Suppressing Solar Power, on Environmental Grounds

We’ve frequently discussed energy issues at this blog, so I thought people might be interested in this item.

Sen Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has demanded that the Department of the Interior suppress plans to lease government land for solar plants in the Mohave Desert.

Also, a regional director of the Bureau of Land Management has objected to any plans for “water-cooled” solar energy projects in “the arid basins of Southern Nevada.” (He is clearly referring to solar-thermal plants: these use water to cool and condense the steam and also for cleaning the mirrors.)

There are also environmental objections to the transmission lines that need to be built in order to connect solar plants to population centers.

I expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing. As I’ve remarked before, “progressives” love alternative energy technologies as long as they remain purely theoretical. Once they become practical and ready for deployment, it becomes obvious that these technologies–like all human activities–have certain downsides. And the love is gone.

So the search for a perfect and non-existent form of energy production will continue, while our economy is seriously crippled due to electricity shortages and skyrocketing costs.

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  1. An environmentalist is not a person who wants to solve a problem, he is a person who wants to be a problem.

    Not a dupe. A correction, added “a” before the second “person”.

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