingers crossed … .

    2. Tatyana Says:

      Latest Adobe
      Gone from CAD print options
      No .pdf to send out

    3. Dan from Madison Says:

      Utility van
      Desired: Brakes and a tune up
      Too bad, more needs done

      Operations must
      Have the delivery truck
      Dollars fly away

    4. Nonnie Says:

      A Mac on my desk
      No crashes for the last year
      OS X heaven

    5. Mitch Says:

      Lather, rinse, repeat –
      How do I exit this loop?
      Lather, rinse, repeat…