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  • “As Leftists Mock and Belittle Carrie Prejean She Becomes More Popular Than They Can Possibly Imagine”

    Posted by Jonathan on May 2nd, 2009 (All posts by )


    Do those who mocked her know how nasty they sound? Do they have any sense how people outside the liberal enclaves where they reside will react to such bile?

    Of course they do. The main point of the viciousness is not to convince anyone but rather to intimidate critics into silence. This tactic probably won’t work with Prejean, but it will work with most critics of the gay/feminist/multiculti Left who aren’t driven by publicity.


    9 Responses to ““As Leftists Mock and Belittle Carrie Prejean She Becomes More Popular Than They Can Possibly Imagine””

    1. Jose Angel de Monterrey Says:

      She’s exposed them in all their nastiness. And they just go on, they can’t stop ridiculing themselves by attacking a young lady who responded with honesty to a question. Last night at Bill O’really I had a chance to see a representative of a feminist group from New York actually taking side with Perez Hilton and attacking Prejean, she even went out of her way to say that she’d a breast implant, as if such a thing were so offending to her. It was quite a seen.

      Makes me wonder though, what kind of answer was perez hilton expecting? And if they can’t handle a different point of view then why ask the question in the first place?

    2. Laura(southernxyl) Says:

      “And if they can’t handle a different point of view then why ask the question in the first place?”

      Well, that’s it.

      The people of California voted down gay marriage, did they not? How much of a shocker could it have been that a Californian didn’t support it?

    3. Anonymous Says:

      I thought the quote was “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” Anyway, this is just another example of leftists calling disagreement out of bounds. There are apparently some lines within which you may disagree (e.g., Obama may not be the messiah, but he is certainly a great prophet), but once you cross that line, you are committing hate speech (e.g., Obama is a Chicago pol and no better than your average alderman).

      This poor woman didn’t even realize she had crossed the line. She said exactly what Obama said during the campaign, but did not know she was supposed to wink when she said it. The players on one side have volunteered to act as referees, so the other side can expect to hear a lot of whistles.

    4. sol vason Says:

      Miss USA pagent is gay. It is very rude to take part in a gay pagent and criticize gay people.

    5. Simon Jones Says:

      She should quit as Miss California. She is no longer representing the state in a way that is becoming of a diplomat and leader, qualities that would seem to be a requirement for that role.

      Clearly she is cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame, and while I think there is nothing wrong with that, or the fact she chose to express her views, I think she needs to choose to either be a beauty queen judged on her smile, ass, and fake tits, or a spokesperson for the Pharisees.

    6. mishu Says:

      Simon, she is representing the State of California as the majority of Californians voted in agreement with her.

    7. Tatyana Says:

      Simon, you’re an expert on fake boobs (judging from the 20 specimens at your site you posed next to), I give you that.
      What you’re not an expert is what Miss California should or shouldn’t do. Or of her role exactly (“diplomat”? “leader”? She is neither; it’s all journalistic hype).
      I’m endlessly amused at the instructional tone some Englishmen still think themselves entitled to when talking about things American.

    8. Jose Angel de Monterrey Says:

      I think I got the whole thing about Prejean figured out. I think instead of speaking honestly about her point of views when perez Hilton asked her the question, I think she should’ve been diplomatic about it, lied about her position on the issue, omitted it, ignored it, hidden it, kind of a real leader as she is supposed to be representing California.
      Yes, I got it. She should’ve apologized for actually thinking that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, how could she be so stupid, fascist to even think that? Kind of like Hillary Clinton, now that’s real role model, like when she came down to Mexico and started making all kinds of apologies and blaming the USA for this and that. Yeah!, a way to go!.
      I think I got the meaning of Diplomacy now, at least according to liberals.

    9. Lexington Green Says:

      This post would work better for me if it had a picture. Just sayin’.