Reminder–CPSIA Rally April 1

Just a reminder about the rally to educate Congress about the harm being done by the poorly-thought-out Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Just in case anyone needs some extra incentive to come to DC, the National Cherry Blossom Festival should be in full swing. Peak bloom date this year is projected as April 1–April 4.

UPDATE: See this related post from the Assistant Village Idiot: Book Destruction & Chronocentrism.

2 thoughts on “Reminder–CPSIA Rally April 1”

  1. 1)The issue here isn’t only small business. Most book publishers, for example, probably aren’t considered small businesses. There are, moreover, linkages between small & large businesses…a small sporting goods store may sell dirt bike manufactured by a large or medium sized company.

    2)If Congress wants to exempt small businesses, however defined, from certain provisions of a law, the professional way to do it would be to include specific and definitive language in the statute. But I guess it’s more politically rewarding to leave it vague and then blame “faceless bureaucrats” when there are problems.

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