Terf War

It’s truly become amazing to me, how very vicious the trans war is getting to be; so far, it’s only words, but only words is how unspeakable atrocities begin. And all this is over what is a vanishingly small minority, but which happens to be “the fashionable hot new thing to shock the normies with” among overexposed celebrities, activist academics, and the desperate-seeking-relevancy activists battening onto a cause to give purpose to otherwise empty lives. It’s a trend amplified a hundred times by such advocacy, and then another hundred by the leviathan of social medial; a leviathan before which established corporations and businesses tremble. Candidly, one might have expected titans of commerce (like Target and the Disney company) possessing sufficient market knowledge to stay away from advocating causes which might – just might – piss off a large portion of their customer base. And one might be wrong. Never underestimate the mad urge to be a dedicated follower of fashion, I guess.

But it does seem that old-line feminists are rebelling against the activist goad, or at least, some of them are, when it comes to allowing so-called trans-women (who still have all their essential male parts, including beards and DNA) into what formerly were biological-women-only spaces. Spaces like bathrooms, locker rooms, clothing-optional spas, hospital wards, battered woman shelters, and prisons. And of course there is resistance from biological women, since it seems that a fair number of trans-women aren’t anything of the sort; they’re just perverts and predators looking for a well-stocked hunting ground. To the surprise of practically no one, the Wii spa tranny eventually turned out to be a registered sex offender, getting his jollies by flapping his wang-wang at women and girls. The Canadian Yaniv character – allegedly an overweight lesbian – turned out to be an abusive freak addicted to lawfare against women beauticians offering depilation services of truly female private parts. The high school-boy-in-a-dress, sheltered by the local woke-as-heck Virginia school board as some kind of sacred cause, turned out to be a rapist. And the Brits have come to the appalled realization that yes, so-called trans-women transferred to women’s prisons are rapists and abusers relishing their happy hunting ground. Another aspect of so-called patriarchy which the old-line feminists didn’t anticipate – that those in authority would value the supposed mental comfort of a male LARPing as a woman, rather than the actual physical safety and peace of mind of real women.

Time was, when male to female transsexuals (and probably the reverse as well) seemed to wish for nothing more than to quietly blend into the background, to live as the sex that they were convinced they were, without fuss and fanfare. The current trans activists trend vastly more confrontational – to the point of ugliness. Why has the matter of transsexuals suddenly blown up to such an extent lately? A matter of fashion? A huge desire to shock the normies? Or bored activists looking for new frontiers? Discuss as you wish.

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  1. Why has the matter of transsexuals suddenly blown up to such an extent lately?
    Another ploy by the dhimmicraps to distract the general population away from their takeover and destruction of what’s left of the Republic. Let this hang out in public so no one will look too closely under the hood before they are finished. Just like their pantifa shock “troops” the perverts will be thrown completely under the steamroller and crushed when it is convenient for the party and they can take credit for restoring both public order and morals.

    A matter of fashion?
    For now it is for the “celebrities” all pushing it. When the orders come down from the inner party they will drop it and gaslight the hell out of everyone.

    A huge desire to shock the normies? Or bored activists looking for new frontiers?
    Both. The activists needed a shiny new cause

  2. The trans fad, like recovered memories and preschool fantasies, will eventually collapse in a blizzard of lawsuits and ruined lives. I have been out of practice for years but wonder how the malpractice insurers are going along with mutilation of teenagers and even smaller children. The founder of the Johns Hopkins Gender Clinic, Jon Meyer, a psychiatrist, shut it down in 1979 because 25% of the patients were returning asking to be returned to their birth sex. That link omits the reason why he shut it down. He has been demonized by the trans group. More recent work has shown that the suicide rate among gender dysphoria kids, the chief reason parents are pressured to agree, is no different from the suicide rate of kids who are “transitioned.”

  3. How ’bout this?

    “The Lord will strike you with madness, and blindness, and bewilderment of heart…”

  4. Generally speaking? All the current fads are anti-human depopulationist in nature.

    Get as many kids on hormone blockers as possible and then sterilize them for life.

  5. Mother Nature does tend to bite us in the butt if we insult her power (if you ask me). And part of society’s real duty is to prevent psychopaths from preying on others – the effect of putting trans men in women’s prison blocks, for instance, wouldn’t have surprised someone with minimal understanding.

    Anyway, your point about suicides giving these (what? schools? celebrities? etc. etc.) leverage is maddening but I suspect powerful. Do we commit suicide because we feel alienated by what is outside us or what is inside us? The increasing but still distressfully incomplete knowledge of depression has helped families foresee, prevent but perhaps most importantly forgive themselves. But the whole force of the argument as the pro-trans (?) community uses it is to place guilt on a culture that quite simply recognizes biology (and complexity).

    But, really, is it a sign of real empathy that trans becomes the first solution to someone who just doesn’t fit your idea of what a girl or a boy should be. I disliked dolls even though many came to a first granddaughter. In the fifties, good mothers looked at that and did not weep, they accepted the reaction as just part of who a daughter might be. But then they had the sense god gave them..

    Transferring the traditional bullying of homosexuals (not good but being dealt with in the last decades – we boomers have our faults but we were more open and less coarse about some things) with that of trans.

    But bullies are people who categorize others coarsely, meanly. Is that so different from those who think any signs of androgyny should lead to transitioning in order to firmly pigeonhole someone? Such tendencies also characterize those with a bottomless need to feel morally superior to average people and to justify their undeveloped talents as not being appreciated (rather than yet unformed and therefore not worthy of appreciatiion). Not accepting complexity and an obsession with the self used to be called adolescence. It seems now to stretch through the life of some – who never grow up, never put their children’s needs before their own, never consider work from their boss’s (and unfortunately for some of us) or customer’s perspective, Indeed, they seem to see other people’s childrens as inanimate dolls, to be experimented upon.

  6. I absolutely hate – with the passion of a thousand burning suns – that any girl or boy with the slightest bit of off-norm interest (or what is perceived as off-norm interest) is instantly being seized upon and pronounced to be … something other than the sex they were born with, by so-called activists. Have the chromosomes for. And being urged and enabled by those same activists to take irreversible hormones and have horrifically-disfiguring surgery. That is the worse part of this whole fad. Battening on kids who have doubts, at the most vulnerable period of their lives.
    At this point in my life, I know that I could manage with a trans-pervert in a supposedly female-only space, waggling his wang-wang in the face of other females. (assume bored and disinterested voice)
    “Oh … looks like a p—s … only smaller.”
    But many other women do not have my advantages in life. Such as a line in cutting repartee.

  7. …being urged and enabled by those same activists to take irreversible hormones and have horrifically-disfiguring surgery.

    Reminds me of Dr. Kevorkian. His MO was to recommend assisted suicide as a first response for depressed, often naïve people who had been diagnosed with supposedly terminal illnesses. It’s a great evil to exploit the vulnerable.

  8. I have little sympathy. This is Feminism’s Frankenstein Monster.
    They shamed little boys about “toxic masculinity” to such a degree that they are literally castrating themselves to escape their gender.

    Feminism created this monster. And now it’s come home.

    And I have yet to see a single mea culpa from a feminist movement that expects me practice empathy where they’re concerned.

    I watched both groups spar on Twitter last night. Was surreal. it was like they were reading from the same playbook, swapping out “transphobe” for “misogynistic ” And neither group seemed to notice. These are definitely Feminism’s children.

  9. This all started with Obamacare mandates, there’s your culprit. When people discovered that insurances could be forced to pay for any fringe medical procedure people could dream up and was enforceable under Federal law.

  10. The Federalist called it “Selma Envy”. Ever since the Civil Rights era and the collapse of religious faith, championing the civil rights of an oppressed group — from gender dysphorics to the natural world itself — is the only way too many people in the otherwise safe and prosperous West can find satisfying moral purpose in their lives.

    That this also justifies self-aggrandizement in the name of the chosen Cause is a handy bonus, but a surprising number of devotees really do seem to be more interested in self-righteousness than in fame or money. A movement can’t turn into a business or a racket without most of its believers being sincere.

  11. Candidly, one might have expected titans of commerce (like Target and the Disney company) possessing sufficient market knowledge to stay away from advocating causes which might – just might – piss off a large portion of their customer base.
    But they can’t, because it is the religion in which they believe! This is part of the Progressive Church: defy reality to make yourself whatever you believe. It’s the transhuman angle on their pillar of hedonism. It’s a step too far for many progressives, but it is a fundamentalist doctrine of their belief system, even if the casual church-goers find it problematic.

  12. Why has the matter of transsexuals suddenly blown up to such an extent lately?

    Also, it became safe to push this (along with the other perversions, like yiffing) because the slope gradually tilts as you move into things like homosexuality and easy, casual sex.

  13. For your consideration:
    “Autogynephilia”: a male’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female.
    With this framing, I would offer two thoughts: 1) that this particular aspect of the TERF wars is not going to go away, not least because; 2) the performative aspects of autogynephilia are not unlike an ill-disciplined Jack Russell terrier humping your leg in public. The perpetrator both gets his jollies and embarasses the victim, not least through forcing tacit acceptance of their “reality”, under threat of cancellation for transphobia.

  14. How about the full quote from Deuteronomy 28:27-29…
    “The Curses of Disobedience
    …27The LORD will afflict you with the boils of Egypt, with tumors and scabs and itch from which you cannot be cured. 28The LORD will afflict you with madness, blindness, and confusion of mind, 29and at noon you will grope about like a blind man in the darkness. You will not prosper in your ways. Day after day you will be oppressed and plundered, with no one to save you.…

  15. People used to sacrifice children to Baal by burning them to death in a heated oven. I’m wondering who picked which children. Now the children choose themselves, and the parents are forced to pay for the destruction of their children.

  16. I remember the power of the “recovered memories” moral panic. Near the end, the Psychology societies were conducting classes on “how to recover memories.” Parents, especially fathers, were being devastated with these created “memories.” Then Gary Ramona won his lawsuit, accusing the psychiatrist, who had been treating his daughter for bulimia, of implanting false memories.

    From 1989 to 1990 she was treated at Western Medical Center in Anaheim, California. Marche Isabella, a counselor for children, families, and marriages, told Holly and Stephanie that bulimia was usually caused by incest.[3] Isabella stated that sexual abuse affected 60–70% of her patients experiencing eating disorders. Isabella had not received much training in the eating disorder realm although initial reports stated that this was her specialty.[4] Western Medical chief of psychiatry Richard Rose also treated Holly Ramona.[1] Holly, at this point believing her father raped her, agreed to take sodium amytal,[5] administered by Rose, which was meant to recover memories.[3]

    Gary’s wife divorced him and he lost his ( $400k per year) job. He sued for malpractice and, when the jury found against the defendants, malpractice carriers stopped offering coverage for “recovered memories” therapy.

    The entire recovered memory fad collapsed. At the time there were parent organizations supporting parents who had been accused. Many families were destroyed. Holly Ramona continued to believe her father had raped her when she was 5 to 8 and vowed to become a “therapist.”

    Holly later sued her father and lost.

  17. I like to go to a ‘pick-your-own’ blueberry farm nearby. Every row has about 10 big blueberry bushes full of blueberries (in season, of course). At the end of every row is a seemingly stunted blueberry bush with no berries. If human males can be pregnant, why, oh why, can’t male blueberry bushes be induced to produce berries? It’s a puzzlement.

  18. I have been following TERF for the better part through the reporting at Spiked and I enjoy throwing it in the face of those from the DEI I drink with.

    They of course despise TERF because of the anti Trans but when I tell them that those they see as reactionary were the leading edge of radical just a few years ago the look I get is priceless.. The look I get from them is even better when I ask them how they plan to keep up on the leading edge of woke so they don’t end up canceled like TERF

    Good times

  19. A few observations: Usually when a female trans’s (for lack of a better term) to a man one of the first things they do after hormonal therapy is to have a double mastectomy. The female breast has long been used as iconography for the feminine. Much more than the uterus or the womb. When a man trans’s to a female I’ve notice they tend to keep both their penis and testicles. One would think they would be the first things they would want removed. In ancient iconography the usual symbol of maleness is the penis and the right hand (weapon holding hand). Egyptian Pharaohs would celebrate their victories by having the right hand and the penis of the enemy warriors lopped off and put on display.
    Yet in wonder times most trans woman seem to not only keep their sex organs but try to draw attention to them by wearing as tight and revealing clothing as possible. Seem counterintuitive.

    One exception is Jenner who said that people kept asking about it, got tired and had them removed.

    I wonder if in college athletics if one wished to compete as a female one stipulation would be to have the penis and testicles removed would cut down on the number of people wanting to compete as the other sex.

    I also can’t help wondering if after they graduate some of them quietly stop the hormone treatments and revert. Seems to be a lack of follow up.

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