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  1. I did a little looking and found out the Nord Stream II breaks are in 280-310 feet of water. I believe this is a depth in the range of more or less conventional SCUBA diving if the total time at depth is short enough. The “pipeline” actually consists of four parallel pipes, one of which is still functional. The very strange statements from Germany and Sweden are hard to make sense of.

    Placing charges in water that shallow would be in the reach of many possible actors including non-state.

    It will be interesting to see whether Germany’s statement that they have determined who did it but can’t tell will stand as temperatures decline and unemployment rises. Then there will be the question of whether what they say is the truth.

  2. MCS: “… Germany’s statement that they have determined who did it but can’t tell …”

    There is apparently a general unwillingness on the part of the Scandinavians to open the results of their investigation to the public. Now why would that be?

    From reports, it does seem like there were 4 explosions — but one of the pipelines was hit twice (incompetence?) hence unintentionally still leaving Germany with one pipeline through which it could receive Russian gas this winter at the contracted (low) price.

    Without doing subsea investigations, it is pretty clear that (a) the pipelines were deliberately sabotaged, and (b) whoever did it, it was not Russia, China, or Germany. That means the sabotage was probably done by US/UK or by someone in the pay of US/UK, eg Poland or mercenaries.

    Germany is in the position of someone who finds out that his boss has been making whoopy with his wife, and maybe his daughter too. He wants to confront the boss, but he really needs the job. What to do? Silence for now — but someday there will be payback.

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