5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. I think there’s reason to be somewhat optimistic. America has always been extremely fortunate in our choice of enemies. That luck seems to be holding.

    Whatever the outcome in Ukraine, Russia is heading toward dissolution like a train running down hill without brakes and the bridge ahead collapsed. This is something the leaders of Ukraine might take into consideration. Whatever Russia “wins” they won’t be able to hold for more than a few years.

    At the same time, China is heading into another of their dark periods. There are too many different things going wrong at the same time and the withdrawal of Western business and investment has been far faster than anyone could have imagined a couple of years ago. Funny what putting a few accountants in jail did.

    Even our “friendly” rivals in the EU may have gone too far down the road to perdition labeled “green” to come back without major loss.

    Then there’s the BRICS. Every day, you need to do a search to see which one is approaching insolvency. The exception being India that seems in line to assume a lot of business leaving China. We’ll have to see if India’s famously obstructionist, incompetent and corrupt government will turn a corner or screw this up too.

    None of this is to say we should be happy with the way things are here. I saw a line in the “New York Post” calling on the GOP to control the Democrats spending. The GOP needs to start by curtailing their own wish list first.

  2. MCS: “None of this is to say we should be happy with the way things are here.”

    It looks like many of us are not happy with the way things are here — but in a “democracy”, we have no way to affect the decisions Our Betters take. We need a real spring cleaning of government — cut government spending, reverse the Long March Through The Institutions, thoroughly reform education from kindergarten to university, seriously cut the size of the civil service, leash Big Law, impose death penalties for politicians with their hands in the till, serious roll-back in regulations, broad re-industrialization, bring the troops home & end US involvement in Other People’s Wars. And that is just for starters!

    It is certainly true that every other jurisdiction on the planet has its own problems. But it is hard to be optimistic about possibly being the least dirty shirt in the laundry hamper instead of being that shining city on a hill.

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