10 thoughts on “Mass Transit”

  1. Is this Miami? It really is a neon world down there, isn’t it?
    (Sometimes I turn the soundtrack off CSI Miami and just look at the colors. It’s kind of like a runway model – no curves to distract, no sense to distract from the sweeps of saturdated color.)

  2. CSI: Miami is filmed in San Diego.

    Yes, it’s true.

    If you want to see a show that’s actually filmed in Miami, check out Burn Notice on USA Network. Thursday nights at 10 p.m.

  3. Actually, I like Burn Notice. I leave the dialogue on – now there’s a guy that wants a tank in his back yard. (I know – the amount of television that I watch is pretty bizarre.) Anyway, from a flyover perspective CSI always seemed, well, unreal. (Which fits its strained & silly characters.) The base should be brown & green (& yellow when wheat is growing) and the sky, well it’s blue, sometimes with white or gray clouds. Are all those weird colors of the water and the sky and the reflections off buildings true of San Diego? That background seems like Jonathan’s pictures – I guess I’ve viewed our planet through provincial lenses.

  4. The color effects in CSI: Miami are achieved in a post-production process called “grading”. My wife is a professional colorist and, for reasons that are too complicated to get into, here, she finds the grading work on that show to be intolerably bad.

    But yeah, like Jonathan said – you see a lot of blue and green down here. I’m gazing out my office window, across the Port of Miami, the cruise ships, all the way out to the Gulf Stream beyond South Beach. I feel very spoiled.

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