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  1. Cool face.

    So did you know that deaths in the UK continue to run 10% above normal, with nearly 1000 excess deaths per week, the large majority of which even the government can’t attribute to covid? What are we supposed to believe is killing all these people? Gosh, maybe jabbing newborns will stop this! (I kid, I hope I don’t have to say, but that’s what They’re about to make people do.) Why is no one talking about this?

  2. It’s more of the same idiocy that the Chinese talked themselves into with the “One Child” policy and procedure package. Some bright light came up with a theory, got it enacted, and now nobody can put an end to it because of entrenched bureaucracy implementing it mindlessly.

    The bureaucratic impulse is going to be what kills the human race, I fear. It does not matter what idiocy someone proposes, once it is in the hands of the anointed bureaucracy, it will be implemented mindlessly until someone manages to put a stop to it. Look at this crap going on with anyone speaking Russian, up in Canada. Right now, they’re being denied banking services and a host of other things, none of which are actually either legal or officially mandated. It is pure, mindless bureaucratic destructiveness implemented at low levels by mindless bureaucratic apparatchiks at all levels. They all smugly and righteously say they’re “doing the right thing” by abusing people who may very well be refugees from Putin’s nascent totalitarianism, or be Russian-speaking Ukrainians fleeing the conflict themselves. No matter; they speak Russian, they must be punished.

    Same idiocy back in Wilson’s day, when he ran the US smack-dab into a mind-controlled police state where they ruthlessly killed innocent little dogs because they were dachshunds, a “Germanic breed”.

    Screw the lot of them, one and all. I do not regard these creatures as fellow human beings; they are something else, something alien, creatures conforming to what they think “everyone else” is thinking or doing, carrying out petty and major cruelties simply because they can.

    TBH, I have to rank the average bureaucrat somewhere around “planaria”, rather than fellow sentient. The only thing they respond to is painful stimulus, and they don’t demonstrate the ability to learn absent said stimulus. You want the bureaucrat or the planaria to do anything, better provide a helpful electric shock in order to demonstrate for it what you don’t want it doing.

  3. Sigh. Reading about the covid jab trial data for under 5s is so depressing, it’s a statistical, biological, and moral farce that they’re going to rubber stamp these things. I’m a child of the 80s, Reagan, the flag, etc., and I don’t know right now if I loathe the FBI and CIA or the FDA and CDC more, utterly despicable and morally bankrupt tyrannical organizations, complete disgraces to a free people.

  4. You probably already know this, but the real reason they’re pushing the vaccine on kids is so they can get it on the list of “mandatory childhood vaccinations”. Which, strangely enough, are vaccinations you can’t sue anyone over, ‘cos they’re mandated by the government.

    I’m increasingly convinced that there’s something really bad going on with the vaccination program. There are too many young people just dropping dead for no apparent reason, who were previously healthy with no record of heart disease. Now? “Oh, he had heart problems…”. WTF? Since when did young men in their 20s and 30s start showing heart failure rates like 50 and 60 year olds?

    Acquaintance is an ER physician. They can’t prove anything, because the records are all sealed by HIPAA rules these days, but they are convinced that they’re seeing at least two to three times the numbers of adults just dropping dead for no apparent reason, and a major increase in heart/circulation issues. What they don’t know is if it’s COVID, which has presented with some of these problems, or the vaccines, which have a rather nasty correlation with them.

    In my darker moments of suspicion, I have to speculate about whether or not this was intentional on the part of the people who were paying the Chinese for that gain-of-function research. I listen to that Bill Gates TED talk, and I have questions about it all…

    I don’t think this is going to end the way they’re projecting, with everyone happy in a world where only the oligarchs own anything. I think this is way more likely to end in tears and flames, with the whole shoddy edifice coming down around our ears, as in the aftermath of the Bubonic Plague.

  5. Yes, like I said above, there is an extremely large excess death count that started last summer or so and has been ongoing ever since, it’s more obvious to see in countries with better centralized record keeping than we have, but it’s going on everywhere where the jabs are widespread, and no one is talking about it, except for crazies on the internet who basically have been banned everywhere except for substack.

  6. This is a legit peer-reviewed paper from Israel:
    Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors

    The “crimes against humanity” rhetoric seems less extreme every day. The FDA and CDC are completely corrupted.
    (The most bizarre thing about the article is that the abstract claims the effect is temporary but this isn’t reflected at all in their data tables. I presume they were forced to say that as a condition of publication.)

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