The Real Threat

The link to this story popped up in my Yahoo feed. Huh. I’m pretty much a devoted reader for various internet news aggregates, bloggers, and commenters; that there a massive scary (wooo-wooo!) threats from the rest of us aimed in the direction of the LGTBWXYZ-whatevers was purely news to me. From what I had gathered lately, threats of violence with regard to the LGTBWXYZ community were pretty much flying the other way, what with crazed overweight persons of indeterminate gender whining and weeping about how no one wanted to date them, getting fathers sacked from their jobs who made critical remarks at school board meetings about no safe spaces at school for straight kids, organized events featuring drag queen events for families (When did that concept become a thing, anyway!? With protection by the local Antifa chapter, no less.) and large gender-nonspecific persons with unnaturally-colored hair and facial piercings going on social media making blood-curdling threats of violence against anyone looking at a transperson sideways. Oh, and the gender-indeterminant shooting up schools and murdering children and staff, or just threatening to shoot up schools. As a genuine XX-gendered person with original-issue low-mileage lady parts, who (under medical supervision) squeezed out one offspring through them, and thereafter served as a military person of the XX-gender, and at the age that I am now, I consider myself to be a damned good judge of threatening situations and persons.

I have come a very long way, since a perv on a city bus used a casually-thrown-down overcoat on the space between us to creep his hand up my skirt, and another perve on a long military charter flight use a blanket between our seats to grab my hand (we were both ostensibly asleep) and put it on his male member. Yes, that perve was an XY-gender, and one of the … darker persuasion. I suppose I was supposed to exclaim in ecstasy, “It’s twoo! It’s twoo!” Instead, I was just mildly disgusted – and alerted to the potential for either perving or outright violence against women in a casual or transportation setting. By a decade and a half later, I was wise enough, and experienced enough to avoid situations like getting into an elevator with a single man in it, especially one who gave off an aura of threat. Or returning around midnight from a regular and profitable outside gig, bicycling across Yongsan Army Infantry Garrison at midnight, carefully avoiding the street where the NCO/EM club would be closing down for the night. A woman alone on a bicycle, a bunch of drunk, raucous and likely horny guys trained towards administering violence … yeah, my parents didn’t breed idiots. I routinely avoided that area of Yongsan on my late-night rides.

This is why the current rabid enthusiasm in allowing intact, biological males with all their original male equipment issue but claim that they are really-oh-truly-oh self-identified as female into spaces formerly reserved as female-only sets every mental alarm I have pinging madly, like the alert-alert-alert-dive-dive-dive signal in WWII submarine movies. I suspect that the alarm is pinging for other women, straight and lesbian alike. While I do accept that there is a miniscule minority of human beings who have convincingly adopted a sex other than the one they were born with, and there is an even smaller minority of unfortunates who were indeterminate – but there are too many males lately making an unconvincing pretense of being the flower of fair womanhood merely as a means of perving, bullying or predating upon … or possibly just grabbing a sports win. The whole trans-fetish being pushed universally by our politicians, academics, intellectuals and pop-entertainment figures, as well as the trans-activists themselves is meeting resistance – and I suspect that such resistance, like that of parents resisting unacceptable sex-oriented materiel being pushed in the schoolroom and on school-authorized field trips – is what inspires the heightened shrieking of the trans activists and their enablers. Discuss as you wish.

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  1. Wasn’t it recently that the SJW crowd was demanding, Always believe the woman?

    In the long term I see the Social Justice Warrior movement headed for a bitter schism on the lines of differing intersectional priorities.

  2. I guess I missed out because none of this crazy stuff happened when I was young. My parents were friends with drummer Gene Krupa and he had a cross dresser brother. I have read of some actors who were cross dressers. None that I know of tried to inflict this on children. When I was in college we would go to San Francisco, usually for football games although later the American College of Surgeons had huge conventions there every three years. We would go to Finocchios and be amused by the female impersonators. Many of them were quite good. It never occurred to any of us that children would be exposd to this.

  3. As one meme asks, why aren’t these people doing story reading at retirement homes? You would almost think they are groomers intent on grooming.

  4. Frank:

    What do you want to bet that cases of sexual abuse by teachers will come to light in the alphabet soup lobby’s despite?

  5. A few instances of angry women forcibly castrating any man who insists on entering a women’s locker room will end this idiocy very quickly.

  6. It all got its start when demands were made to let girls play on boys’ sports. At the time the reason was that girls didn’t have teams to participate. Oddly, the fix wasn’t to form girls’ teams. So now comes the shoe on the other foot with rascally behavior attending. Maybe we should all go back to our own duggouts? I could go for that.

  7. To Korora’s point in the first comment on the post: there has been an outbreak in Madison, Wisconsin, of “transphobic” stickers being put up, and the suspects, according to people on scene, are the so-called trans-exclusionary-radical feminists. Red on pink sororicide, if you will.

  8. I think the point is that any disapproving comment is taken as being hurtful, and you must endorse their mental iIlness. Little children are like that.

  9. And after thinking this over for a bit, and reading the comments – I do admit that this is something that women will have to sort out for themselves. How and why this came about … too long for a comment; it’s worthy of a follow-up post.

  10. Sgt Mom: “I do admit that this is something that women will have to sort out for themselves.”

    The heart of the problem is that all of us human beings are naturally herd animals. We go with the flow, and stick to the group, even when we know the group is heading for the cliff. That is true of men — but it is even more true of women. Once a few women established themselves as “authority figures”, most women feel compelled to go along with the madness and not even think of rocking the boat. Notice the aspersions cast at even such a famous & capable woman as J.K. Rowling when she uses her mind and reaches a conclusion which is at odds with what the FemiNazis want.

    This is not the only problem facing us. I sincerely believe the only solution will be the inevitable major economic collapse, which will make life for the survivors very unpleasant for a generation or two — but eventually will lead to a better world. Either that collapse, or Biden* succeeds in starting a global thermonuclear war — which would at least ensure he gets the 10% he so richly deserves.

  11. We are herd animals, and while I don’t want or need to go deep into the weeks about WHY women are more prone to go along with the crowd, I know from personal experience, and that of my daughter – that unless a woman falls into that minority of females that Sarah Hoyt terms as “Odds” the female threshold for, “This is nuts-y’all-are-crazy-I’m-outta-here!” is on average, far higher than the tolerance threshold for males.
    At this point, with the tranny nonsense and the grooming/sex abuse of elementary-school-aged children, I’m at my own “This is nuts-y’all-are-crazy-I’m-outta-here!”

  12. I beg to differ. Humans, as apex predators, some times, but only some times, behave as packs. This includes elaborate dominance-submission relationships between individuals and subgroups. These are dynamic and from the outside, can seem to change drastically and nearly instantaneously.

    Humans are unique in that Individuals or very small groups can evolve to controlling numerous packs without displacing the individual pack leaders. Think Genghis Khan. Animal packs will compete for range among themselves and one will occasionally be absorbed into another with the leaders exiled or killed but the whole remains a singular entity, competing and fighting where they run up against other packs rather than uniting.

    Normally, a healthy pack is a most unhealthy place for a failed or disabled leader. There should always be plenty of sub bosses eager to move up. The present disarray of the Democrat party is a sign of extreme pathology and critically unstable. Were the situation less dire, it would be comical to watch the Democrat “leadership” attempting to displace Barbara Boxer on the grounds of disability from advanced age while, at best, exhibiting only ever so slightly fewer symptoms themselves.

    The present controversy enveloping Trump and would be challengers is actually a favorable sign for the Republicans. It’s a sign of life.

    The decrepit state of the Democrats allows all of these factions that would have been obscured at the periphery, or better yet, hidden under a rock to try to exploit what they see as an opportunity to establish themselves in the main stream. This is critically unstable and could see the Democrat party replaced, seemingly overnight as Abolition caused the Republicans to replace the Whigs in a single term of Congress.

  13. One presumes MCS is referring to Dianne Feinstein, since Barbara Boxer has been out of the senate for more than five years. But the point about impending instability among the Democrats due to the advanced age of virtually all of their leadership is interesting. Time to pop some corn and watch the drama unfold…

  14. Oops, my bad. Apparently can’t keep senile Democrats straight. Maybe somebody should issue a set of playing cards like they did in Iraq.

    Would any of you lend one of these “statespersons” you car keys?

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