10 thoughts on “Random Pic”

  1. Ah ha. Ukrainian colours.

    There is a depression incoming, a war in Europe, a possible war in the Pacific and you want to talk about something else. So be it.

  2. Pengun, that’s a remarkably thick comment even for you. Those are not Ukrainian colors, but so what if they were. Some of us might enjoy looking at a pretty wall. Go back to your keyboard and concern yourself with matters of consequence as befits your important role in world events.

  3. Its a photograph, not a bad one. There is blue and yellow in it.

    After watching David re-posting a previous title, a thread about right wing anti woke ideas and discussions about old literature, it seems to me you are avoiding anything even slightly controversial or germane.

    Hey its your toy, you get to do what you want.

  4. Ukraine in the membrane, Ukraine in the brain.

    Looked like the beginning of dazzle-painting the neighborhood to me.

  5. }}} Looked like the beginning of dazzle-painting the neighborhood to me

    Dazzles were usually white and sky blue and some black, though. Green on the sea — esp. so brilliant a set of greens — would seem to be a bad idea.

    As to them being Ukrainian colors, Pengy is obviously trolling, and, as usual, doing a highly disreputably bad job of it.


  6. Until there are no wars anywhere no one can have any nice things!

    Anything picture with anything yellow and blue, or either yellow or blue, is about Ukraine!

    Ukraine is the old thing. It’s not the hot new thing anymore. The hot new thing is how we are not having a recession, and only white supremacists claim that we are. That’s the whole new thing. It doesn’t have any colors associated with it yet, though.

    And, most pertinently, nice picture.

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